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  1.     Line 23228: [11:01:08]<Jetpack> hai
  2.     Line 23333: [11:21:32]<Jetpack> did wicker finish toau
  3.     Line 23336: [11:21:44]<Jetpack> lol
  4.     Line 23516: [11:50:50]<Jetpack> cast metal plates bane of my existance
  5.     Line 23526: [11:51:21]<Jetpack> found it just had to go to the last spawn point :(
  6.     Line 23534: [11:55:58]<Jetpack> do i need a full pt for alexander :o
  7.     Line 23540: [11:56:13]<Jetpack> always do
  8.     Line 23550: [11:56:32]<Jetpack> rofl
  9.     Line 23555: [11:57:17]<Jetpack> alexander in a few mins? :o
  10.     Line 23556: [11:57:34]<Jetpack> zone
  11.     Line 23557: [11:58:19]<Jetpack> ill prob just 2box kych's pretty mnk or something
  12.     Line 23565: [12:03:17]<Jetpack> sleepy eruca so cute
  13.     Line 24833: [12:12:52]<Jetpack> LOL "those who fail to worship...shall be judged"
  14.     Line 24866: [12:12:58]<Jetpack> T_T so prejudiced
  15.     Line 25897: [12:16:38]<Jetpack> i had that on shrooms
  16.     Line 25917: [12:16:42]<Jetpack> relevant
  17.     Line 26076: [12:17:25]<Jetpack> lol
  18.     Line 28151: [12:24:20]<Jetpack> can i solo koios on sch
  19.     Line 28160: [12:24:32]<Jetpack> titan vwnm
  20.     Line 28331: [12:25:07]<Jetpack> just want the sublimation earring idk dont really need it i guess lol
  21.     Line 28703: [12:25:58]<Jetpack> yeah
  22.     Line 29023: [12:26:57]<Jetpack> ya i know about that
  23.     Line 34033: [13:38:42]<Jetpack> hahahahaha rested on wrong char popped brulo instead
  24.     Line 34035: [13:39:10]<Jetpack> :'D
  25.     Line 34040: [13:39:21]<Jetpack> ill get him another gawd he didnt even have it
  26.     Line 34047: [13:39:34]<Jetpack> noe
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