Gaze 1

Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. The chapter starts with a pair having sex, one of them is the mc… he says to pink girl what do you think? She says oh, don’t tell me! I’m not paying attention! She now put over him and continues having a deep sex, mc says I think it’s going to be cold! She screams ha! You can do it inside! Mc finally comes inside pink; she now falls over him to recover the breath. He now says what’s happened to you? Make it cheaper inside; she says I won’t be able to see you for two weeks from tomorrow. And a gift to celebrate the move… mc says you give it to me every once in a while… the color is… she says yeah? Good… then I’ll do whatever you want today; she now goes to suck his dick. Mc says please! Pink starts to suck his dick deeper, mc get up screaming oh, wait! That. Stop! Pink says what’s that… I was going to do it once more because I’m not good at it, but you’re not even standing! Mc says I just packed it, will you stop? But you have to give me about 10 min! Pink says it’s been 10 min? He starts to walk saying let’s take a break. We’re going on a trip tomorrow… you’ll be with me today, right? Pink says I don’t know…
  5. Now mc is smoking meanwhile pink says to him hey Kim Min Sung! Do you really have to smoke after sex like that?!! He says I smoke in front of the window… she says who smokes at home these days?! You can change it to an electronic cigarette! Mc says all right, turn it off! He off the cigarette, now he goes to outside saying I’ll smoke outside. I’ll be right back; he walks outside the building and starting to smoke again saying oh, I can’t help it. I’ll smoke at home only when there’s no Hye-joo, oh… I have to hang up. Wow… I’m glad the neighborhood is quiet. Not a single person. He heard something and turns his head asking what this sound is? It’s the sound? He walks to see, when he finally come look a woman having sex there. That woman is the fmc; she says oh… no. Who’s going to see? The man with her says don’t you know that you’re doing this on purpose? Look at this. You’re dragging your feet when you don’t know who’s going to support you! Mc looks surprised the sex between them, fmc turn her head and look mc is there looking what is she doing. Mc moves fast saying damn it! You didn’t see it, did you? Don’t tell me… there’s a street… he now look down and see his dick up, he thinks what is it? Why is this guy reacting? Die! Quickly! He now running to his house thinking let’s get out of here! He turns his head thinking but those. Aren’t they crazy?! You have to tell Hye-joo!
  7. He now coming in to his place saying I’m here, Hye-joo… I’ve been waiting a long time… she now with her clothes says I was just going to go. Thank you, mc says what? She now leaving says I’m coming… make sure to tidy up your bags and don’t cheat on me while I’m away. Mc says what? Are you just going? You’re not with me? We’re supposed to be together today, she now outside closing the door saying I have to prepare for tomorrow’s trip. I’ll call you when I get back, after she left mc says a cruel thing I’m not looking back. He now thinks about that woman (fmc) saying by the way… I was embarrassed earlier, but… she… where’d you see her? Why do you think I know her… he moving now some things in his place saying oh… what’s the last thing you need to do… there’s still a long way to go… he goes outside to smoke again saying oh, I can’t do that. Let’s have a smoke. He now heard the sound again and goes to look, he now look that man is hitting that woman (fmc). Mc thinks yesterday her…! The woman is down over the floor meanwhile mc thinks what the hell… what’s going on?! Why’s she getting hit like that?! ... Tbc...
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