Golden Opportunities VIIII

Jan 20th, 2017
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  1. >Because of the... nature of your filthiness, you didn't mess around when you got in Sunset's bathroom
  2. >You undressed, tossed your ruined boxers into the trash and took the bag out of the wastebin, tied the opening shut, and tossed it onto the floor so you’d be able to get it later, and hopped into the shower
  3. >Making sure you scrubbed everything thoroughly so that you weren't cum-covered anymore, you hopped out of the shower, dried off, and dressed
  4. >Thankfully, you had been such a sperg that you had stuffed your duffle bag with enough clothes to last you for ten days, so you were good in that department
  5. >...
  6. >Though, if it was going to keep snowing as bad as it had the other day you might find yourself running pretty short
  7. >You might not live THAT far away but you sure as heck weren't going to walk the whole way home in two feet of snow with nothing but some tennis shoes
  8. >Hmmm...
  9. >Hopefully Sunset would let you use her washer and drier...
  10. >Shuffling out of the bathroom, your hair soaking wet, you made your way downstairs, your clothes in one hand and the bag that had your ruined boxers in the other
  11. >First things first, before you went and did anything else, you needed to make sure that no one ever saw these undies again
  12. >After that you were going to attempt one of the most romantic things that a person could do for another
  13. >You were going to make breakfast
  14. >...
  15. >And hopefully that actually is a romantic gesture and not something that you just made up because you can't into women...
  16. >Disposing your boxers was easy
  17. >You just tossed the bag into the garbage bag into the trash can in the kitchen and tossed some papers towels over that sucker
  18. >No one would find it in there
  19. >So, other than Sunset, who would no doubt tease you about it until you were ready to crawl into somewhere cramped and dark so you could die, your secret was safe
  22. >...Probably
  23. >Dusting your hands off from a job well done, you turned toward the fridge
  24. >Alright!
  25. >Time to make something tasty that the girls would enjoy!
  26. >...
  27. >Hopefully they liked pancakes, because that was the only breakfast food that you could make...
  28. >You began searching through the cabinet doors and the fridge for everything that you needed
  29. >Fortunately Sunny kept a well stocked kitchen
  30. >There was every spice and baking ingredient in the book in these cabinets
  31. >Salt, pepper, baking powder, yeast, jasmine, even some saffron and a jar of preserved truffles
  32. >Unfortunately everything seemed to be placed haphazardly
  33. >Wet ingredients were mixed in with the dry ones
  34. >There was bleach and soap sitting next to the bags of sugar and flour
  35. >The vanilla extract was hidden behind an assortment of mystery jars labeled "STUFF"
  36. >One of the drawers was half filled with small towels and what looked like voodoo dolls
  37. >It was nonsense
  38. >Chaos
  39. >You didn't even cook at home and you knew that this was bullshit
  40. >Still, dad didn't raise no quitter, so you dove right into the mess with your shoulders squared and your chin up
  41. >You might have kinda fucked up your day right out of the gate, but this would make it better!
  42. >You could feel it in your bones!
  43. >It took some looking, but eventually you managed to find the flour and the baking soda and eggs and everything else that was required to make pancakes
  44. >You had no idea if the girls wanted anything in their pancakes--chocolate chips, blueberries, or something like that-- but you decided to go old school and just make plain old pancakes
  45. >If they really wanted something you could either make a new batch or they could just sprinkle the stuff right on the pancake
  46. >But you figured they'd be fine with the plain ones
  47. >What kind of person didn't enjoy a classic after all?
  48. >After everything was found and set out on the counter, it was simply a matter of finding a mixing bowl and a pan and you would be good to go
  51. “No, no, not there… What the hell is a rubber chicken doing in there...?”
