Have A Goodnight (Intro) Have A Goodnight (Intro) - Jackie Lưu | | lBp0t72YQoEy

Sep 21st, 2021
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  1. Lời bài hát Have A Goodnight (Intro)  Have A Goodnight (Intro) - Jackie Lưu  | | lBp0t72YQoEy Lyrics up by Have a goodnight, girl
  2. Take a sweet dream
  3. Have a goodnight, girl
  4. See ya tomorrow
  6. Night, and the time is passing by
  7. Why are you still staying awake?
  8. Life, is too hard to take control
  9. Just free your soul away
  11. So take a deep breath
  12. And make it feel fresh
  13. Then close your eyes
  14. To see me by your side
  15. (And sing a song for ya)
  17. Have a goodnight, girl (Girl)
  18. Take a sweet dream (Take a sweet dream)
  19. Have a goodnight, girl
  20. See ya tomorrow, oh oh
  22. Have a goodnight, girl (Girl)
  23. Take a sweet dream (Oh yeah)
  24. Have a goodnight, girl
  25. See ya tomorrow
  27. (Have a goodnight)
  28. You’re my princess
  29. (Take a sweet dream)
  30. Now you play the role
  31. (Have a goodnight)
  32. You’re my princess
  33. (See ya tomorrow)
  34. See ya tomorrow
  36. (Have a goodnight)
  37. You’re the only one
  38. (Take a sweet dream)
  39. Only one for me
  40. (Have a goodnight, girl)
  41. A Good Night
  42. See ya tomorrow
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