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  1. The Rules of the Neighberry Running of the Sleds!
  3. Standard Rules:
  5.   1) Teams: A cooperative team may not number more than 3 ponies.
  6.   2) Order of racing will be determined by a first come first serve basis.
  7.   ★★3) You will get the best speed out of three runs! Race Results are not subject to appeal.
  8.   4) No "Do overs".
  9.   5) Awards will be given for Fastest, Most Creative, and for Slowest.
  10.   6) Most Creative Award will be awarded by a panel of judges.
  11.   7) No member of the Neighberry administration team may participate.
  12.   8) The Sled and rider must finish the race Upright and in the finish zone.
  13.   9) If NO WINNER can be determined due to a lack of anyone finishing the run, or finishing upright, a period of 10 minutes will be allowed for participants to reset the physical properties of their sleds and races will restart. (This will only apply to Fastest and Slowest categories. Slowest must still stop in finish zone).
  14.  10) HAVE FUN!
  16. Sled Design Rules:
  18.   1) Sleds MUST be made around the, or incorporate into the design, the Base block given to them.
  19.   2) No sculpts or Mesh may be used in the design of the sled.
  20. ★★3) Participants or Teams have the week prior which to construct their sled and set physical properties, using the sample runs that will be provided. Do not final set sled to physical until at the start point.
  21. ★★ 4) A maximum of 32 prims (Counting Base Block) can only be used in the sled construction.
  22. ★★5) Sled Dimensions Maximum: 1.66070m Wide at the base and 3.13600m at the top , 2m Long, and 2m Tall. Do not exceed these, especially the width, which will cause your sled to not work in the runs.
  23.   6) No Politically motivated sled designs.
  24.   7) No Religiously Referenced Sled Designs. *Princesses from Equestria is not a religion.
  25.   8) No obscene themed sleds. This will be taking place in a G-Rated sim.
  26.   9) HAVE FUN!
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