  52. >You found both the bowl and the pan after another minute of looking, and with a whisker and a spatula--which were in a cabinet right next to a box of fruity pebbles for some reason-- you were good to go
  53. >Tossing the pan onto the stove and putting it at a medium-high flame, you began to mix the ingredients
  54. >Dry stuff with dry stuff, wet with wet
  55. >You might have failed home ec twice, but you knew enough about cooking to know that
  56. "Alright, alright, remember not to mix it the whole way. If you mix it too much you won't get a fluffy pancake," you muttered to yourself as you stirred. "And pancakes that aren't fluffy suck shit..."
  57. >You hoped the girls liked these...
  58. >...
  59. >Wait, was there any syrup in the fridge?
  60. >There fucking better be...
  61. >You're not going to go through all this trouble if there's no syrup
  62. >...
  63. >But what if there wasn’t?
  64. >You already went through all the trouble of getting all of this stuff…
  65. >It wasn’t like you could just toss all of this shit in the garbage…
  66. >...
  67. >Wait...
  68. >Didn't people eat pancakes with other stuff?
  69. >Fruit, jam, things like that?
  70. >Maybe, if there wasn't any syrup in the fridge or anywhere else, you could just use something like that
  71. >Yeah...
  72. >That'd be fine...
  73. >There was no reason to start getting flipped out over pancakes...
  74. >The girls you were making these for where your GIRLFRIENDS
  75. >You had snuggled with them
  76. >You had kissed and kissed them
  77. >Hell, you had even fucked Sunset’s thighs not ten minutes ago...
  78. >...
  79. >But dry pancakes fucking sucked though...
  80. >You couldn't--
  81. >"A-Anon?"
  82. >Somehow, by the grace of some high power, you did not jump six feet into the air and yell and scream and send the bowl of batter in your hands through the air
  83. >You just stiffened, yanking the whisk in your hand upward a bit and getting a bit of batter on yourself
  86. >Thank goodness...
  87. >Whipping your head around, you saw Twilight standing not half a foot away from you, a blush on her face
  88. >...
  89. >Say something
  90. >...
  91. >Stop your gawking and say something to your girlfriend, you putz
  92. "...You can use chocolate syrup in the fridge of there isn't any maple syrup anywhere."
  93. >The second that the words left your mouth your nose scrunched up
  94. >...What?
  96. >You couldn't help but keep giggling to yourself as you laid there on your bedroom floor
  97. >Your sides ached, there were tears streaming down your face, and your couldn't quite catch your breath even now
  98. >Twi had tickled the SHIT out of you
  99. >She had tickled you until you hadn't been able to beg for forgiveness, or even breathe for that matter
  100. >She had tickled you until you were a hare’s breath from peeing yourself, then she had tickled you even more
  101. >...
  102. >Still worth it though...
  103. >With a happy little hum, you rolled onto your side
  104. >The door to your bedroom was wide open, allowing you to see in the hallway
  105. >If you listened carefully, you could heard your mighty alpha frantically brushing her teeth in your bathroom
  106. >The filly had been in there for the last ten minutes, scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing to make sure when she gave Anon that good morning smooch that her breath wouldn't be funky
  107. >She shouldn't be worrying about that now though
  108. >What she should be worrying about is scrubbing her teeth so hard that she fucked up her gums
  109. >Morning breath might have been one thing, but you didn't know a stallion alive that liked to kiss someone with blood in their mouths...
  110. >Giggling again, you pulled your shirt down over your poor, abused tummy
  113. >Joking aside, you were sure everything would go great
  114. >Even though she was an overexcitable nerd, Twi would knock whatever she was going to do out of the park
  115. >Though you didn’t expect that whatever she was going to do was going to be all that complicated
  116. >She'd run down there, give Nonny a smooch on the cheek, and do something adorable like blush and stutter or say something silly
  117. >Simple as that
  118. >You doubted that she'd give him a Prench kiss
  119. >She nearly had a heart attack when the two of you did it after all...
