Xenos Hunters Session 16

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jul 23 20:05:37 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[20:05] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
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  5. 03[20:08] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Balmung, Omniel, Cadmus, Bellerophon, NPCs'
  6. 03[20:09] * antoine changes topic to 'Anselm, Balmung, Omniel, Cadmus, Bellerophon, Arkias NPCs'
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  9. [20:23] <antoine> The floating monstrosities sit there, their malevolence palpable as a wave of psychic pain washes over you, filling your mind with agony.
  10. [20:24] <@Cadmus> ++Someone...KILL THEM!++
  11. 10[20:24] * Arkias snarls, a metallic rasping noise after being filtered through vox-speakers, reeling again under the assault.
  12. [20:24] <Arkias> ++Burn.++
  13. 01[20:24] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  14. [20:25] <Balmung> With pleasure
  15. [20:26] <antoine> The lone servitor trundles along, its brain apparently un-affected as it move back to its owner. The techpriestess sits several meters behind the main control terminal, coughing and spluttering.  
  16. 10[20:30] * Anselm snarls at the scraping at his forehead, and brings down his blades to eviscerate the Zoanthrope.
  17. [20:32] <@Cadmus> ++Arkias...can you tell which one is messing with our minds?++
  18. [20:33] <antoine> The witchery continues as a field of energy deflects every blow Anselm assails the enemy with.
  19. [20:35] <Arkias> ++It matters not...hunger...their efforts united...Slay them both!++
  20. [20:37] <antoine> Suddenly the field gives way and Anselm, hovering with his jet pack plunges his two swords into the beasts head, causing the xenos to collapse to the ground in a seizure.
  21. 10[20:38] * Anselm laughs. ++None are worthy!++
  22. 02[20:47] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Quit: Balmung)
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  25. 10[20:49] * Omniel frowns, switching to his bolt pistol. ++Brothers, exercise caution. They are dangerously close to the core.++ He punctuates his words with a controlled burst at the nearest xenos psyker.
  26. [20:50] <antoine> Both rounds are stopped by the shield but the shrapnel of one get through, peppering the creature with hot fragments that leave it screaming in agony.
  27. 10[20:51] * @Cadmus takes aim at the same xenos Omniel attackes and lets off a burst of bolter fire from his weapon.
  28. [21:03] <antoine> The Servitor stops and shudders for a moment, its lungs begin to breathe at the same rate as one of the psychic monsters before it rolls towards the techpriestess and aims its shotgun. The Techpriestess shouts a command in her screeching dialect and the servitor suddenly sweeps its shoulder right to miss the woman before shutting down.
  29. [21:04] <Arkias> "Control your puppet, tech-adept." Arkias booms, still reaching for something at his belt.
  30. [21:06] <Anselm> ++Your servant is malfunctioning!++ Anselm quips, then charges for the next Zoanthrope.
  31. [21:16] <antoine> Anselm charges the witch-monster in the middle and manages to distract it long enough for Balmung the get his power axe inside the creatures defences. The weapon bites into the sickly undersized torso and its guts fall out on to the floor.
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  33. 10[21:20] * @Cadmus draws a bead on the last disgusting xenos and opens up on it.
  34. 10[21:23] * @Cadmus is yet again frustrated as he watches his rounds impact harmlessly against the shield
  35. 10[21:24] * Bellerophon stays his finger from the trigger, momentarily, and examines the surrondings. Their bolt shells might not be able to damage the foul xenoform through its shield, but if he brought down some of the Talisman's superstructure...surely it is not crush proof.
  36. 10[21:29] * Bellerophon decides thinking is hard and just shoots it.
  37. [21:35] <antoine> Bellerophons shots take down a section of gangway that falls on the last creature, the heavy metal smashes the warp shield aside and slams the beast to the floor, held down by the improvised weapon.
  38. 02[21:36] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  39. 03[21:37] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  40. 10[21:45] * Ugolino stops. ++Enough of this!++ He gestures, icon raised, ++Feel the hate of my Chapter, xeno!++
  41. [21:45] <Ugolino> *Arkias
  42. 03[21:45] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  43. [21:46] <antoine> The blast of power envelopes the creature, Arkias' mind overpowering the xenos creature.
