How to tackle the low ink error in the Brother Printer

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  1. How to tackle the low ink error in the Brother Printer
  3. Brother is a multinational company located in Japan that manufactures printers. It is one of the most famous brands for printers. It can be used to print, fax, and scan. A printer does face some technical issues with its performance. But you can take help from Brother Printer Tech Support for any assistance.
  4. The most common error is of Low Ink Error in the printer. The most possible reason for this error is that cartridges are empty and you need to refill the cartridges. But sometimes if cartridges are full also you might get this error. So below will discuss some of the solutions to this problem
  5. The best way to get rid of the error is troubleshooting the error with DCP (Digital Copy Printer)/MFC (Multi-Function Center) series & HL series of Brother Printer. Please follow the below steps to get rid of the error
  6. Below is the process to remove error from DFC/MFC series of printers
  8. •    First, open the compartment door of the front toner
  9. •    Now, check if you are getting the message of “front cover is open”
  10. •    The third step will be to press the “Clear’ button on the front panel
  11. •    After this printer will give a message of “Replace Drum”
  12. •    On the printer keypad type “*00”(star zero zero) instead of pressing 1
  13. •    You will now see the accepted message then close the compartment door
  14. •    Then you can reset the Low Ink error
  15. Below is the process to remove Low Ink error from HO Brother Printer series
  17. Low ink message on HL Brother Series is very easy to fix. Just follow the process
  18. •    When you open the front door of the printer, you can go ahead with the troubleshoot the HL Brother printer series
  19. •    Next, please switch off the printer
  20. •    After 3-4 minutes you can switch on the printer by pressing on to GO button
  21. •    Once you see all the 4 LED’s light on release the GO button, then all the 4 LED lights will be OFF
  22. •    Then press the GO button twice to lighten up 3 LED lights which indicate the paper, drum, toner
  23. •    Next press the GO button again for 5 times which make the paper light to blink
  24. •    By this process, the Low Ink error will go off
  25. •    Also, one more option id the resetting button which will help you to get rid of the error
  26. There are some tips you need to follow if you are using the reset button. Please follow the below steps
  27. First important before you go ahead with the resetting button is to check the actual ink level for which there are LED lights. If the machine assumes that the ink is available a beam of light will reflect back by hitting the cartridge or else the if you notice the light that it has passed through that means indicating about low ink. Please follow the below steps to easily check the error
  28. •    Toner cartridges: First, you need to cover both sides of the printer to get a clear view
  29. •    LC41 Cartridges: By covering the part with dark tape you can cheat the machine
  30. •    LC51 Cartridges: In case of LC51 cartridges you can cover the bottom part (square hole in the center) using dark colored tape or a marker
  32. Brother Printer Technical Support
  34. In case of any technical issue please call at +1-888-621-0339 the Brother Technical Support for any technical assistance. The team is available 24/7 for help without any extra charges. Also, the team provides packages to enjoy their services by taking monthly or yearly charges.
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