Introduction and Background of the study

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  1. Textbook is one of the most important tool that a student need for studying. It is a printed material used by the learners to gain more knowledge and information. In the Philippines, in some public schools, because of the overpopulation or lack of facilities and equipments, the school cannot provide the needs of the students. One of the most important learning material that is needed by a student is a textbook. Though it is the most important tool, not all students are able to receive that tool because of the disproportionate amount of learners and learning materials.
  2. Every day, more and more individuals are able to use smart phones and surf the internet. Using this advantage in a positive way is not a bad idea. Since internet was introduced back in 1980s, communication and information has been faster. Internet can be used to solve a drastic amount number of problems.
  3. Making this module application will help students that are not able to receive textbooks because of school overpopulation. They can just search this application, create a new account, and connect to the class that the teacher created in order to access the topics that other students with textbooks have. Because of this, almost all of the students can now enjoy learning.
  4. The researchers chose English module because English is an essential language to learn nowadays. English is used globally, English is used to write documentations, reports, information and many more. Learning English will enable students learn many things. The researchers also chose the 4th grade since it is the middle part of the elementary education. Elementary is crucial because there they will learn the basics and when they can’t study properly, there is a possibility that they will have difficulties in later levels.
  5. The researchers chose to aid Bagong Silangan Elementary school because of the overpopulation of students. Also, the researchers had a personal experience in that school on how inconvenient it is to not have a textbook.
  6. This application does not intend to completely replace the original English Textbooks for grade 4 students because it may lead into some serious illegal acts like it can lead to plagiarism. This application will only aid students so that even they don’t have a textbook, they can still follow up without any difficulties. They just need a smartphone and an internet connection to use this application.
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