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raw changelog for RC22

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Jan 9th, 2021
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  1. GAME
  2. - Fixed portal issue in Yanov station
  3. - fixed possible issue in the tower near the station
  4. - Replaced FXAA with SMAA in advanced video settings
  5. - Added SMAA vertex shaders, updated pixel shaders
  6. - corrected some hemi colour in weather files
  7. - Moved all offset calculations to vertex shaders
  8. - Reduced volume of geiger counter clicks a little
  9. - Turn off detector/device display if the battery is empty
  10. - Updated Anomaly launcher to v1.0.5
  11. - Lowered halogen lamp idle sound volume a little
  12. - Companions carry weight no longer counts companion's items, avoiding cases of where player can barely put items in their inventories
  13. - Companions: Fixed cases of special companions items being available to player
  14. - Inventory: Fixed a case in trading mode where items in trade section are getting removed upon using inventory sorter
  15. - Fixed hand watch not working properly as it used to be
  16. - Fixed a case where player can access and take trade inventory of ISG leader
  17. - Fixed HUD elements being shown while using weapon/binoculars zoom
  18. - Fixed case of disassembled devices giving player an addition fully-powered battery
  19. - Possible fix for crash with immunities
  20. - Fixed breakable meshes in Trucks Cemetery
  21. - Reworked lighting shaders
  22. - Fixed combined sunshafts option
  23. - Fixed some inventory problems, unstable trader inv weight
  24. - Fixed log spam caused by bolt manager
  25. - Fixed DOF default values to make sure the PDA screen is clearly readable when DOF is turned on
  26. - Updated blur shaders
  27. - Red Forest: Fixed "hidden" tree/bush
  28. - Reduced detector beep volume
  29. - Cordon: fixed 2 sector/portal bugs
  30. - Optimized inventory UI update call, should help with fps issues on trading mode
  31. - Turned off the green glow emitted by gas anomalies
  32. - Fixed shader crash when equipping detectors
  33. - Inventory sorting: RPG-7, RG6 and grenades are now listed in weapons section
  34. - Fixed an error related to spawning a psi-dog in Oasis
  35. - Companions: a new stupid yet effective hack to fix companions stucking randomly
  36. - Ammo wheel no longer shows home-made 12x70 buck shots, as they are removed previously from the game
  37. - Small edit for debug launcher (Release object at cursor) action
  39. ENGINE
  40. - Fixed script 3d UI being drawn even though device has empty batteries
  41. - Improved device battery charge handling (switch IsWorking() to true/false depending on battery charge)
  42. - PDA uniform is now used to control brightness of device display (to turn them on/off)
  43. - Improved handling for g_always_active keyboard input is now released when the game loses focus
  44. - Replaced vertex shaders in SMAA
  45. - Exported SVP frame to shaders
  46. - Fixed default r2_ls_depth_bias value
  47. - NPCs no longer throw grenades with 100% accuracy
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