  120. >Your nostrils flared
  121. >Through the overwhelming scent of Anon's musk, you could detect someone else's arousal
  122. >A certain little princess if you weren't mistaken…
  123. >Heh…
  124. >It looked like someone liked throwing their weight around a little more that you thought…
  125. >You were going to have to remember that for later...
  126. >Giggling again, you rolled away from the bed and onto your stomach
  127. >Just as you were about to nuzzle your cheek into your carpet, the bathroom door was thrown open, revealing your red-faced herd sis
  128. >Her chest was puffed out, you noticed, and her brow was furrowed
  129. >You perked up
  130. >Oh?
  131. >Was someone giving themselves a pep talk in the bathroom...?
  132. >Twi squared her shoulders
  133. >She slapped her cheeks, mumbling something under her breath, before she made her way toward the stairs
  134. >You found yourself grinning
  135. >It looked like she was about to start whatever she had planned...
  136. >You needed to see it
  137. >As she made her way down the stairs you hopped to your feet
  138. >Dusting yourself off and straightening your pajama bottoms, quietly crept out of the room and into the hallway
  139. >Even though you wanted to see what was going to happen, you didn't want Twilight to see you
  140. >If she saw you she might chicken out or, even worse, freeze
  141. >And that was a BIG no-no
  142. >If she chickened out she wouldn't do the cute thing
  143. >And you wanted to see the cute thing
  144. >So, channeling your inner gryphon--the filthy bird brains--you slinked toward the stairs as quietly as you could, ready to dive to the floor if your sis just so happened to look behind her
  147. >Because you were a fucking ninja and you lived in the shadows!
  148. >[spoiler]Believe it![/spoiler]
  149. >When you reached the top of the steps, Twi was already at the bottom
  150. >You had to hurry
  151. >Knowing her she'd race down the hall and into the kitchen and do whatever she was going to do before you could see...
  152. >Still trying your hardest to be quiet, you hurried down the stairs
  153. >Come on Twi…
  154. >Don’t jump the gun too soon...
  155. >Poking your head into the hallway you could see your sis walking toward the kitchen
  156. >Her movements were jerky and quick
  157. >It looked like she didn't know what to do with her hands, and from all the other end of the hall you could see that she was blushing so hard that it was creeping around to the back of her neck
  158. >You couldn't help but smile
  159. >Aw...
  160. >This was going to be cute...
  161. >You could feel it in your bones...
  162. >Crouching down nice and low, you followed behind her at a safe distance
  163. >Just like that one guy with the eyepatch in those dumb video games that the other Twilight played...
  164. >Solid Snap or something like that...
  165. >Twi stopped just as before stepping into the kitchen
  166. >You froze as she nervously looked around
  167. >Her eyes widened when she looked toward your stove
  168. >She hugged herself, biting her lip
  169. >Hah...
  170. >That must be where Anon is...
  171. >You crouched down a little more as she squirmed, tugging at the bottom of her shirt and rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet
  172. >Come on Twi!
  173. >Work up that courage!
  174. >Be brave, filly!
  175. >You silently cheered as she took another step into the kitchen, then another, and another, before moving where you couldn't see her
  176. >A smile came to your face as you stood back up
  177. >There's a good girl...
  178. >You go and get that colt!
  179. >Nearly skipping down the hall, you stopped just short of the entry way and poked your head through
  180. >Anon was standing next to the stove with one of your metal bowls under his arm
  181. >Twi was behind him, her arms behind her back
  182. >"A-Anon?" she said, in that nervous, cute way that made you want to go over there and give her teats a squeeze
  183. >Anon stiffened
  184. >You half-expected him to spaz out, but thankfully he didn’t
  185. >He instead looked behind himself at your alpha
  186. >His eyes widened, and you could see see a bit of surprise and panic on his face when he saw her standing there
  187. >Your smile widened
  188. >Here it co--
  189. >"Y-You can use chocolate syrup in the fridge of there isn't any maple syrup anywhere..."
  190. >And there it is!
