[DotP - 2] Genetic Promenade (WiP) - 7/19/13 0115

Nov 22nd, 2012
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  1. [DotP - 2]
  2. Genetic Promenade
  4. Continued from
  5. Genetic Instigation
  6. ----------------------
  8. >The ponies being so occupied with Discord and his little display made your exploring the castle that much easier.
  9. >For whatever reason Twilight Sparkle was throwing a temper tantrum to Celestia about your father.
  10. >Ah well, he was harmless as is for now.
  11. >He couldn't interfere with the work you'd put into the human, you'd made sure of that.
  12. >Gazing into the pearl, you watched as the spinning strand continued to spin, completely oblivious to the spasms of the other strand.
  13. >After Anonymous had tried to assault you, you'd cast him back to his little dream.
  14. >It wasn't like he could actually hurt you, but it really had been time for him to get back to the castle.
  15. >Besides, you needed your space.
  16. >Controlling chaos wasn't exactly easy, and after the amount you dumped into his gene pool...
  17. >Well, it was making tolerating him a chore.
  18. >Oddly enough, pumping him that full of chaos didn't seem to affect him like it did ponies.
  19. >Maybe humans were chaos based instead of magic based like ponies...
  20. >Ah well, that was a thought for later.
  21. >For now, it was time to peek on the human as he woke.
  22. >
  23. >Slipping through time and space, as per usual boring method of travel, you eventually wound up just where you wanted to be.
  24. >Shifting your form to that of a pony, save for the off tooth, you donned a nurse's cap and trotted into the medical wing.
  25. >It was buzzing with activity, delightful activity.
  26. >Piquing your ear, you caught wind of Luna's voice.
  27. >"I swear to you, if we can't stop this, we will find a way to reverse it."
  28. >Reverse it?
  30. ----------------------
  32. >Oh great. Auntie Luna had taken on her precious human's idea that the changes weren't for the better.
  33. >Shaking your head, you wondered what her reaction would be when she found out the ends really did justify the means.
  34. >"Nurse!"
  35. >You idly wondered what had become of your father. He'd at least met up wi-
  36. >"NURSE!"
  37. >Jumping a little, you spun around towards the voice.
  38. >"Come here at once!"
  39. >Right. You're a nurse right now.
  40. >Sprinting over, you skidded to a stop in front of Luna.
  41. "Yes princess?!" you said, mock worry laden in your voice.
  42. >The human would be fine, you knew that.
  43. >"Fetch for the doctor immediately! Anonymous' condition has worsened."
  44. "Worsened?"
  45. >"Do not question me again, nurse."
  46. >You gulped.
  47. "Yes Princess."
  48. >Turning to head out, you could feel the burn of her gaze upon your back.
  49. >Chaos or not, she was scary when she talked like that.
  50. >You really hoped she'd see the wisdom of your changes soon, she was the whole reason you were doing this after all.
  51. >Shutting the door behind you, you almost got to start walking before you were so rudely interrupted by a guard.
  52. >"Halt! Who goes there?"
  53. "Uuuhhh," you muttered under your breath, thinking on the spot. "Nurse! Yeah, that's right. I'm a nurse!"
  54. >The guard approached you, eyeing you suspiciously.
  55. >"What is your name, nurse? And what business do you have in the hospital wing at this time of night?"
  56. "Mary!" you said, not really giving it any thought. "I'm nurse Mary. And I was checking on the human when Loonie-"
  57. >"Who?"
  58. "Err, Princess Luna. Yeah. Princess Luna told me to go get the doctor."
  59. >"The doctor is already in the hospital wing," the guard said, his words somehow heavy.
  60. "Hey what's that?!" you said, pointing a hoof through a window.
  61. >The guard didn't budge.
  63. ----------------------
  65. >"I'm going to need you to come with me, nurse Mary."
  66. >Why couldn't the night guards be as dense as the guards during the day?
  67. >Sighing, you let your shape return to its natural chaotic shape.
  68. >This, of course, caused the guard to falter. To your surprise though, he did not panic.
  69. >"Discord!" he said, assuming a defensive stance.
  70. >Without really thinking about it, you instinctively whacked him with a frying pan.
  71. "How DARE you! -I- am a lady," you said, folding your arms over your chest.
  72. >After his body thumped to the ground, it hit you that you probably shouldn't have done that.
  73. >Putting your claw to your temples, you sighed in frustration.
  74. >If you weren't careful, you'd lose yourself to chaos here and now, after all your hard work not to.
