Nura- Techniques.

Mar 21st, 2020
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  1. Nura
  2. Mana Color: Black/Violet
  3. Mana: 3500
  5. Shadowmeld- 100 to activate.
  6. Nura can slip into shadows, rendering her virtually undetectable by non-magical means. She can move anywhere within a shadow, and can transfer shadows if two connect. However, the shadow MUST be larger than the diameter of her body standing still and straight up.
  8. Shadow Bolt- Cost Negligible
  9. A small, ice-cold bolt of shadow shot from the fingertips that nonetheless can pierce its target and imbues with with a deadly chill, potentially leading to immobilization.
  11. Shadow Wave- 200
  12. Nura throws a large (about the size of a beach ball) wave of shadow energy along the ground with similar effects to her Shadow Bolt. This shadow energy only affects living beings, however, and can travel along surfaces if they are connected flush to the originating surface (E.G. up walls, down cliffs, etc.) This technique has a distance maximum of 100 yards.
  14. Strengthening- 150
  15. Nura summons her magic to increase physical prowess via area of effect to anyone within 10 yards of her. However, she cannot do so to herself. This increase doubles physical strength and resilience. However, it is temporary and only lasts approximately for 5 minutes.
  17. Enfeebling- 150 (Projectile- 200)
  18. Nura summons magic to her hands, and can physically weaken anyone with a touch, or in certain cases, with an orb of energy she can toss. Their physical strength and durability drops to roughly half of their original capability. However, it is temporary, and the target can recover depending on their physical constitution; the healthier they are, the faster they can recover from weakness.
  20. Dark Will- 500
  21. Nura can enhance the magic of anyone within 10 yards of her via a spell. However, she herself cannot be affected by this spell, and it is less effective depending on relative power in comparison to herself. The stronger the target is in comparison, the less effective it is. The duration lasts longer or shorter depending on the level of magic the recipient utilizes, but will last for roughly 10 minutes without major usage.
  23. Shadowstep- 250
  24. Nura can enhance the speed of anyone within 10 meters. The speed increase is approximately three times the recipient's natural speed. This lasts for approximately 3 minutes, but also carries the effect of resulting in immense hunger once the spell ends if it has been utilized even moderately.
  26. Dark Reconstruction- 800
  27. Nura can restore the body to whatever state it was in provided the injury happened less than 10 minutes ago. This, however, results in sympathetic pain half of what was felt by the injured party being delivered onto Nura, and will not work even a second past the deadline, even for small injuries. It also cannot restore someone to life. It also only works on living beings.
  29. Healing Grace- 1200
  30. Nura can utilize light healing in order to heal small to moderate injuries. This causes intense pain to Nura, however, possibly debilitating her if utilized too frequently. This can be used at any time on the injured party. It cannot restore someone to life, and it only works on living beings.
  32. Shadow Spike- Negligible
  33. (Shadow Spike Forest)- 1000
  34. Nura can summon a spike made of shadow from her own shadow to pierce enemies from below. She can also force her shadow to stretch in approximately a 5 yard radius from her person and create a mass of them for area control.
  36. Dark Bind- 500
  37. Nura can conjure shadow tendrils from any nearby shadow to physically restrain something. These tendrils are resilient, but can be cut (read: disrupted) by sufficient physical force. The tendrils have a distance limit of 20 feet.
  39. Shadow Clone- 1000
  40. Nura can create a shadow clone of herself that she can direct at will, or allow autonomous actions driven by her subconscious. It is, however, recognizable by it's deep purple eyes, has limited durability, cannot cast spells, and cannot speak.
  42. Shadow Realm- 2000
  43. Nura can force an area of approximately 25 yards in diameter from her position into absolute darkness; in this limited space she can see and sense any and all individuals within said space perfectly, and can utilize any given technique at any time with no Mana Cost.
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