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  1. options:
  2.     craft1: redstone
  3.     craft2: iron ingot
  4.     craft3: redstone
  5.     craft4: iron ingot
  6.     craft5: stone
  7.     craft6: iron ingot
  8.     craft7: redstone
  9.     craft8: iron ingot
  10.     craft9: redstone
  12. on place of emerald ore:
  13.     if player's tool is emerald ore named "&aStoniarka":
  14.         send "&8» &6Postawiles stoniarke!"
  15.         add location of block to {stoniarka::*}
  16.         add location of block above block to {stone::*}
  17.         set block above block to stone
  20. on break of stone:
  21.     if {stone::*} contains event-location:
  22.         cancel event
  23.         set event-block to air
  24.         drop 1 stone at event-location
  25.         wait 2 seconds
  26.         set event-block to stone
  28. on break emerald ore:
  29.     set {_loc} to event-location
  30.     set {_aloc} to location of block above event-block
  31.     if {stone::*} contains {_aloc}:
  32.         remove {_aloc} from {stone::*}
  33.     if {stoniarka::*} contains {_loc}:
  34.         remove {_loc} from {stoniarka::*}
  35.     cancel event
  36.     set block to air
  37.     drop emerald ore named "&aStoniarka"
  38.     send "&8» &6Usunales stoniarke!"
  41. on script load:
  42.     register new shaped recipe for 1 emerald ore named "&aStoniarka" using {@craft1}, {@craft2}, {@craft3}, {@craft4}, {@craft5}, {@craft6}, {@craft7}, {@craft8}, {@craft9}
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