Brantsteel memery

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  1. So from the top
  2. >Albert establishes a harem
  3. >Irios and Miguel have deja vu
  4. >Irios kills Albert and steals his harem
  5. >Meanwhile Dain enacts his plan, his first step is to kill Grifen
  6. >Irios and Derick fall in love after a brief meeting
  7. >Irios meets Dain and they collaborate
  8. >Irios uses the harem to kill Miguel, just like last time
  9. >Irios shows favor to Guis so Wynne kills her, meanwhile Dain finds love
  10. >Dain feels guilty so he begs for death
  11. >Wynne commits suicide after realizing Irios is a player
  12. >Dain, disatisfied by Otiros refusing to kill him, kills Otiros instead
  13. >Chance confronts Irios while Leon lies in wait
  14. >Irios calls upon Dain's aid to save him from Leon and Chance, who are lovers
  15. >Derick, Irios' original harem member, saves Irios at the cost of his own life
  16. >Irios sets Ava against Catherine while Dain loses sight of himself in face of more guilt
  17. >Irios tries to silence Dain preemptivly while he's wallowing, meanwhile Ava does his dirty work
  18. >Fate catches up to Irios and Ava dies unloved
  19. >Dain wins
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