Caged part 1

May 15th, 2017
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  1. >An alarm goes off. To be specific its your phone alarm, blasting loud edm music.
  2. >Annoyingly effective in it's interruption of your circadian rhythm you go to turn it off
  3. >CRACK!
  4. >Maybe that was a bit too much force?
  5. >Shit that was a nice phone! It was like the nicest thing you owned
  6. >You go to rub the sleep from your eyes with your other hand
  7. >SMACK
  8. >Fuck that hurt!
  9. >Did you seriously just punch yourself in the face?
  10. >Forcing your eyes open you stare at the ceiling
  11. >Better get ready for work, you can't afford to be late and the boss has really been on your ass the past couple days about being on time
  12. >Sitting up on your bed you begin to notice that your body doesn't feel right
  13. >For example: where did your hands go? Why are they now fuzzy hoof like appendages?
  14. >You're still to tired to properly freak out
  15. >You somehow successfully stumble to full mirror on your door mirror
  16. >A tiny horse-like creature looks back at you curiously
  17. “Oh thank god, it's just a dream”
  18. >Or at least that's what you meant to say, all that came out were horse noises
  19. >What a weird dream, you don't even remember ever even thinking of anything like this
  20. >At least that means that you didn't really break your phone
  21. >Looking at your dream-horse self you see 2 bright blue eyes blankly looking back at you as you examine your new golden tan colored fur and silver mane/tail
  22. >You're also pretty short, about 2 feet tall on your 4 hooves
  23. >Perhaps it'd be more accurate to call yourself a pony?
  24. >Loud knocks on your door break you out of your musing
  25. >”Hey Nate I heard your damned alarm! You better be getting ready in there we can't get away with being late anymore!”
  26. >That must be your roommate Jason
  27. >Other than the whole pony thing this seems like a pretty mundane dream
  28. “Whatever you say dream version of my actual roommate!”
  29. >Still more horse whinnies
  30. >So talking is out of the question then
  31. >”What the hell are you listening to in there? Horse mating calls? Whatever man hurry up before I make you”
  32. >You'd love to see him try in your condition
  33. “Neigh neigh snort whinny”
  34. >Well at least you can choose what horse noise you'll make
  35. >”Alright enough messing around man I'm coming in”
  36. >He missed a golden opportunity for a pun there
  37. >You quickly back up to avoid the opening door
  38. >In an almost comic like fashion Jason looks everywhere in your room except for right in front of him
  39. >”Nate? Where the hell'd you go?”
  40. “Neigh(I'm down here dumbass)”
  41. >”What the shit!”
  42. >Jason jumps back and slams the door
  43. >Oh right, his huge fear of animals
  44. >As in anything bigger than a squirrel freaks him out
  45. >It's pretty annoying, you really wanted a cat or something but his stupid phobia prevented you from getting any sort of pet you'd want
  46. >But other than that he was a pretty cool roommate and pretty much your best friend
  47. >You've known him since kindergarten
  48. >”Nate I'm calling animal services! If this is some stupid prank you'll have to pick your furry friend from the pound! I'll leave the door unlocked for them and head out, good luck getting a ride to work wherever the hell you are!”
  49. >After some stomping and the sound of keys jingling briefly followed by the front door slamming it sounds like you're home alone now
  50. >Well no sense in staying in your room for the whole dream, so you attempt to open your door
  51. >You can't, no matter what you do opening the door is currently not an option
  52. >The window maybe?
  53. >You live on the 12th floor and the fire escape is outside the hallways window
  54. >But this is a dream after all so you try to open the window anyway
  55. >It's locked
  56. >This dream is starting to get old real fast
  57. >After contemplating your next move for a bit on your bed you decide that you might as well try to break down your door
  58. >You try kicking it with your back hooves
  59. >In your attempt all you manage to do is make a lot of noise and fall on your stomach
  60. >That kind of hurt
  61. >Dreams aren't supposed to hurt are they?
  62. >”What was that?”
  63. >It seems you aren't alone anymore, it must be animal control!
  64. >”You think it was the animal we were supposed to nab?” Another voice asks
  65. >”Maybe, lets check it out” replies the first voice
  66. >Shit you gotta hide!
  67. >The only place to hide in your room is under your bed
  68. >A bit cliched but you don't have any time to think so squeeze in and turn around just in time to see you door open
  69. >”I'm sure I heard it come from in here”
  70. >”What kind of animal are we even looking for exactly”
  71. >”From what the guy over the phone said it was some sort of midget horse the size of a retriever
  72. >”So like, a pony?”
  73. >”Sure, whatever”
  74. >Seems like Jason lived up to his word
  75. >Well they left the door open, so you might as well run for it
  76. >Without further ado you bolt straight for the doorway
  77. >But not before a noose-like thing wraps around your neck
  78. >”Ha! Got'em!”
  79. >”Nice reflexes there man, hey it is a pony!”
  80. >”Not like one I've ever seen, now hurry and get the cage ready”
  81. >You barely make out what they're saying over your struggling
  82. >Like hell you're going with them that easily!
  83. >But all your struggling doesn't accomplish squat against the guy 3 times your height
  84. >”Hey easy now girl, no need to hurt yourself now”
  85. >Did this fucker seriously just call you a girl?
  86. >You attempt to redouble your escape efforts but your adrenaline seems to be wearing off as you thrash against the thing around you neck
  87. >The guy holding you also seems to know what he's doing, keeping himself well out of reach of your pitiable flailing
  88. >”Where's the goddamn cage?”
  89. >”Dude get off my ass it's right here”
  90. >The other man places down a decent sized cage in front you
  91. >Before you can react the thing around you neck forces you forward into it
  92. >As soon as your tail clears the cage bars the pressure around your neck goes away
  93. >This might be your chance!
  94. >You turn around as fast as you can, but as soon as you're ready to run the cage closes
  95. >Shit
  96. >”Fast and by the book, nice job”
  97. >”Yep, now let's get her in the truck”
  98. >”It's female?”
  99. >Yup, I noticed when she was trying to get out of my snare pole
  100. >So that's what they're called
  101. >Wait what?
  102. >As they begin to carry you off you turn around(really difficult to do in a cage) and check for yourself
  103. >Well you could definitely see why they thought you were female
  104. >You had never seen a horse vagina up close but you're pretty sure you have one now
  105. >Okay maybe this dream has gone on long enough
  106. “Okay self, I think I'm ready to wake up now”
  107. >All you actually say are some panicked sounding pony sounds
  108. >Maybe this wasn't just a dream?
  109. >But that doesn't make any sense
  110. >You don't just change genders, let alone species overnight
  111. >Well, barring yourself it seems
  112. >Without really thinking about it you lie down in your cage to properly mope in your situation
  113. >As your captors enter the elevator one of them looks through the front of your cage to get a better look at you
  114. >”She looks like she's calmed down a bit, but she looks so sad”
  115. >”Animals in cages always look sad man”
  116. >”She emotes more expressively than I've seen any other animal”
  117. >”Well she doesn't really look quite like anything I've ever caught before either”
  118. >Being called a girl is really bumming you out
  119. >Maybe the only way to get out of this dream is to fall back asleep?
  120. >Not like you really have many options right now
  121. >And you are pretty tired
  122. >As you try to fall asleep you feel the cage being placed on their truck
  123. >At least whoever is driving seems to move slowly
  124. You eventually manage to drift off to sleep
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