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  1. Welcome to Discord Server! We are basically crazy here but, sometimes we chill or relax. We will solve your problems as in fixing errors or your inject
  2. button not working. If you are new on using ROBLOX Hacks follow this tutorial: + If ROBLOX Updates that means Sk8r is patched! How can you see its patched? Well if you press inject on Sk8r ROBLOX should crash immediatly saying ROBLOX IS NOT RESPONDING Well enough of the reading! Here are the rules!
  4. :one: Follow the Discord Terms of Service: --Reason-- Users must be 13 years or older to be on this server. Do not endorse, or joke about self-harm. Do not use, endorse, or discuss client modifications (e.g. "Better Discord"). Do not use, endorse, or discuss selfbots or userbots. Do not conduct, endorse, or discuss server raiding.
  6. :two:  Be respectful. --Reason-- Refrain from "trolling" or inciting arguments. Be polite and civil to each other. Racial and hateful slurs are strictly prohibited.
  8. :three:  Do not spam. --Reason-- Do not send random or irrelevant messages. Excessive spam such as copypasta is strictly prohibited. Do not attempt to bypass the automod. Do not try to ping @everyone or @here. Do not try to evade punishments. Alternate accounts (alts) are forbidden. Do not ghost mention other users.
  10. :four:  Do not advertise or self-promote. --Reason-- Users who use the server mainly for the purpose of advertisement or solicitation will be banned.
  12. :five:  Do not upload or post unsafe items. --Reason-- Do not post links to malicious websites, pirated software, cracks etc. Do not post shortened links. Do not upload non-image/video/sound files.
  14. :six:  Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. --Reason-- Do not post content (messages, images, links etc.) that is NSFW. Do not allude to anything NSFW.
  16. :seven:  No inappropriate profiles. --Reason-- All rules apply to profiles. User "profiles" include usernames, avatars, playing statuses, and external accounts that are shown.
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  19. -
  20. :eight:  Speak English. --Reason-- English is the only language allowed on this server.
  22. :nine:  Respect channel topics and rules. --Reason-- Channels on this server have their own guidelines.
  24. :keycap_ten:  Do not mini-mod. It is fine to provide accurate information to members, but leave the moderating to Staff Members. Do not step on Staff Members' toes when they are doing their job.
  26. :star:  Staff Members have final verdict on rules. Do not try to find loopholes in the rules. Listen to Staff members, as their word is the law.
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