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Feb 3rd, 2015
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  1. [2015.02.03 18:42] <[WTC-SWE]> Headsup to all members : The Real TPB (all staff included) will be back asap.Starting first with SuprBay=TPB's forum and the continue with TPB itself.Using TPB (old tpb .se domain) at this stage is asking for trouble.
  2. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Whatever you do,don't log in.Regardless what they say or try to feed you with,avoid it at all cost.Even if you think that they can't come after you,they will still tag you for future use.
  3. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Some say that they can already do that when you download something etc.
  4. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> It's huge differens taging you when downloading something(a random ip) and another when they have waterproof evidence with usernames/ip/vpn/proxies/ uploads/ last date you logged in,registration ip ,email adresses used and a lot more.I could go on forever,but the point is that theese guy is using all kind of methods,in order to gather all "sheeps" in one farm.
  5. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Don't be that "sheep" and protect yourselves.This is not some kind of vendetta or payback.It's simply the truth about how things are just now on TPB.
  6. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> It's NOT two teams that fights each other from the left to the right.It's ONE GUY against all Staff from REAL TPB 25-30 people and me included.
  7. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> The bottom line is that all recent pages on every damn category (7 pages at least), is flooded with fakes and malware uploads.The moderators have nothing to do with this as some speculate on recent comments.Thoose are uploaded from MIAA/RIAA fractions in order to devide and spread panic/hasitation to all people out there.
  8. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Some of course are uploaded from retard young kids that want's to test their hack skills.If you're unlucky or a newbiie ,then you will get infected.
  9. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Another thing that needs to me mentioned.Some say that you should stick with VIP and Trusted uploaders...hehehe what a joke.The first target to be hit on any time given are exactly thoose accounts.They will try anything to get their hands on thoose accounts,because they know people are still "sheep".(Repeating myself-DON'T BE A SHEEP).
  10. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> When a site is moderated,the staff always check the uploads and every single pattern from everyone.Specially VIP trusted accounts.If a VIP logs in with a different host/country/VNP/ etc.. their account will get locked temporarly(fake torrents removed) and only opened when they can verify their email,account,last login, and some other secret procedures(can't speak out loud about some stuff for
  11. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> obvious reasons).
  12. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> So, saying that VIP/trusted accounts are the ones to purchase at this moment,is even more dangerous if you don't have a clue about the past patterns of the uploader in question.
  13. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Reading some lame excuses from the "dickhead" (yes ,still dickhead),that they kept the crew out of it ,because of security concerns,that's pure bullshit and lies.Every single staff member has been with us at least 3-4 years and ALL of them goes through several test,before they even can become moderators.First step is at least 1-2 years as helpers,were they have no access at all on ANY moderation
  14. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> panel.Second step is that they have never been involved on any flamewars,have never uploaded any crap..definitely not CP or even been under suspicious investigation.
  15. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Moderators don't have and never had anything to say about the new recruits.That's a smod=supermoderator /admin decision.The smods in question, must have been with TPB for at least 4-5 years.....and only if all smods agree (3-5 never more) ,then someone can be recruited as new helper.To even make it to a smod position is a decision made by and admin.(In this case by me)
  16. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Advancing to moderator is even harder and only a few make it.If you imagine the real world of SAS and Navy Seal,then this is the virtual world of recruting staff on a major internet site.
  17. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> This might sound childish etc,but it's not only for our own sake, it has always been for the best interest of TPB and all it's users/members.Everything encrypted for you guys.
  18. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> Nobody and i mean nobody get's in with a free ticket ,: " hey i know this guys,let's make him moderator"( Forget it). They all go through same procedure.!!
  19. [2015.02.03 18:43] <[WTC-SWE]> I personally have tested all of them on several ways(many months/years.Everything from a simple fake to if they're telling the truth on minor stuff.All theese details that me and some of the smods gather through the coming months,are the results if they're going to make it or not.Easy you might say...? Give it a try and you'll see.
  20. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> So,back to all that bullshit mentioned above from the "dickhead" ,that makes statements about leaks etc..first of all,that's NOT the owner himself.It's someone using TPB's good name,so he can benefit from it.
  21. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> When Tiamo was arrested, I was the only one with access (Admin-TPB-staff) to servers etc.The guy in question had nothing to do with TPB (friend of Tiamo),he just had a backup and that's it.
  22. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> If you believe on free speech/information and the idea behind TPB,then you're more than welcome to join the REAL TPB,once we launch.
  23. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> The site will be launched with all staff included to help and if necessary guide you through all kind of issues.
  24. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> It's still your choice and if you want to browse through tons of fakes and new OS installations,then by all means go ahead.
  25. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> You're all welcome,regardless of nationality,colour,religion etc...We will keep you updated guys.
  26. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> SuprBay = Pretty soon :)
  27. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> Where all people are safe ^^
  28. [2015.02.03 18:44] <[WTC-SWE]> That's it...have a nice day/evening.
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