[RGRE] [Oneshot] Adolf Hitler In RGREquestria

Nov 17th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. >For reasons unknown ol' Adolf was dropped into Equestria.
  2. >The usual song and dance of being under the princesses' custody happened, and for the life of them couldn't figure out what to do with the aggressive, yet tight-lipped man.
  3. >When Twilight Sparkle is brought in for her two bits she notices similarities between him and Ponyville's resident exterminator, Aryanne.
  4. >She figures the lone human can't do much harm on his own and Aryanne owes her one for bailing her out when the griffin delegation passed through. Twi knows damn well how conniving those birds are, but at least has the sense not to say it (and several slurs) to their faces. So she offers Adolf his freedom if he lives with Aryanne peacefully for one year (and maybe solve Aryanne's friendship issues).
  5. >Unfortunately it's like throwing bleach and ammonia together, and most of Ponyville can hear their arguments and fights. It never comes to blows but it renders the rumor mill redundant. Side note: local foal vocabulary expanded.
  6. >After several months Twilight is ready to pull the plug on the project when suddenly the fights stop. After a week Twilight starts fearing the worst and heads over, but when she walks up to Aryanne's house she hears not fighting, but gentle talk and laughter.
  7. >Peering around the house she sees Adolf working on an oil painting of Canterlot mountain with a sunrise backdrop, and Aryanne laying on a bench acting as a model. Even unfinished Twi can see it is going to be a beautiful painting.
  8. >She scrys the pair that night just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and sees the former leader happily preparing dinner for the two. With a smile Twilight drops the spell and lets them go on with their lives.
  9. >When the year is up and Adolf presents himself to Twilight he is much calmer and accompanied by a smiling Aryanne.
  10. >"Princess Twilight Sparkle, I would like to thank you for giving mein life meaning again. In mein old world, I was looked to as a leader of mein people and homeland. I tried to fight an evil of mein world, and failed. When I came here I fell into the same thoughts: I must rally mein people to fight an evil of this world, and when mein jailor spoke to me as though I were some untermenche I saw her as part of that evil."
  11. >Aryanne cringes for a moment, but remains silent.
  12. >"It is when I took the time to see the beauty of this world around me I realized she and I were not so different: we wanted our people to be safe and prosper. I realized there was no evil. For the first time in a very long time, mein hands felt the urge to create, and so I did. I learned the importance of caring for and maintaining the smaller world as I once called it, and I grew to love this land as though it were mein own, just as I grew to love this mare that stands beside me."
  13. >Aryanne white coat turns red for a moment as she blushes and turns aside for a moment, before returning her gaze to the princess.
  14. >>"It is clear to me that you have learned the value and power of friendship. As Princess of Friendship I declare you a free citizen of Equestria with all the rights and privilges that entails."
  15. >Adolf gives a small bow before rising with a smirk on his face and shakes a finger at her.
  16. >"You planned all along to turn me into a hausmann, didn't you Miss Sparkle?"
  17. >Despite her practice Twilight lets a small smile break her facade.
  18. >>"Mr Adolf have no idea what you are talking about."
  19. >He smiles at that.
  20. >"You remind me of some people I used to know, but I know your heart is good. Now you must excuse me, as we have plans to continue and I left some apfelkuchenin the oven."
  21. >As Adolf and Aryanne turn to leave, Twilight glimpses a small bump in the mare's form.
  22. >No... humans and ponies aren't compatible like that...
  23. >...
  24. >Are they?
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