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Oct 22nd, 2021 (edited)
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  1."move /.core/defuser /C/system/.core/defuser")
  2. if fs.exists("/.core/logon.cfg") then
  3.     local data ="/.core/logon.cfg", "r")
  4.     user = data.readLine()
  5.     user = data.readLine()
  6.     data.close()
  7. if user ~= nil then
  8.     data ="/C/system/.core/defuser", "w")
  9.     data.writeLine(user)
  10.     data.close()
  11."move /.ucet/"..user.." /C/system/Users/"..user)
  12."move /C/system/Users/"..user.."/bar.nfp /C/system/Users/"..user.."/.Registry/bar.nfp")
  13."move /ink /C/system/Users/"..user.."/Desktop/ink.lua")
  14."move /np /C/system/Users/"..user.."/Desktop/np.lua")
  15.     local tp ="/C/system/Users/"..user.."/Desktop/This PC.src", "w") tp.close()
  16.     tp ="/C/system/Users/"..user.."/.Registry/.disableAnim", "w") tp.close()
  17. end
  18. end
  19."move /.core/ucet /C/system/.core/ucet")
  20."delete /startup")
  21."delete /system.lua")
  22."delete /.core")
  23."delete /.ucet")
  24."pastebin run HZYKupA5")
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