  191. >Anon immediately cringed, his nose scrunching up
  192. >You had to cover your mouth to muffle your giggle
  193. >Twi giggled as well, looking down at her feet
  194. >...
  195. >Sweet Celestia were the two of them cute...
  196. >Anon, realizing that he had said something completely random and silly, did his best to recover
  197. >And by that you meant he began stuttering and mumbling while he got redder and redder
  198. >"I'm s-sorry! I was just--! the pancakes--! I can't--!"
  199. >To your surprise he stopped after that, explosively sighing before putting the bowl and the whisk in his hands on the counter
  200. >"...Good morning, Twi," he said
  201. >Twi looked up from her feet and smiled at him
  202. >You leaned forward a bit
  203. >Here is comes!
  204. >The cute thing was about to happen!
  206. >The purple dork quickly reached up, her face getting a little redder, and grabbed his collar with both hands
  209. >She then got up on her tip-toes, leaned forward...
  210. >And jammed her tongue right into his mouth
  211. >...
  212. >HELLO!
  214. "Whoo! Get'em Twi!" you called, not able to help yourself
  215. >You had been expecting a kiss, maybe a hug and a nuzzle
  216. >But this?
  217. >From shy little Twilight?
  218. >Not in a million years
  219. >And if you were surprised that was nothing compared to what Anon was no doubt feeling
  220. >The second that Twi's tongue worked its way into his mouth the stallion's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates
  221. >He stiffened and jerked back
  222. >Twi, shutting her eyes tightly leaned with him, her tongue wildly wiggling
  223. >"Thfmpfftmpf?!"
  224. >Even from here you could see that Twi had no idea what she was doing
  225. >You were pretty sure that she was trying to go for Anon's tongue, but because the stallion was bigger than her and was leaning back she couldn't quite get her tongue all the way into his mouth
  226. >Because of this her wet muscle was just lapping at the colt's lips with a frantic vigor
  227. >A blush exploded across Anon's face as he came to terms with what was happening to him
  228. >You leaned a bit more into the kitchen, watching what was unfolding in front of you with excitement and a little concern
  229. >No matter how proud you were of your sis at this moment, Prench kissing a guy, even a guy in this world, out of the blue like would be jarring for anyone
  230. >And this was Anon
  231. >The guy that passed out in front of women when they told him they liked him!
  232. >What was going to happen?
  233. >Was Anon going to freak out?
  234. >Was Twi going to somehow screw the kiss up and end up headbutting him again?
  235. >Was one of them going to do something totally impossible and silly, causing one of them to run up to your bedroom and hide because they were so embarrassed?
  237. >...
  238. >You hoped that it wasn’t that last one...
  239. >You had a belly-full of that yesterday, thank you very much...
  240. >To your surprise, nothing that you were expecting happened
  241. >No one did anything cute or silly or funny
  242. >Anon's bugged-out eyes snapped down to Twi's face
  243. >He stared at her for a few seconds as she leaned up on her tippy toes, her tongue wiggling
  244. >And then, something incredible happened
  245. >Instead of freaking out, the stallion's facial expression softened
  246. >He lifted up his arms and wrapped them around Twilight, whose eyes snapped opened in surprise
  247. >Shutting his own eyes, he leaned forward and kissed her back
  248. >Hello...
  249. >Your eyes widened while Twi let out a squeak, which quickly turned into a happy, excited mewl
  250. >The two had to lean back a bit as their noses smacked together, but after that little speed bump they were kissing like two normal people did
  251. >Just like Twi, Anon had no idea what the hell he was doing
  252. >You could see it in the way that he moved
  253. >The jerkiness of his movements, the way he’d hesitate
  254. >His tongue would slip out of Twi's mouth every once in awhile and accidently touch her lip or chin or cheek
  255. >He would also occasionally pressing his lips against hers a little too hard, no doubt banging their teeth together
  256. >Twi, meanwhile, still didn't know what to do with her hands, and her legs were awkwardly angled so that her knees were knocking together
  257. >You could see that she was trying to mimic what you had done with her this morning, trying to kiss strategically and leaning back to lick Anon's lips, but the colt would just awkwardly lean with her and smack their noses against each other, ruining anything that she tried to do
  258. >It was confused, awkward, and unsure
  259. >Standing before you were two people that had completely no idea what the heck they were doing
  260. >But it didn't matter
  261. >This...
