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Jan 30th, 2011
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  1. Translation:
  3. Ministry of Interior
  4. Office of the minister
  5. Memo 1 # 06/b/mn [slightly illegible]
  6. Secret and Very Important
  7. Topic: Plan to fight back against popular demonstrations
  8. Strategies:
  9. - Allowing demonstrations to pass in the streets of cities and villages of the republic starting from date A and not getting in the way of their walk and being extremely careful not to use live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas unless an order is issued by the respective specialist according to the specialization table you have
  10. - Employing a number of thugs and paying them decent amounts and meeting them in their houses and in the gathering locations and one on one by the elements permitted to do so and the meetings should be unofficial and explain the deployment plan according to the attached schedule of locations labeled B1 and informing them of mobilization time and the plan to spread gradual chaos mentioned in the memo
  11. - Surveillance of all members of organizations and political parties and coordinating with printing presses and publishing houses and communication systems and enforcing a complete record of messages and incoming and outgoing phone calls and explaining their clarifying with a direct report as soon as you get the information
  12. - Communication methods (cellular – internet) will be cut off starting six AM on Friday 28/1/2011 while keeping landline services therefore all deployed officers and personnel must use handheld wireless communicators and make sure they’re in encryption mode
  13. - The plan to deploy police personnel and investigation officers [Mabahes / Maba7es – Translator] and security elements in civil clothing according to the attachment labeled B2
  14. - Limiting the walk of protests on Friday 28/1/2011 in public squares and major squares and cutting them off in case they reach warning locations according to the attached map labeled B3
  15. - Making sure security elements in plain clothing are armed with wooden sticks and metal maces of a small size (hand held) to use for arresting the primary elements present in the protest without revealing any violence
  16. - Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas without using live ammunition and informing everyone of that unless it is absolutely necessary
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