  44. [21:47] <antoine> The Beast slowly rises, sheets of metal and railing fall to the side as it emerges from the deck.
  45. [21:49] <Anselm> Immediately, the Knight charges for the Tyranid synapse-monstrosity.
  46. [21:53] <Anselm> ... And rams his power sword into the Zoanthrope's exoskeletal ribcage-analogue.
  47. [21:58] <Bellerophon> ++And we are free once more.++
  48. 01[21:59] <Omniel> ++Good work, Brothers.++
  49. [21:59] <antoine> A vox message from Captain Manuel Lyons breaks through, ++Engines are online. I am preparing to exit the Hive Ship.++
  50. 10[21:59] * Anselm promptly begins to rip away one of the creature's atrophied limbs. ++No, we still have work to do.++
  51. [22:00] <Bellerophon> ++Proceed, captain.  God speed."
  52. [22:00] <Bellerophon> ++
  53. [22:00] <antoine> ++There is no time, the ship is falling into the worlds atmosphere and if we do not take the chance the Dark Sons and Sinbad has bought us we will be dragged down with them++
  54. [22:01] <Bellerophon> ++We will complete our business and exit via the Caestus.++
  55. [22:02] <Anselm> ++Note that our primary objective still lives. Do you think this ship will even survive atmospheric entry?++
  56. [22:02] <Arkias> ++You will listen, and you will obey, mortal.++ Arkias interjects. ++We will not abandon our brother Marines.++
  57. [22:03] <Bellerophon> ++Brothers.  Silence.++
  58. [22:04] <Bellerophon> ++Your feelings matter less than the survival of the Talisman.  It will leave and we will return to duty.++
  59. [22:08] <antoine> The Watch Captain comes over the vox ++Sinbad, Decimus, a few Dark Sons and myself are returning to the Hive Ship. We will link up with you and turn our sights upon the primary objective.++
  60. [22:09] <Arkias> your command. Brother-Leader.++ Arkias responds sullenly a moment before the Watch Captain's transmission, having no choice but to obey due to Marine hypno-conditioning.
  61. [22:10] <Anselm> ++We have our orders, then. Does anyone know when the hive ship will enter the planet's atmosphere?++
  62. [22:11] <Bellerophon> ++Captain Lyons, how much time before planetfall?  Can you calculate it?++
  63. [22:11] <antoine> ++Not long, our basic instruments tell we are almost past the point of no return for the Steel Talisman.++
  64. 10[22:12] * Anselm frowns under his helmet. ++That tells us nothing.++
  65. [22:13] <@Cadmus> ++Then we will just have to kill the Norn Queen quickly.__
  66. [22:13] <@Cadmus> ++
  67. [22:14] <Bellerophon> ++Quite.  It is time to move.++
  68. 01[22:14] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged. Our primary objective is of foremost importance.++
  69. 10[22:14] * Bellerophon consults his Cartograph to try to get an idea of where they need to go to get to the norn queen
  70. [22:14] <antoine> ++The instruments are giving deranged results due to the internal gravity of the Hive Ship but my internal calculations of where we were when we were taken and the rate of fall on our instruments lead me to believe we don't have long. My apologies but I do not know++
  71. [22:20] <Bellerophon> ++Captain.  Are you able to jettison your torpedo bay?++
  72. [22:20] <@Cadmus> ++I doubt it.++
  73. [22:21] <antoine> ++I have no control over the torpedo bay++
  74. [22:21] <Bellerophon> ++Is there a manual override?++
  75. [22:23] <Anselm> ++Your command is overridden by Captain Oeris. We must meet up with him.++
  76. [22:24] <@Cadmus> ++Agreed, i would much rather see this Norn Queen die with my own eyes.++
  77. 10[22:24] * Balmung picks up his broken helmet and mag-locks it to his belt
  78. 10[22:24] * Arkias is standing completely still, and silent.