  262. >This felt special...
  263. >...
  264. >Different...
  267. >Twi eventually settled, and so did Anon
  268. >She stopped trying to lean away from Anon and instead wrapped her arms around him
  269. >You saw her tongue dipping into his mouth methodically, her tongue caressing his lovingly
  270. >Anon responded in kind, his eyes opening to stare into hers
  271. >The tension left their bodies as they looked into each other's eyes
  272. >Their movements became smoother and easier
  273. >They stopped looking like two pieces trying to fit together and more like a single... thing
  274. >...
  275. >They looked like a couple…
  276. >The pride and excitement that had filled you fell away
  277. >A tightness came to your chest, your breathing hitched
  278. >Looking into Anon's eyes you saw... something
  279. >Something that couldn't be practiced or staged or faked
  280. >It was raw, pure; so intense that you could feel it all the way over here
  281. >A pang of want filled you, and for some reason or another you found that you couldn't beat it down no matter how hard you tried
  282. >...
  283. >Huh...
  284. >After about a minute of watching the two, a smile came to your face
  285. >It looked like Twi didn't pick no fuck-and-runner after all…
  286. >She actually went and found a guy worth keeping...
  287. >Minutes passed as your sis and stallion explored each other's mouths
  288. >Eventually they stopped using their tongues, simply kissing each other over and over and over again
  289. >Even more minutes passed, until the two were just standing there, looking into each other's eyes and smiling while they panted
  290. >A shy giggle eventually escaped Twi's mouth
  291. >"G-Good morning, Nonny," she whispered, nuzzling Anon's cheek
  292. >Anon's grip on her tightened
  293. >"Good morning, Twi," he whispered back, giving her a little kiss on the nose
  295. >You grunted in pain, clutching your heart while you used the wall as support
  296. >By Celestia's sun...
  297. >Your fucking heart...
  298. >You closed your eyes, a quiet giggle escaping you
  299. >That was the sweetest thing that you've ever seen in your life...
  302. >Tears began to well up in your eyes, and because of it another giggle passed your lips
  303. >What the heck was this?
  304. >A mares-mare like you crying over kissing?
  305. >You've sat on a guy's face
  306. >You've had two guys spitroast you in the girl's locker room at school
  307. >You've jerked off a guy in the middle of class!
  308. >KISSING is too much for you...?
  309. >Both Anon and Twi giggled, giving each other another little awkward peck
  310. >You cracked open an eye to look at the two of them
  311. >There were tears in both of their eyes
  312. >You could barely seem them, but they were there
  313. >All of you were crying over a stupid like make-out session
  314. >...
  315. >That wasn't just making out though...
  316. >You've seen people kiss all of the time, and that’s not how you do it
  317. >That...
  318. >That was something else...
  319. >A sniffle escaped you as that pang of want grew just a little bit stronger
  320. >No matter what you've done here, no one's ever looked at you like that
  321. >Wait...
  322. >You perked up, remembering that Twi didn't have that sweet, smiling stallion holding onto her all to herself
  323. >You were part of a herd
  324. >And, if you were lucky, that colt would be looking at you like that in the near future...
  326. "You know, you're a really good hugger."
  327. >Twilight chuckled quietly
  328. >"I wish I still had my wings," she said, rubbing her cheek against the side of your neck. "Then I'd be able to give you a REAL hug...."
