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Onodera-san wa Otomari Shimashita.

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. Wotaku -
  5. A term modern "otaku" use to label themselves, to escape the old, negative connotations surrounding the term, "otaku".
  6. It's pronounced practically the same and relatively widespread.
  8. SD -
  9. Super deformed.
  11. IC Card -
  12. Short for Integrated Circuit Card.
  13. Essentially, a smart card, mostly used for transportation.
  14. Suica's a type of smart card, commonly used in the Kantou region.
  15. Hence the name, "NISESUI".
  17. COMIC1 (COMI1) -
  18. A convention for self-published manga, usually around the end of April.
  20. Summer / Winter Comiket -
  21. Comic Market, a convention for self-published works in August and December respectively.
  23. Mikoshi -
  24. A "divine palanquin".
  25. Borne by people on their shoulders during festivals that involve it.
  26. He's probably using it as an analogy to projects that gotten anime adaptions... I think?
  27. I'm honestly not that confident in my translation of this part, but it's probably accurate. Probably.
  29. Kick kick. Knock it off! -
  30. Possibly a quote from the Pokemon White/Black games.
  31. If it is, it's referring to a scene at Dreamyard, where Bianci shouts at Team Plasma when they kick a Munna.
  33. Touma, cheating -
  34. KG-sensei also drew Icha-icha Railgun! series, where Touma's paired up with Misaka instead.
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