  79. [22:26] <@Cadmus> ++Brother Leader, your orders?++
  80. [22:28] <Bellerophon> ++I am thinking.  The ship cannot be allowed to reach the surface intact.++
  81. [22:28] <Bellerophon> ++It must be destroyed.  Immediately.++
  82. [22:29] <Arkias> ++Brother-Leader. The Watch Captain's orders were explicit.++
  83. [22:29] <@Cadmus> ++Killing the Norn Queen will eliminate most of the ship's threat to the planet below.++
  84. 10[22:29] * Anselm snorts, and fires his jump pack to return to the Tech-Priest. ++None of it matters. We must meet with the Honored Captain.++
  85. [22:31] <Bellerophon> ++The cartograph informs me that we do not have the time or speed required to reach the torpedos.  There might be another way.++
  86. [22:31] <Bellerophon> ++I will consult with the Captain while we rondevouz with Captain Oeris.  Let's move.++
  87. [22:32] <Balmung> Alright
  88. 10[22:32] * @Cadmus follows.
  89. [22:32] <Arkias> ++Brother Leader. We have access to the engines. Their machine spirits are potent, and a weapon in their own right.++
  90. 10[22:32] * Anselm looks down to the Tech-Priest before leaving. "Are you well?"
  91. 10[22:33] * Bellerophon sets off while voxing Captain Lyons. ++Captain. A new idea. Is it possible to use the engine to both free the Talisman and send the tyranid ship into an orbit that will ensure its destruction upon atmospheric entry?++
  92. 10[22:33] * Omniel is examining the fallen Servitor with a critical eye. ++Hm? Yes, I am well, Brother Anselm.++
  93. [22:33] <Anselm> ++Not you, Brother. Our friend.++ Anselm gestures to the mortal.
  94. [22:34] <antoine> ++Possibly, I will have to convene with the Captain++
  95. [22:34] <Arkias> "You. Tech-adept. What is your status?"
  96. [22:35] <antoine> A screech of mechanicus language comes back.
  97. [22:35] <Balmung> RUSS DAMNIT SPEAK GOTHIC YOU HAG!
  98. [22:36] <@Cadmus> ++Easy Brother.++
  99. [22:36] <Arkias> ++Quell your humours, whel...Brother.++
  100. 10[22:36] * Balmung glares at Arkias
  101. [22:36] <Anselm> "Can we render any further assistance, Priest?"
  102. [22:37] <antoine> ++The Captain does tell me it is possible. He will require that the engines be adjusted by Omniel++
  103. 10[22:37] * Arkias looks back, helmet masking his expression. The snear of contempt is hard to conceal, even with ceramite.
  104. [22:37] <Bellerophon> ++There is a solution to our problem.  It lies here in the engineerium.++
  105. 01[22:37] <Omniel> ++Understood. Adjusted in what way?++
  106. [22:37] <Arkias> *sneer
  107. [22:39] <antoine> ++He requires that you overload the thrusters to give greater turning thrust.++
  108. 10[22:39] * Omniel approaches the console once more. ++It should not prove difficult.++
  109. [22:42] <antoine> The Tech Marine effortlessly overpowers the thrusters while putting several safety protocols in place to protect the ship from any excess damage that may be caused by their abusive use this way.
  110. [22:43] <antoine> ++Well done, the Captain informs me the ship will be underway soon.
  111. [22:44] <antoine> ++
  112. 10[22:44] * Omniel steps away from the console and respirates a sigh of relief. ++It is done, then.++
  113. [22:44] <Bellerophon> ++To the bridge, then.  With haste, Brothers.++
  114. [22:45] <Balmung> very well
  115. [22:45] <Arkias> ++The Warp churns and writhes. Brother-Leader, I cannot sense our foes from afar.++
  116. [22:46] <Arkias> ++I can give no warning of their presence. By your command...++
  117. 01[22:46] <Omniel> ++Moving out, Brother-Leader.++
  118. 10[22:46] * @Cadmus takes up his rearguard position
  119. 10[22:46] * Arkias takes up a position near the front, axe humming gently in his grip. Arcane patterns and sigils are etched into the metal.
  120. [22:47] <antoine> Moving back to the bridge you find Sinbad, Decimus, Oeris and four Dark Sons ready to depart. There is also significantly more armsmen and navy ratings here than there was last time.
  121. 10[22:48] * Arkias salutes, armoured fist clanging off the horned skull of his chest aquilla.
