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  1. :31 PM] multi: Hello rockey, I'm attempting to help melone with organising our match
  2. [1:31 PM] multi: Can you run me through your situation as a team availability wise
  3. [1:32 PM] rockeyroad1415: Available Monday and Thursday. Anytime BUT 9pm.
  4. [1:32 PM] multi: What is the issue with 9pm.
  5. [1:32 PM] rockeyroad1415: Many/most have dinner and other real world things.
  6. [1:33 PM] multi: So how does an 8pm start work given that a third map would most certainly push into that time?
  7. [1:33 PM] rockeyroad1415: 8pm on Monday?
  8. [1:33 PM] multi: 8pm period.
  9. [1:34 PM] rockeyroad1415: We can do 8pm. But what day?
  10. [1:34 PM] multi: I am not asking for an 8pm time, I am asking how 8pm works when a third map would most certainly run into 9pm which you can't apparently do.
  11. [1:36 PM] rockeyroad1415: The chance of that is low. But a half an hour into 9 should be managed.
  12. [1:36 PM] multi: You need to allow for three maps regardless of the team. If we are 15 minutes late, then have a small gap between maps, that takes up all of 9.
  13. [1:37 PM] multi: My point is you cannot say that 9 doesn't work and 8 does.
  14. [1:37 PM] multi: It simply does not make sense.
  15. [1:38 PM] rockeyroad1415: 8pm start works for us. 9pm doesn’t.
  16. [1:38 PM] rockeyroad1415: People can put things on hold for 30 mins not 1 hour
  17. [1:38 PM] multi: We are happy to do an 8pm start on Wednesday. Otherwise peoples jobs get in the way.
  18. [1:39 PM] rockeyroad1415: I don’t think you read correct
  19. [1:39 PM] rockeyroad1415: We can’t do Tuesday or Wednesday
  20. [1:39 PM] multi: We have players who can't make certain days, that's why teams have registered backups.
  21. [1:39 PM] multi: If I recall correctly, you have quite a roster.
  22. [1:40 PM] rockeyroad1415: Quite a roster of which most auz agreed to roster ride.
  23. [1:42 PM] rockeyroad1415: You also have many people
  24. [1:42 PM] multi: Well that's quite a silly move to make, you need to allow backups.
  25. [1:42 PM] rockeyroad1415: FYI auz went on loofahs
  26. [1:42 PM] multi: We do, that's why we are using one already for this week.
  27. [1:42 PM] rockeyroad1415: Holidays
  28. [1:43 PM] rockeyroad1415: So, we have to deal with the issue he created
  29. [1:43 PM] multi: Understandable, we are also covering a holiday player. We were proactive and sorted it out.
  30. [1:44 PM] multi: So ultimately the situation is that we have people who can't do early.
  31. [1:44 PM] multi: The best compromise I can find is a 9:30 start, this falls in line with your "People can put things on hold for 30 mins not 1 hour"
  32. [1:44 PM] rockeyroad1415: Do late. 10pm
  33. [1:44 PM] rockeyroad1415: What about 9:45
  34. [1:44 PM] rockeyroad1415: I can request
  35. [1:44 PM] rockeyroad1415: My team
  36. [1:44 PM] multi: 9:30 is the best we can do I believe.
  37. [1:45 PM] multi: You can use up the 15 minute pre-time so that it starts at 9:45 if that suits.
  38. [1:45 PM] multi: 9:45 means you can be 15 minutes pre and force it to suit your choice of 10.
  39. [1:45 PM] multi: So I think 9:30 is the best middle ground in this case.
  40. [1:46 PM] rockeyroad1415: You wanted 9:30 I wanted 10. Middle ground is 9:45.
  41. [1:46 PM] rockeyroad1415: If we are all there early
  42. [1:46 PM] rockeyroad1415: We can start ASAP
  43. [1:46 PM] multi: We wanted 9, you wanted 10.
  44. [1:46 PM] multi: 9:30 is clearly the middle ground.
  45. [1:46 PM] multi: You said yourself people can put things on hold for 30, 9:30 allows for that.
  46. [1:48 PM] rockeyroad1415: I can agree to 9;45
  47. [1:48 PM] rockeyroad1415: If we get there early we can start ASAP
  48. [1:48 PM] multi: As I said, 9:30 means that you have 15 minutes and can start at 9:45 as suited.
  49. [1:49 PM] rockeyroad1415: No. But after the 16th minute we will forfeit
  50. [1:49 PM] rockeyroad1415: Don’t want that
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