  75. >One little project wasn't worth throwing away a lifetime and a half of fairly successful self-training.
  76. >Zipping the frying pan off to the void from whence it came, you had to bat away an enthusiastic tentacle.
  77. "I told you I'd call you later!" you hissed, shoving it back as well.
  78. >After it had disappeared, you pondered what to do with the guard.
  79. >Something had to be done after all; you couldn't just leave him there.
  80. >Ponies would ask questions, security would be raised, all making it slightly more difficult for you to snoop.
  81. >But what to do...
  82. "Father would just wisp him off to who-knows-where..." you muttered to yourself.
  83. >But you weren't him. Nor did you want to be.
  84. >Lost in chaos is not a life you wished to live; in fact, it was something you hoped to save him from one day.
  86. ----------------------
  88. >Again though, thoughts for another time.
  89. >Time! Of course!
  90. >You could just go back and tell yourself not to do that!
  91. >But you hadn't told yourself not to do that, so that plan obviously didn't work...
  92. >Rats.
  93. >Getting a rather childish idea, you summoned a marker and doodled on the guard's face, turning your attention to his flank shortly thereafter.
  94. >Stifling to yourself, you drew in a baseball and screw over his natural cutie mark.
  95. >Screwball would find this hilarious.
  96. >You had to run off before you started laughing and brought the attention of more guards.
  97. >Choking back more laughter, you wiped the tears from your eyes before taking deep breaths.
  98. >Focusing, light began to shift around you, hiding you from normal sight.
  99. >They could still hear you though, so you had to not laugh at inappropriate times.
  100. >As you continued wandering through the castle, you noticed an almost disturbing lack of guards.
  101. >They were all probably around the medical wing, now that you thought about it.
  102. >Made sense really. The castle was mostly for looks anyways.
  103. >Held together by what Celly and Loonie would call 'old spells' or 'sacred enchantments.'
  104. >You called it wishful thinking.
  105. >Regardless, a castle was a castle, and this one was their home.
  106. >No matter your position of power or dominance or even chaos, the regency this place held made you reluctant to act out.
  107. >You hadn't known Celly very long, seeing as you were an egg when her and your father had that falling out.
  108. >Loonie though, you'd come to know through observing her on the moon.
  110. ----------------------
  112. >Your father being who he was meant that there wasn't much in the way of a childhood.
  113. >He tried of course, but chaos ruled over him. It did you as well, but you could see what it was doing to him.
  114. >After fighting against your instincts, you learned to control your chaos, if only a little.
  115. >Stopping, you pushed the thoughts aside to wonder as to why you'd stopped wondering.
  116. >Looking around, you found a set of doors. With Luna's cutie mark on them.
  117. >Poking your head through the keyhole, you found it to be Loonie's bedroom.
  118. >There was a smell though. Slithering through the keyhole completely, you sniffed around some more.
  119. >Sniffing the air for a moment, you realized what the stench was.
  120. >Gasping and scrunching your nose, you tried to shove the image of Loonie and the human bumping uglies out of your head.
  121. >The smell was faint, but you could make it out just enough to recognize it.
  122. >Floating around, you took a good look at the room they shared.
  123. >Nothing really spectacular about the room, really.
  124. >Just a royal bedchamber. The more you thought about it, the more it just seemed over-decorated than anything.
  125. >Shrugging it off as personal tastes, you began to snoop.
  126. >And snoop you did.
  127. >Sadly, you found nothing of real interest.
  128. >Nothing. No journal, no pictures, not anything.
  129. >Loonie was just plain boring, apparently.
  130. >That or she was extremely good at hiding her secrets...
  131. >The thought of being outsmarted didn't sit well with you.
  132. >You tore the room apart, hoping for some glimmer of her personal life; only to be disappointed when you found none.
  133. >It was just her bedroom.
  135. ----------------------
  137. >Squinting your eyes in frustration, you summoned a pearl.
  138. >Throwing it onto the ground below you, the room began to reform itself back to the way it was prior to your visit.
  139. >You thought briefly about a possible banjo infestation resulting from the pearl, but didn't really care.
  140. >That was, again, a thought for another time.
  141. >Snapping your fingers, you thrust yourself into the slip space between realities, waiting for time to zip by.
  142. >As you watched the timelines speed by, you hopped back into yours once you saw the sun rise on the castle.
  143. >Poking your head through the castle ceiling, you made sure light was still bending around your body.