  122. 10[22:48] * Balmung looks at one of Dark Sons' officers "Might I borrow one of your men's helmets? Mine was broken while fighting with the beasts in the engine room"
  123. [22:49] <antoine> The Dark Sons Sergeant looks from Balmung to Sinbad
  124. [22:50] <antoine> In an almost expectant manner.
  125. [22:50] <Arkias> ++A bold request.++ Arkias comments. ++To be expected from a son of Fenris.++ It's decidedly unclear if it's meant to be a compliment.
  126. [22:50] <Sinbad> "...Do we have enough time?  I may be able to repair the armor...  However its cogitator and machine spirits may be need repair by the Brother Omniel."
  127. 01[22:50] <Omniel> ++I would be honoured to assist, Brother Sinbad.++
  128. [22:50] <Balmung> "You could try but it might waste what little time we have"
  129. [22:50] <Sinbad> "My thanks.  But do we have the time?"
  130. 10[22:51] * Bellerophon removes his helmet, for now
  131. [22:52] <Bellerophon> "The cartograph has a route.  It seems fairly expedient.  It will depend on xenos density."
  132. [22:53] <Sinbad> "I'll make do with with repair cement.  The machine spirit, forgiveness asked, must wait until later if need be.  I shall try to re-seal.  Hand me your cement."
  133. 10[22:53] * Balmung hands Sindbad his helmet and his cement
  134. 03[22:57] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58_driving
  135. 10[22:57] * Sinbad does his best with the cement tube, combat knife as spade, and inadequacy of touch from his gauntlets
  136. 10[22:58] * Sinbad hands it over to Omniel
  137. 10[22:59] * Omniel takes the helmet, and appraises it carefully.
  138. [22:59] <Sinbad> "The armor is repaired, but the cogitator spirits are still sluggish from their brutalizing.  I know of no skills for the spirits.  If we have time, please do the rest, Brother-Techmarine."
  139. 10[23:00] * Omniel nods and gets to work, turning the helmet around and around like a rubik's cube as he tests the various circuits, using his multi-tool to fix things up as best he can.
  140. 10[23:00] * Balmung puts his newly repaired helmet back on ++Well you didn't put a dress on it at least, you have my thanks Brother.++
  141. 02[23:02] * Arkias ( Quit (Quit: Arkias)
  142. 03[23:07] * Sinbad is now known as Sinbad_AFK
  143. 03[23:56] * Ugolino ( has joined #XenosHunters
  144. 03[23:56] * Ugolino is now known as Arkias
  145. Session Time: Sun Jul 24 00:00:00 2011
  146. 03[00:04] * Derek58_driving is now known as Cadmus
  147. 03[00:14] * Sinbad_AFK is now known as Sinbad
  148. [00:30] <antoine> The Watch Captain gives the the Ship Captain a salute before he turns on his heel and heads for the airlock ++We Depart so that these brave men may escape the clutches of this gargantuan beast++
  149. [00:36] <antoine> The Dark Sons and Decimus follow the Watch Captain, the bulkheads opening to allow their free passage from the ship.
  150. 10[00:36] * Bellerophon follows his captain
  151. 10[00:36] * Sinbad wraps his camo-cloak around, and brings his bolter to ready as the squad continues onwards to their final objective
  152. 10[00:37] * @Cadmus resumes his guard position.
  153. 10[00:37] * Arkias stands there, axe in hand. The weapon's edge glimmers in the half light as he hefts it, ill-concealed impatience obvious from his bearing.
  154. 10[00:38] * Omniel falls in with the others, checking the ammo display of his Multi-Melta.
  155. 10[00:40] * Anselm mumbles prayers under his breath with his hands resting against the hilts of his blades.
  156. 10[00:42] * Balmung follows along
  157. [00:43] <antoine> You soon exit the ship via the airlock, the thick stench of the hive ships atmosphere bearing down on you. There are only a few rippers on the surface of the ship now and they seem to be confused and bewildered, moving without purpose. The carcass of a creature sits upon the deck, the hull around it significantly rusted and burnt by some kind of acid.
  158. [00:44] <Balmung> ++Where first Captain?++
  159. 10[00:44] * Anselm warily eyes the body.
