HM:StH NG+ Horse Race Notes

Jan 25th, 2018
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. NG+ Horse Race Notes
  3. [Updated 30 Jan 2018]
  6. - Horse at max affection (255AP)
  7. - 11 Honey
  8. - Animal Medicine
  10. SPRING
  11. - Spring 2: Take the horse out of the barn, riding it up to Brownie Farm. This doesn't save time getting there (you must wait for the shop to open anyway), but saves time on the way back. Intro/gift Bob (to test method).
  12. - Continue riding horse to gift/talk Bob. Gift him in his barn on both Thursdays.
  13. - Reset if more than one rainy day. Don't put horse in the barn if rain, but cure it of sickness instead.
  14. - Spring 5: The 1-heart horse cutscene will trigger.
  15. - Spring 6: The 2-heart horse cutscene will trigger.
  16. - Spring 11: Last interaction with Bob. Afterwards, sleep until Spring 21.
  17. - Spring 21: Exit your house, and Bob will challenge you to the race. Accept, beat him and Gwen, then return home and sleep until Spring 28.
  18. - Spring 28: Exit your house for Bob's reminder, then sleep until Summer 5.
  19. - Summer 5: Exit your house to trigger the second to last cutscene, then re-enter and sleep once.
  20. - Summer 6: Exit your house to finish the ending.
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