  329. >You took a moment to imagine how Twi would look as a pony
  330. >Her and Sunset had tried to explain what an Equestria looked like, but you hadn't really gotten it into your head
  331. >They said that their noses were a little flatter, and their eyes were bigger
  332. >Their hooves were different and their bodies were rounder, softer
  333. >Not totally a horse, but you'd know what they were at first glance
  336. >You closed your eyes, picturing a cute little pony with a horn on her head and wings on her back
  337. "I bet you have the prettiest wings," you murmured, giving your girlfriend a kiss on the cheek
  338. >Twilight's face turned a little more red
  339. >"Y-You too."
  340. >Aw...
  341. >You gave her another kiss on the cheek
  342. "Maybe I can see them someday," you said
  343. >Twi leaned into you
  344. >"I want to s-show them to you," she answered. "I want to show you a lot of things..."
  345. >The smile on your face widened
  346. "Thanks for the kiss."
  347. >"You're welcome. I wanted t-to give you a good good morning present."
  348. "It was a very nice good morning present. You're a very good kisser."
  349. >"Y-You think so?"
  350. "A better kisser than me, that's for sure."
  351. >Twilight's hands slid up and down your back
  352. >"Uh-huh," she quietly protested. "You're a great kisser. I loved your kisses. L-Love your kisses."
  353. >A pleasant burst of pride filled you
  354. "Thank you."
  355. >From behind you, someone chuckled
  356. >"And what are you two cuties doing here?"
  357. >Both you and Twi, not breaking the hug, turned to look at the speaker
  358. >It was Sunset, a bright, happy smile and--
  359. >...
  360. >Were those tears in her eyes?
  361. "Sunset? Are you alright?" you quickly asked
  362. >The bacon-haired girl, wiping her face with the back of her hand, nodded
  363. >"Yeah, I'm alright. I just got something in my eye," she said, making her way over to the two of you
  366. >She winked at Twi, who smiled shyly back at her
  367. >"Hey Anon? You mind if I borrow Twi for a minute or two?" Sunset asked. "I need to talk to her about something."
  368. >You looked between the two
  369. >...
  370. >Oh...
  371. >This was one of those things wasn't it...?
  372. "Oh yeah, sure," you said, letting go of your girlfriend
  373. >Heh…
  374. >Girlfriend…
  375. >That was never going to get old...
  376. >You tried to take a step away from her but Twi yanked you right back against her
  377. >Sunset laughed as she began possessively nuzzling your neck
  378. >"Come on lover girl, I'll only be talking to you for a minute or two," she said, tugging on Twi's shirt
  379. >Twilight responded with a horsey snort, looking at the bacon-haired girl out of the corner of her eye as she pressed her lips against the side of your neck
  380. >A pleasant shiver ran down your body, making you smile
  381. >You wouldn't had said no to a couple more kisses like that
  382. >BUT, if this was one of those things like you thought it was...
  383. >Leaning down, you kissed the purple girl holding you close
  384. "Go and talk to her, Twi," you said. "I'll keep making breakfast."
  385. >Twi gently nipped at your collarbone, snorting again
  386. >Sunset responded with a knicker, giving her shirt another tug
  387. >Now, while you had absolutely no idea what that meant in horse, Twi seemed to
  388. >The girl perked up, pulling her face from your neck and looking at Sunset
  389. >You were sure if she were still a pony her ears would be perked up
  390. >...
  391. >...Aw
  392. >You bet she'd look adorable with a pair of horsey ears...
  393. >Twi stared at Sunny very hard for about a minute before she looked back up into your eyes
  394. >"I need to talk to Sunset for a second," she said, leaning up and giving you a peck on the lips. "I'll be right back in a second--"
  397. >Another kiss
  398. >"--so please don't go anywhere--"
  399. >Two kisses this time
  400. >"--b-because I want to keep kissing you some more. If t-that's alright."