  160. [00:45] <antoine> ++To the center of the ship, that is our best bet according the Tellion's researchers.++
  161. [00:45] <antoine> *according to
  162. 10[00:46] * @Cadmus nods in understanding.
  163. [00:47] <antoine> You continue onwards, finding a melta hole in a wall that you can enter before some quick work opens up a path downwards. As you go deeper a huge vibration rocks you where you tread. ++Engaging engines, The Emperor Protects!++
  164. [00:48] <Sinbad> ++GLORY TO YOU, WARRIORS OF THE TALISMAN!++
  165. [00:49] <Sinbad> ++My apologies, Brother-Captain.  I was overswept with feeling.++
  166. 01[00:49] <Omniel> ++Emperor-speed, Talisman.++
  167. [00:50] <antoine> The tunnels you follow become lined with more and more blood vessels, the odd creature dashes past at intersections as you approach but so far they haven't seemed to detect your presence.
  168. 10[00:50] * Arkias raises his force axe just as the rumbling begins, the blade glowing faintly in the gloom. Inside his helmet, his eyes close as he reaches out.
  169. 10[00:51] * @Cadmus is on guard, sweeping any side tunnels as they move.
  170. 10[00:52] * Omniel remains on guard, engaging his Auspex to scan for any nearby threats.
  171. 10[00:52] * Anselm cautiously redraws his swords and continually glances around.
  172. 10[00:52] * Sinbad takes point, however close to the main column
  173. 10[00:55] * Arkias suddenly throws one armoured arm in front of himself, the movement accompanied by the squeal of automotors and a vox-distorted snarl of...surprise? The Librarian has stopped moving.
  174. [00:56] <Arkias> ++Blood of the Great Father!++
  175. [00:56] <Anselm> ++What now?++
  176. 01[00:56] <Omniel> ++I am detecting bio-signs, Brothers, very distant. Be on your guard.++
  177. [00:56] <@Cadmus> ++Understood Omniel.++
  178. [00:56] <Balmung> ++Let them come++
  179. 10[00:57] * Arkias does not respond for a long moment. ++We are not alone. There is a void, an emptiness in the Sea of Souls. Lesser beasts orbit it, and it sought to consume me.++
  180. [00:58] <antoine> The Dark Sons look at each other.
  181. [00:58] <@Cadmus> ++Sunds like our target.++
  182. [00:58] <Arkias> ++It can only be the primary objective, and it is ahead, Brother-Captain. 600 marks.++
  183. [00:58] <@Cadmus> *sounds
  184. [01:00] <antoine> ++Very well, we continue onwards. Prepare yourselves++
  185. 01[01:00] <Omniel> ++Roger that.++
  186. 10[01:00] * @Cadmus racks the bolt on his weapon and nods.
  187. 10[01:00] * Sinbad looks over his bolter, and nods behind himself to the party
  188. [01:01] <Arkias> ++By your command.++ Arkias responds. ++If it is a soul-void, then I have flame enough to fill its need.++
  189. 10[01:01] * Bellerophon 's heavy bolter is always ready to fire, and he takes his position behind Oeris
  190. [01:01] <Balmung> ++I've never met a xenos that I couldn't kill++
  191. 10[01:01] * Arkias grips his force axe tighter, holding it in a guard position as he strides along.
  192. [01:02] <Arkias> ++Then perhaps it is your experience that is lacking. Brother.++
  193. 10[01:02] * Balmung growls through his vox
  194. [01:07] <antoine> The Tunnel widens as you reach you target before opening up into a gigantic room, larger than the engine room on the Steel Trident. The majority of the room is filled by a titanic creature, the front of which is made up of an oversized head and torso. The Creature has but only spindly limbs but a large jaw filled with rows of teeth. Further back is the gigantic abdomen row after row of...
  195. [01:07] <antoine> ...translucent tubes lead to the rest of the ship from it. Each filled with a larvae or egg pushed along by peristalsis.
