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  1. ***attention everyone : new event !***
  3. You heard that right, we organised something for y'all to enjoy ! The event will be a "wither party"
  4. This sound frightening, so let me start by the safety rules :
  6. **safety :** -keepinventory will be enabled- inside the arena so you keep your stuff no matter what.
  7. -there will be a superbeacon- providing resistance, regeneration and speed so you're even safer !
  9. Now let's get into the event :
  11. **preparation**
  12.  at** /warp wither_bounty** is a villager : it will allow you to trade some of your valuables against wither skulls *(for example : 10 dias equals one wither skulls)*
  13. ***BUT*** you'll have to fight for them !
  14. In roughly one week *(until the 8 february at midnight GMT)* i'll add up everything that you all traded and will count up the total number of wither skulls that it's worth. With all the skulls that you generated, i will summon the maximum of withers that i can using those skulls.
  16. **battle and arena**
  17. There will be an arena, accessible after the bounty warp closes **(at /warp wither arena)** and this is the place where i'll summon the withers and where you will fight them. ***if you're afraid of dying, read the security section again***
  18. Every player that participated to the bounty will be invited in the arena.
  20. **The rules of the arena :**
  21. Whoever gets a wither star keeps it, totems and potions are allowed of course ! The event will end when the last wither is killed
  23. **rewards**
  24. First, the main reward will be the wither stars themselves (let's say 10 diamonds per skull at the bounty warp=30 dias per wither, hence 30 dias per nether star which is a nice prize)
  25. But it's not all ! **The three players who gets the most wither stars during the event will get special prizes aswell !**
  27. Ps : the arena battle should happen the day after the shop is closed, so the *9th of february at 5PM GMT*
  29. Craft on !
  30. @everyone
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