Discord Server Rules

Jan 22nd, 2022
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  1. The rules are as follows:
  2. ```
  3. 1) Be respectful to everyone.
  4. 2) Sending and/or linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, scams, or harmware will result in an immediate and permanent ban. (This includes the advertisement of them as well.)
  5. 3) Try to use proper grammar and spelling in the text and voice channels.
  6. 4) Do not spam under any conditions.
  7. 5) The usage of inappropriate language is strictly prohibited on this server. This includes in text channels and voice channels.
  8. 6) Mentioning @everyone, the moderators, and/or a specific person without proper reasoning is prohibited at all times. The only people allowed to @everyone are moderators.
  9. 7) Try to act civil in voice and text channels.
  10. 8) Don't post someone's personal information without their explicit permission. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  11. 9) Listen to what the staff says to you.
  12. 10) Do not share the script or key, or ask for someone to share it with you. This includes in direct-messages, text channels, and any other ways someone can see what the key is without using the bot. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  13. 11) Use the correct channels.
  14. 12) Don't disrespect staff.
  15. 13) Always follow Discord's terms of service. (
  16. 14) At no time should any NSFW content be posted in this discord server by anyone (This includes moderators). You will be banned on the spot if you break the said rule.
  17. 15) Do not advertise anywhere on this server. The only people allowed to advertise are the moderators.
  18. 16) This should have been obvious, but no, racism is not tolerated on this server.
  19. 17) Spamming or sending anything that has been copied from somewhere to intentionally get levels (i.e., song lyrics, movie scripts, memes, etc.) will result in your level being reset.
  20. ```
  21. ```
  22. 18) Do not set your name as very long non-English characters. Only the admins are allowed to do so. If you are caught doing so, your name will be reset to what ever I desire. You have been warned.
  23. ```
  25. You must, at all times, follow these rules. Violation of said rules will result in an infraction, ban, or other moderation depending on how severely the rule is broken.
  27. If you agree to these rules, please continue to <#895089313019207791> . If you get confused, go to <#895089341838286888>
  28. - By joining this server you also agree that your messages will be logged for moderation purposes. This is required for us to say as discord requests.
  29. - Deleting hams messages will result in a permanent ban.
  31. For the retards asking how to get a key, here's an instruction for retards:
  32. 1. Click this: <#895156351574093826>
  33. 2. Type /key
  34. 3. Done!
  36. **Important**  If I see anyone asking how to get a key, you're getting a 1 week timeout (ban for repeat offences)
  37. **This also count in dms.**
  38. If the instructions don't work, check <#895084413052923914>, or see if <@!899492507421921300> is online or not (if it's not, wait until it is)
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