  401. >Shutting her eyes tightly, Twi yanked you down and planted a nice, long kiss on your lips
  402. >You, of course, returned it, wrapping your arms around her and giving her a little squeeze
  403. >Sunset knickered again
  404. >Twi, sighing through her nose, broke the kiss and leaned away from you
  405. >"I'll be right back," she promised, letting her arms fall to her sides. "Don't go anywhere please. You're a very good kisser. Iloveyousomuch!"
  406. >Before you could process that last bit, Twilight spun around, grabbed Sunset by the collar, and ran out the kitchen like a madwomen with her in tow
  407. >You just stood there, smiling stupidly
  408. >...
  409. >Breakfast...
  410. >You needed to keep making breakfast
  411. >Because if you just kept standing there you were finally going to come to terms with that fact that you just furiously made out with a pretty girl
  412. >And if that happened you were liable to get a boner, a really bad nosebleed, and you'd probably pass right out in this kitchen
  413. >So you NEEDED to be doing something ASAP
  414. >Turning back around toward the stove, you grabbed your mixing bowl and your whisk
  415. >Turning down the heat--because the pan was probably WAY too hot right now-- you began to mix your batter once more
  416. >If you listened very closely--and you WERE listening closely--you could make out bits and pieces of what Twi and Sunset were saying in the hallway
  417. >"And... he's really..."
  418. >"Not faking... he's..."
  419. >"I think we... he would..."
  422. >You jumped as Twilight suddenly let out a squeal that seemed to shake the whole house
  423. >REALLY?! YOU'RE SURE?" she yelled, as happy and excited as you've ever heard her. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I KNOW WE'RE GOING TO BE--THMP!"
  424. >You cocked your head to the side as the yelling just stopped
  425. >Huh...
  426. >Wonder what the heck that was about...
  427. >Shrugging, you returned to your pancakes
  428. >You were just about ready to pour some of the batter into the pan when you heard someone clear their throat behind you
  429. >"Nonny?"
  430. >Looking over your shoulder, you saw that Sunset was once again standing behind you
  431. >Again, you hadn't heard the young woman making her way into the room
  432. >...
  433. >Which meant, for your heart's sake, you were going to have to put a bell on these girls
  434. >Because, if they kept sneaking up on you your heart wasn’t going to be able to take it
  435. "Hey Sunny," you chirped, putting your bowl back down and turning around to have her. "Did you need something?"
  436. >Sunset said nothing
  437. >She just smiled, lifted up her arms, and beckoned you toward her with both hands
  438. >Smiling back at her, you closed the distance between the two of you in three steps
  439. >Quick as a whip, Sunny wrapped her arms around you with a sigh
  440. >You answered her sigh with a sigh of your own
  441. >Rubbing your cheek against hers, you breathed in nice and deep, taking in the girl's scent and enjoying the pleasant heat that came off her body
  442. >Holy hell, was she beautiful...
  443. >Her AND Twilight...
  444. >Your smile widened just a hair as you returned Sunset's hug, much to her delight
  445. >...
  446. >Goddammit were you happy that your life had suddenly turned into one of those trashy mangas...
  447. >"You know, I didn't think you'd pass this quick," Sunset murmured in your ear
  448. >You stopped rubbing your cheek against hers for a second
  451. "Passed?"
  452. >Sunset chuckled
  453. >”Yeah, I’m a hundred percent sure that you’re not just going to fuck and run,” she clarified
  454. >You relaxed a bit when she kissed your jaw
  455. “Oh… Well, I’d glad.”
  456. >Sunset giggled again
  457. > “I’m glad too,” she murmured
  458. >Feeling daring, you gave her a peck on the lips
  459. >Sunny knickered, rubbing her nose against yours
  460. >Aw…
  461. >That was rea--
  462. >"Hey, me and Twi were just talking, and we wanted to know if you'd be okay with showering with us later today."
  463. >...
  464. >...
  465. >...
  466. >O-Oh…
  467. >...
  468. >And there’s the nosebleed...
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