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  1. 1. During a round of Ninja, you are faxed by Station Command inquiring about an “inspector” who claims to have been sent by the company to evaluate each of the station's departments. How do you respond, and why?
  3. BearToday at 16:25
  4. Hmm okay. Well, depending on how long the round has been going on (to allow the ninja to set up their gimmick and get roleplay going) I'd evaluate the fax sent. How much information about this "Inspector" have I been given? Name, purpose, ect. If the fax is detailed and thorough I'd reply by saying Central will look into to the situation and to standby for updates and work with the inspector while it was investigated, otherwise I'd reply requesting more information to given Central a "presence" in the round while allowing the antag to move on. From there after a period of time I'd send a follow up saying no inspector or inspection was on record with the NTCC Odin and to handle the inspector as the command team saw fit while following corporate regulations.
  6. LancerToday at 16:26
  7. cool
  8. most of them don't put much detail so..
  9. next question
  11. BearToday at 16:27
  12. ^^
  14. LancerToday at 16:27
  15. 2. During a round of Crossfire, you are faxed by Station Command about a team of mercenaries who have reported a band of pirates operating in the area. They wish to offer their services to the station as additional security. Command is asking you for your advice on the situation. How do you respond, and why?
  17. BearToday at 16:31
  18. I can see a couple of ways this could go to drive the round. But, I'd reply to the fax reminding them outside contractors should be expected to go through the proper channels with Central Command. The reason being oral contracts are hardly binding especially in a legal setting. I'd remind them that NanoTrasen has provided the security department with arms and armament as well as emergency response teams. However, especially if a Captain was present, I would remind them the station has been allocated funds to use as needed to keep the station profitable and functioning. This allows the command team some leeway to work with while guiding the round forward.
  20. LancerToday at 16:32
  21. very well
  22. 3. You receive an Emergency Broadcast System message from the station’s Artificial Intelligence. It claims that there is an emergency situation, and requests an immediate ERT deployment. How do you respond?
  24. BearToday at 16:37
  25. If that is all the information given, I first am going to evaluate the roster. Is command present? If the EBS is simply just 'ERT is needed' then a follow up fax will be need to be sent for clarification. In my eyes this is where it would get tricky, if the AI responds with adequate information about command being captured, eliminated, or just not present and gives a valid response then ERT would be utilized. If the situation does not meet a true emergency or command staff is active a fax would be sent remind them they have access to swipe for ERT. That being said, if the AI fails to respond after a long period of time or a very abnormal 'everything is fine, nothing to see here' response is given a responding fax for a crew member to fill out a situation report and fax central would be given.
  27. LancerToday at 16:38
  28. 4. You receive a fax from the Internal Affairs Agent, who claims that the Captain has been abusing his authority by removing all of the vending machines from the station and has demoted an engineer for littering. How do you respond?
  30. BearToday at 16:45
  31. This would be problematic. The vending machines are a contracted service from the Getmore Chocolate Corp by NanoTrasen. A fax would be sent to the captain reminding them of such and that their removal would be against the best interests of a NanoTrasen subsidary. As for the engineer, a follow up fax would be sent to the Agent and the Captain requesting clarification on the situation. Was the littering the straw on the camel's back of a problematic employee, done in defiance in front of the Captain and did the captain order the employee to clean it up and the engineer failed to follow it falling under failure to execute an order? Or was it just literally the littering? If the employee is failing to execute an order, while harsh, demotion is an acceptable punishment for repeat offenses. Otherwise, littering in itself or first time offenses are not suitable reasons to demote. The Agent would be directed to assist the employee in filling an IR.
  33. LancerToday at 16:46
  34. 5. In your opinion, how much of a role should Central Command play in the affairs of the station? When is it appropriate for them to directly intervene, and how much should they attempt to shape the round when they do?
  36. BearToday at 16:50
  37. I'm a big believer in Central Command's presence in a round helps the server feel like a living breathing world and that the Aurora is not alone out there. They can make or break a round depending on their responses or intervention and that shouldn't be taken lightly. CentComm should try and guide the round forward in a believable way that adhere's to the regulations and server guidelines that have been set, but shouldn't be shaping the round for the players or 'forcing' it a certain way. In the end, the power lies with players on station to make the round truly worth while. So. CentComm should most definitely be present. Direct intervention is dangerous, it can ruin a gimmick or round and should be reserved for more dire situations when employee's and NanoTrasen's ultimate interest are at risk. Otherwise, CentComm should be using the tools they've provided the players to communicate, guide, and make decisions while coordinating with staff and gimmicks, otherwise a hands off approach should be taken.
  39. LancerToday at 16:51
  40. 6. What do you believe is the purpose of the Incident Report system
  42. BearToday at 16:53
  43. To enforce IC consequences for IC actions and keep our server's work environment believable. Expectations, regulations, and directives are set there, employees are expected to follow them. When an IR is filed, something has gone wrong IC'ly. And not handling that will OOC'ly break immersion of players. Secondly? IR's are great tools to spur correction and IC developments for characters. Your wild-card character messes up huge and gets some retraining or demotion for a week? That's an ego blow and now your char has to come to terms with such things. In short, they keep the station and server believable while driving RP at the same time.
  45. LancerToday at 16:54
  46. 7. In resolving an Incident Report, when should a character receive significant disciplinary action (such as a demotion), as opposed to a lighter response such as a warning or retraining? Under what circumstances would you consider terminating a character's employment?
  48. BearToday at 16:58
  49. This is very situational and requires critical thinking as it affects a player IC'ly and OOC'ly. The severity of the situation impacts the severity of the punishment which really goes basis to basis. Was it a petty verbal fight between an employee and their superior? Or did that employee show negligence and poor knowledge of their position creating a dangerous work environment that goes against the company's best interest? Is this a repeat offense? These are all things to consider when determining the severity. Warnings are used for more trivial matters. Demotions are done when someone has messed something up that can't be ignored or has not taken prior warnings seriously. Termination should be a last resort, however, there is a solid line is crossed when your character takes actions that no longer are believable to continue their contract and employment with NanoTrasen. Have they attempted to or even murdered someone? Have they caused severe damage to the station with malicious intent? Things like this would have you terminated in any real work environment and while hard to swallow, are necessary.
  51. LancerToday at 16:59
  52. And we're done
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