  196. [01:07] <Sinbad> ++...Damn.  It is ugly.++
  197. [01:08] <Sinbad> ++Our method of attack, Brother-Captain?++
  198. [01:08] <Arkias> ++Brother Cadmus?++ Arkias prompts, his own helmet turning from side to side. ++A sample of this...monstrosity could prove valuable for future engagements.++
  199. [01:08] <@Cadmus> ++By the Lion that thing is ugly!++
  200. [01:09] <Bellerophon> ++Method, Brother?++
  201. [01:09] <Arkias> ++Yes, Brother Cadmus.++
  202. [01:09] <Bellerophon> ++That is simple.++
  203. [01:09] <Balmung> ++Cadmus watch your tounge when speaking of Arkias's mother++
  204. [01:09] <@Cadmus> ++And yes, samples would be goo.++
  205. [01:09] <Bellerophon> ++We shoot it.++
  206. [01:10] <Arkias> ++May your bladework not match your wit, Space Wolf. This creature must burn.++
  207. [01:10] <antoine> various thick fibrous connections hold up the torso and head of the creature and smaller creatures unlike you have ever seen before move over and around the beast to see to its needs.
  208. 10[01:11] * Arkias draws his boltgun with the hand not holding the power axe, racking the fire selector.
  209. [01:11] <@Cadmus> ++Those fibres look like a good place to begin.++
  210. 01[01:11] <Omniel> ++Caution, brothers. It seems not to have noticed us yet.++
  211. [01:13] <Bellerophon> ++I am of the opinion we open with krak grenades."
  212. [01:13] <Bellerophon> ++From there we will punish it with bolter and chainsword.++
  213. [01:14] <antoine> There are numerous fissures in the ground and several small and large Capillary Towers reaching up from the ground or down from the ceiling.
  214. [01:15] <Bellerophon> ++Brother-Apothecary...what if we were to use our repair cement to anchor our krak grenades to its key physiology.++
  215. [01:15] <Bellerophon> ++Would that be sufficient to destroy it?++
  216. [01:17] <@Cadmus> ++I'm not sure, this this is quite huge. And it might be easier to just shoot it down. Those limbs might not be strong enough to support its weight.++
  217. [01:17] <@Cadmus> *this thing
  218. [01:19] <Bellerophon> ++Perhaps it would be simpler to link them together and then..feed it to the...creature.++
  219. 01[01:19] <Omniel> ++Perhaps those towers are structurally significant? If we de-stabilize the chamber, it may collapse.++
  220. [01:20] <Arkias> ++Our time is running out, Brother-Leader. Should we fail to destroy it with our intial strike, we are unlikely to have another. We should act quickly.++
  221. [01:20] <Bellerophon> ++Would it not be easier to destroy the queen, rather than the ship?++
  222. [01:20] <@Cadmus> ++Will the creature just sit there and let us throw the grenades into its mouth?++
  223. [01:21] <Bellerophon> ++It moves not...yet.  Let us make haste.++
  224. [01:21] <Bellerophon> ++Should this plan fail, we resort to standard Codex procedures.++
  225. [01:21] <@Cadmus> ++Those fibers holding it up would be our best bet.++
  226. [01:22] <Bellerophon> ++We can do both.++
  227. [01:23] <Bellerophon> ++Cut the fibers, destroy it from the inside, then ensure it is dead with bolt shell and sword stroke.++
  228. [01:23] <Arkias> ++And with the first of them felled, the horde will not be slow to respond. No. We will have a single chance to slay the foe before it falls upon us.++
  229. [01:23] <Arkias> ++By your command, Brother Leader...++
  230. 10[01:23] * Arkias barks, staring at the massive figure with barely contained, righteous loathing.
  231. 01[01:23] <Omniel> ++A two-pronged method of attack seems wisest.++
  232. 10[01:24] * @Cadmus nods, puts one of the towers between himself and the Queen, and takes aim at the nearest fiber.
  233. [01:24] <Bellerophon> ++Captain Oeris, your thoughts?++
  234. [01:24] <antoine> ++It seems sound, the Dark Sons, Decimus and myself can assist or provide cover.++
  235. [01:27] <Bellerophon> ++Then we shall coordinate.  Anselm, Balmung, and those proficient with sword and fist will destroy the fibers supporting the foul beast, while those with heavier weapons will make the grenade attempt while riddling it with fire and bolt shell.++
  236. [01:27] <Bellerophon> ++We have one chance before it is alerted.  Let us not squander it.++
  237. [01:28] <antoine> The Watch Captain nods to Decimus and the Dark Sons Sergeant, those three split off to join the assault marines while the other Dark Sons ready their bolters are fire support.
