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Game Freak company review.

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Nov 9th, 2019
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  1. -Company Name
  2. Game Freak Co., Ltd.
  4. -Reasons for joining the company
  5. I wanted to have an attractive salary and a career related to the big title Pokemon.
  7. -Salary system
  8. Top class in the industry. In recent years, with the success of Pokemon GO, there was a distribution from Pokemon Co., Ltd., so even general staff in their 20s received about 6-8 million. As for the breakdown of salary, if the annual salary is 10 million, the monthly salary was about 300,000 and the bonus was 3 million twice. However, the annual income differs between full-time employees and contract employees. Bonuses for regular employees are basically determined by evaluation (all points are deducted, not points added), and if you make a big mistake, you may get over 30%.
  10. -In-house atmosphere
  11. In-house politics are always held, and the director's favorite staff will be promoted to work regardless of their ability. However, because I am entrusted with big work even though I do not have the ability, it is another excellent staff who actually solves the problem. Basically, the director only sees the result, so only the assigned staff is evaluated. For this reason, excellent staff retired immediately, and most of the remaining staff are those at the time of company establishment and those who have no ability to succeed in internal politics.
  13. -Organizational Structure
  14. There is a division for each project, but since it is not a large company, there are many cases where two projects are involved.
  16. -Work System
  17. Basically, it is recommended that you return home on time, and work on holidays is at your discretion. The director does not go to work on a basic holiday, and since there is no instruction from the director, only a few people have come to work even before the master. Basically, if you are going to work on a holiday, you will decide to reduce the volume of the game.
  19. -Benefits / In-house facilities
  20. We have the same benefits as listed companies. If you go to work on a holiday, you will be paid 6,000 yen regardless of the time, but since there is no substitute holiday system, if you come to work on a weekend and rest for a weekday, your income will be negative.
  22. -Good points of the company
  23. The salary is high. If you want to reduce the quality of the game for overtime and holiday work, I think it's a great company for those who want to make money.
  25. -Points that you think are bad or frustrated
  26. There is no enthusiasm for the game. Because it is a Pokémon, any piece can be sold. Because my salary is also high, there are many people who are thinking about how to get a high bonus without making a mistake, rather than the enthusiasm to make a game, so it is difficult to challenge new things.
  28. -Reason for retirement
  29. I decided to change my job because I wanted to make an interesting game.
  31. -What you want to tell & give advice to those who are thinking of changing to this company?
  32. If you like games, you should not go. I'm disappointed.
  33. It is recommended for those who are not capable but have the power to win in internal politics and want a high salary.
  35. (Review ends here.)
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