Aqua Dependency

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. >You are awoken by sunlight hitting your tired eyes
  2. >You spend few minutes laying in bed, enjoying the warm feeling of your wife's arms wrapped around you
  3. >You get out of bed, put on your clothes and go to the kitchen
  4. >Once you finish preparing a meal, you call out to your wife
  5. >Aqua, breakfast is ready!
  6. >You turn around and see a young girl approaching, she yawns and greets you by saying "Good morning" in her soft lovely voice, as she rubs her eyes
  7. >Together you sit at the table and begin eating your meal
  8. >It's been a while since you got together, but due to her job, your relationship is still a secret
  9. >You look across the table and see her stuffing her adorable face with food
  10. >You smile, you find her dorky side cute and are reminded of the time you first met
  11. >A seagull had snatched her crepe and she was attempting to catch it, when you spotted her, you let out a small chuckle. She noticed and her cheeks turned red from embarrassment. You offered to buy her a new one, which is when you began chatting and found that you have many common interests.
  12. >After both of you leave the table, you go to the bedroom and after making the bed, you begin brushing her hair.
  13. >Her soft, long purple hair giving off a faint smell of her shampoo. You help her braid her hair and get dressed yourself.
  14. >After you put on your shoes and say "I'm off", you feel her soft hand wrapping around your waist, her chest pressing against your back.
  15. >A few seconds pass with none of you saying a word, you feel her pressing her forehead against your back
  16. >"Take care" she whispers. Before she had said that you should quit work because she already makes more than enough, but you don't want to feel like you're using her.
  17. >"I will" you smile before leaving for work
  18. >You work as a salesman in one off those cubicle offices, the work here feels monotonous and boring, but during breaks you enjoy chatting with your colleagues and hearing what they've been up to
  19. >One of your colleagues is a beautiful young woman who in the past has asked you out on a date, since no one in the office knows about your relationship with Aqua. Back then you turned her down and thinking about it you don't really feel regret, you love your wife and are happy with your current life.
  20. >After a long day at work you return home and upon opening the door you immediately notice the smell of something burnt
  21. >You walk towards the kitchen and instantly notice burn marks on walls and on the ceiling
  22. >You enter the studio where Aqua usually streams from, and you see her curled up in a blanket, sobbing
  23. >You try to comfort her by embracing her in your arms and ask her what happened
  24. >"I- I- tried I- *sniff* y-you take care of me and always are the one to cook food a-and I wanted to surprise you by cooking dinner, b-but *sniff* the pan caught on fire, so, so I poured water on it, but even more fire came out" the girl cried out, her voice trembling
  25. >"It's okay, it's okay" you say while rubbing her back with your arm
  26. >"Y-you won't leave me?" the girl once again cried out
  27. >"No, you are all I need, all I care about" I say to reassure her
  28. >After she stopped crying, we both went to the kitchen and cleaned up what we could, then I started preparing dinner
  29. >While we ate dinner I could see that her mood was improving
  30. >As I looked at her face who up until recently shed tears, I reaffirmed my feeling for her. Sure taking care of her might be tiring, but she's still the same girl I fell for. She may be a clutz and make mistakes, but she tries for my sake, and most importantly she makes me feel loved and needed and I couldn't ask for more.
  31. >After we finished dinner, I washed the dishes and we went to bed
  32. >Aqua wrapped her arms around me. She then put her head closer to my ear and began softly singing a lullaby. Her soft voice that I loved so much made my tired eyes feel heavier and heavier. Just before drifting to sleep I heard her whisper "I love you".
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