  238. 10[01:29] * @Cadmus nods and changes his target to the beast itself, aiming for something vulnerable, like a massive eye.
  239. [01:30] <Anselm> ++Brother-Captain,++ Anselm speaks up. ++If I may make a comment?++
  240. 10[01:31] * Arkias raises his boltgun, armoured finger just touching the trigger.
  241. [01:32] <antoine> ++Go ahead Templar++
  242. 10[01:35] * Anselm points to the creature's head. ++Given that we are currently undetected, I feel that we should minimize the spread of our resources, and ensure that this creature is destroyed in a singular strike to avoid any unnecessary losses to its guardians. It does not seem particularly mobile, and its maw is exposed, so we should simply... shove the grenade bundle down its throat.++
  243. [01:38] <antoine> ++Who volunteers for this duty?++
  244. [01:38] <Sinbad> ++I would, but alas, I cannot fly.++
  245. 10[01:38] * Anselm coughs. ++It is my input. I will take the responsibility.++
  246. [01:39] <Sinbad> ++Throw hard.++
  247. [01:39] <Arkias> ++I will slay the beast.++
  248. [01:39] <Sinbad> ++Psyker, we shall all slay the beast.  Just in differing ways.++
  249. 10[01:40] * Arkias grudgingly nods. ++Go with hate, Brother Anselm.++
  250. 01[01:41] <Omniel> ++Emperor-speed, Brother.++
  251. 10[01:42] * Anselm puts his swords away, and takes a grenade from his belt. ++I require the mass.++
  252. 10[01:43] * @Cadmus hands his grenades over.
  253. 10[01:45] * Balmung hands his bandelier of grenades to Anselm
  254. 10[01:45] * Sinbad unties his grenade-bolt and hands it over with his repair cement tube
  255. 10[01:46] * Bellerophon hands over his six grenades and his repair cement
  256. 10[01:46] * Anselm hands the grenades to the Techmarine. ++I think it best you work these together.++
  257. 10[01:48] * Arkias does likewise.
  258. 10[01:49] * Balmung hands Omniel 2 plasma flasks
  259. 10[01:49] * Omniel frowns inside his helmet. ++Quite. Well, is that everything?++
  260. [01:51] <Arkias> ++Now, we need only for the beast to open its mouth.++
  261. [01:51] <Sinbad> ++...How do we do that?++
  262. [01:51] <Bellerophon> ++Hold.  The peicĂ© de resistance.++
  263. [01:51] <Arkias> *wider.
  264. 10[01:51] * Bellerophon empties the last of his can of Metal Storm ammo onto the beachball sized grenade-bundle
  265. [01:51] <antoine> Omniel quickly constructs the oversized explosive for the suic-voulenteer
  266. [01:52] <Arkias> ++With all due respect, Brother-Leader, speak Gothic.++
  267. 10[01:52] * Omniel hands the package over to Anselm gingerly.
  268. 10[01:52] * Anselm accepts it, and begins mumbling prayers under his breath as he steps forward.
  269. [01:53] <antoine> ++Then our course of action is decided upon, Go, Go, Go!!++ The Captain roars.
  270. [01:53] <Bellerophon> ++Godspeed, Brother.++
  271. 10[01:53] * Omniel makes a protective sigil known to the priests of the Omnissiah, two hands placed directly over one's face so that one might peer through the fingers cautiously.
  272. 10[01:54] * Sinbad takes up a position near the Dark Sons, and aims his multi-melta upwards
  273. 10[01:55] * Anselm steps forward, then begins to run, then fires his jump pack, rocketing into the air. ++In nomine Imperator...++
  274. 02[01:55] * Arkias ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  275. 10[01:55] * Omniel readies the multi-melta, stoically.
  276. [01:56] <antoine> Anselm burns through the sky at the gigantic creature. The flare from his jump-pack a blinding light in the darkness of the alien stronghold. As he flies through the air suddenly two clawed arms morph out of the torso of the Queen.
