Wings form — @crybabyjoon

Nov 19th, 2016
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  1. name → Kang Rin
  2. nicknames → kangaroo, riri, kin
  4. birthdate → July 4, 1996
  5. age → 20
  7. face claim → Jeongyeon (twice)
  8. backup face claim → Park Jamie
  10. slot → Cybele
  11. backup slot → Athena
  13. love interest → Namjoon
  14. backup love interest → Seokjin
  16. personality → Rin is a very soft person, most people or strangers would see her as a blunt and cold, emotionless person because she doesn't really show any type of emotion but seriousness. Though, deep down she's actually really sweet, caring, thoughtful and has a lot of heart. Though she doesn't know herself that she gives off the aura of coldness or does she know she has the face. It's usually when she doesn't open her mouth to speak or give her opinion, or just not smiling. But when she opens her mouth, or giggles / laughs, then that's when people finally notice how great of a person she is. You can tell by the way she laughs loudly & cutely and claps her hands meanwhile.
  19. —small, cute gardens with flowers that have amazingly bright colors
  20. —fluffy anything
  21. —bubble tea
  22. —over sized shirts / sweaters
  23. —dark ripped jeans
  24. —taking care of others
  26. dislikes →
  27. —bullying / someone being made fun of
  28. —darkness
  29. —dirt
  30. —bitter coffee
  31. —wearing bright colors
  32. —people with high ego
  34. habits →
  35. —holding onto others shoulders
  36. —back hugging anyone who seems warm / fluffy
  37. —scratching her arms when irritated or mad
  38. —ruffling up her hair with her hands when stressed
  39. —saying "that's really cute!" or "awe, that's adorable." a lot to someone on a daily basis
  40. —cracking her knuckles
  42. requested scenes →
  43. —she's innocently sitting outside, when a dog comes out of no where and she starts playing with it. love interest comes from behind, planning on playfully scaring her but notices how she's petting a dog, and admires her.
  44. —she gives gifts to people, it being small cactuses for them to keep and take care of
  46. message to me → hi!! hello, it's well me. hopefully you like my form & I bet this apply fic will do popular and really great!! I really like the concept of this and I find it very good. I wish you lots of luck!!~
  48. extra →
  49. —she owns a lot of cactuses
  50. —likes planting & enjoys it even more when someone helps her
  51. —is very friendly, though she gives off the rude aura
  52. —is very touchy and friendly
  53. —likes people that are taller than her
  54. —over protective though she seems really small and that she can't fight
  55. —never really gets in fights but can throw a punch or two & swears she will if those she cares about gets hurt
  56. —wears chokers a lot, mostly her daily clothing
  57. —has a little book she uses and writes in it everyday, but doesn't like calling it her "diary"
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