  144. >Slipping through entirely, you found Anonymous with Twilight Sparkle.
  145. >She had imprisoned your father in stone.
  146. >While you weren't exactly too fond of your father's actions, he was still your father.
  147. >Taking a deep breath, you exhaled quietly as you observed her and the human.
  148. >The night had sped up the changes, leaving him nearly 3/4 of the way changed.
  149. >From his waist down, he was completely changeling. His right hand was somewhere between a hand and a hoof, while his left WAS a hoof.
  150. >He even had a cute little tail. Stifling a laugh, you watched as Twilight coached him along some rails.
  151. >"You've got to focus, Anonymous."
  152. >"Listen, I appreciate what you're trying to do; I really do, but why now? Why not just wait until I'm completely changed?"
  153. >"That's not the right attitude to have. You've got to fight, Anonymous!"
  154. >"Why do you care so much again?" he said, leaning on one of the rails. "I know Moonbutt and Sunbutt wanted you here earlier, but you don't have to do this."
  155. >"I know I don't have to, I want to."
  156. >"Why though?"
  158. ----------------------
  160. >"For science, of course. I've never seen a member of your species, let alone a transformation of one species into another!"
  161. >"Gotcha. So I'm your lab experiment?"
  162. >"That's not what I meant. You've got to understand that this has never happened before. I've got to document it!"
  163. >"Yeah yeah, whatever," he said, waving his hoof-hand dismissively.
  164. >No no, that wasn't right. She was pulling some sort of facade.
  165. >That little purple liar...
  166. >You kept quiet though, watching in silence as she attempted to coach the human into walking.
  167. >Not an easy task, considering how funny he looked.
  168. >Trying to take your mind off of how funny he looked, you decided to try the little purple liar's faced for yourself.
  169. >Examining the human from afar, you could definitely tell he was turning into a changeling.
  170. >Something was missing though...
  171. >Scrunching your nose, you squinted to get a better look.
  172. >Something was just... off.
  173. >He didn't have a horn or wings, but his upper half wasn't that far along yet...
  174. >Maybe...
  175. >That's it! Holes!
  176. >He didn't have any holes in his legs or anything!
  177. >As you pondered why, you idly listened to their now awkward chit-chat.
  178. >"Look on the bright side; we at least know it's not contagious, so Princess Luna can visit you!"
  179. >"I'll give ya ten bucks to tell her it IS contagious and she CAN'T visit me."
  180. >"What? Why?"
  181. >"Because she worries too much. She's got a country to run; she shouldn't have to worry about me."
  182. >"But you're her special somepony! Neither of the princesses have had a suitor in over a thousand years!"
  183. >"Luna was on the moon for a thousand years."
  184. >"But Celestia wasn't, and she didn't have a suitor either!"
  186. ----------------------
  188. >"I can't help it if Sunbutt can't find a date."
  189. >"That's not what I'm trying to say, Anonymous."
  190. >"What is it then?"
  191. >"You're the first suitor in a long, long time. I know my history."
  192. >"So?"
  193. >"So she's going to be protective of you! You're special to her!"
  194. >"I know that. She's special to me too."
  195. >"Then fight whatever these changes are. She doesn't care what you look like; she loves you for who you are."
  196. >"That's corny as hell, Ms. Sparkle."
  197. >"But it's true! And don't call me Ms. Sparkle. That sounds weird."
  198. >You snickered to yourself. You'll be saving that and using it for ammo later.
  199. >It did strike you that you didn't know as much about Loonie or Sunny delight as you should.
  200. >But you knew enough to know that this change had to be done. It just felt right.
  201. >They would all understand once everything was complete.
  202. >You shivered, chaos tingling at the base of your spine as you watched the human attempt to walk.
  203. >He was laughing, if only a little, but it counted.
  204. >You watched as he did something akin to walking on his changeling half, using his hoof and hoof-hand to support himself.
  205. >The tickling that chaos was causing wasn't easy to ignore this time though.
  206. >Interesting as it may be, you could feel chaos trying to reign in control once more.
  207. >Fighting with yourself, you tried your damndest to not lose your cool.
  208. >You could feel the energy you'd pumped into that frail body, taunting you.
  209. >Chaos isn't controlled so easily. This thought took your attention as you considered what Twilight had said.
  210. >No matter how much you liked her or how corny it had been, she was right.
  211. >But you knew they would all understand once the changes were complete.
  212. >You were sure of it.
  214. ----------------------
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