  277. 10[01:56] * Bellerophon records this all on pict
  278. [01:57] <Balmung> ++That doesn't look good++
  279. [01:59] <Bellerophon> ++SHOOT THEM!  SHOOT THEM DOWN!  4KILL THEM ALL!++
  280. 10[01:59] * @Cadmus quickly brings his bolter down and fires a burst at the arms.
  281. 10[02:00] * Bellerophon begins cutting down the arms with precise heavy bolter fire
  282. [02:03] <antoine> Cadmus' and Bellerophon's fire manage to rip off the suddenly grown appendages.
  283. 10[02:03] * Anselm grabs onto the monstrosity's head, forcing it to prepare for his payload. ++Et Solium!++
  284. [02:04] <antoine> All around the chamber you hear sympathetic screeches from ten thousand alien throats.
  285. [02:09] <antoine> Anselm bats away the smaller care-taker creatures before shoving the grenades down the Queen's throat before suddenly some inner jaw pincers grab him and haul him down with the grenades!
  286. [02:11] <antoine> You see a shape in the gullet of the creature, wriggling around but unable to get out.
  287. [02:12] <antoine> From the outer walls of the chamber warriors and hormagaunts detach themselves, crawling down to the floor to advance upon you.
  288. [02:13] <@Cadmus> ++Brother, i advise quickly setting those grenades off.++ Cadmus says as he keeps an eye on the gaunts closest to him.
  289. 10[02:17] * Anselm struggles, and finally manages to get his power sword from its scabbard. With the power field humming, he begins cutting through the beast's throat and pulls the pin on one of the grenades before letting the mass slide down the gullet.
  290. [02:17] <Anselm> ++ET MECHANICUS SANCTII!++ he shouts as he drops out from the creature, and rockets off.
  291. 03[02:20] * Arkias ( has joined #XenosHunters
  292. [02:24] <antoine> The explosives slide down inside the creature before the firing charge ignites, the factory worker many many systems away would never had known that his tiny part in life had help lead to this victorious moment to save a planet. The frag grenades detonate, hurling hot shrapnel down the length of the beast, followed by the krak grenades that blow the torso clean from the abdomen, finally the...
  293. [02:24] <antoine> ...plasma flasks ignite like miniature sun's and envelope the entire upper body in a cascade of fire. The immolated Queen writhes and screams in torment and agony before its lungs and vocal cords are no more and only a silent leering face is left. The body falls from its fibrous connections to the roof and slams into the ground, scattering the ashes along the floor.
  294. [02:24] <Arkias> ++Hostile neutralized?++
  295. [02:24] <Sinbad> ++...Can we leave now?++
  296. [02:25] <Bellerophon> ++I love my job.++
  297. [02:25] <Anselm> ++Dominatus! Imperialis!++
  298. [02:25] <@Cadmus> ++....I have never seen a more beautiful sight in all my life.++
  299. [02:25] <Sinbad> ++I have yet to see Terra.++
  300. [02:25] <Balmung> ++hahahaha++
  301. [02:25] <antoine> ++Yes we can++ The Watch Captain calls out ++Decimus, activate the teleport homer!!++
  302. [02:25] <Balmung> ++I hate this part++
  303. [02:25] <Arkias> ++Brother Cadmus. What of a sample?++
  304. [02:25] <Bellerophon> ++Sample?  Ha!++
  305. [02:25] <Arkias> *derp
  306. 10[02:26] * Sinbad makes a rude hand gesture as he readies for the teleportus
  307. [02:26] <Bellerophon> ++Bring the entire head!++
  308. 10[02:26] * Anselm lands beside Captain Oeris, and forms the Aquila across his chestplate... with various xeno-fluids dripping from his armor.
  309. [02:26] <Balmung> ++I doubt the head is still there++
  310. 01[02:26] <Omniel> ++We succeeded...++
  311. [02:26] <@Cadmus> ++One moment Captain!++ Cadmus says before running over to the corpse and quickly gathers some samples before joining the others.
  312. [02:26] <Arkias> ++No time for that, Brother.++
  313. [02:27] <Arkias> ++Information is power, and with this victory...we may have it. Well thought, Brother Anselm.++
  314. 10[02:27] * Anselm grunts.
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