Anonymous message to Israel

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  1. Anonymous Message to Israel and Palestine. Full Transcript! MORE ➜
  3. Greetings to the state of Israel, we are anonymous.
  4. Ever since the encounter that has angered all of
  5. Israel, which concerns the 3 missing Israeli teens, who were found
  6. deceased in Hebron, within Palestinian territories, has made the Prime
  7. Minster of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, take a pledge, and an oath, to
  8. bring about vengeance, that Satan himself, has not yet created.
  9. Such message, has made the citizens of Israel, wage war, and to rid Palestine, once, and for all.
  10. Israel..
  11. For over a decade, your violation of international law,
  12. and your crimes against humanity, have not, gone unnoticed. The
  13. oppression you place upon Palestinian territories have angered not only
  14. the anonymous collective, but all of mankind.
  15. The disgusting authority you bring to the people that
  16. came to accept you, but now despise you, because of your ruthless
  17. manner, and your violent ways, have made our legion, interfere,
  18. countless, times..
  19. The Israeli Defense Force, and their barbaric and
  20. inhumane actions, in where they bombed, raided, and disrupted Gaza, and
  21. many other Palestinian locations to their very core, are only begging
  22. for more blood.
  23. The citizens of Palestine, specifically the West Bank of Gaza, call this event, one of the biggest Israeli attacks to date.
  24. And ultimately, Palestine, has reached their point of screaming justice to the face of evil.
  25. Instead of organizing an investigation that would lead
  26. to the perpetrators of this heinous act that lead to the death of the 3
  27. Israeli teens, Israel, insisted an all out collective punishment attack
  28. against Palestine.
  29. During this time, revenge attacks against Palestine
  30. grew rampant, once such case was a 17 year old Palestinian boy, Mohammed
  31. Abu Keir, was kidnapped by the citizens of Israel, according to autopsy
  32. reports, they forced him to consume gasoline, they then burned him
  33. alive. His cousin Tarek Abu Keir, suffered the same fate, yet lived,
  34. miraculously, he was beaten by the Israeli police and then prosecuted.
  35. The media call it, a revenge attack.
  36. We call it, genocide, ethnic cleansing.
  37. Many events such as these have occurred countless times
  38. all over the so called occupied territories. The IDF has killed 9
  39. Palestinians in search of the 3 missing Israelis. Over 250 Palestinians
  40. citizens were prosecuted under false charges, and scores of people
  41. injured over IDF raids and non-strategic bombing runs.
  42. In short, over 600 innocent Palestinians have suffered the wrath of Israel.
  43. The numbers continue to rise each hour.
  44. Even as we speak, Netanyahu still has no credible
  45. evidence to prove that Hamas, or even if the Palestinian people,
  46. committed these crimes.
  47. An anonymous council was immediately organized to
  48. combat this situation. And for over a week and a half, we came to a
  49. conclusion.
  50. We’ve been fighting Israel and their terrorist state for over 4 years, and we have not grown weary or tired.
  51. It has only made us stronger.
  52. Therefore, we are calling upon the anonymous
  53. collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage
  54. cyber war against the state of Israel once more.
  55. This Friday will be a day in where Israel will feel fear tingling in their servers, and homes.
  56. It will be a day of solidarity and resistance.
  57. Diplomacy has never functioned with Israel, and
  58. co-operation with the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, has
  59. only made its terroristic military advance further.
  60. Palestine will be liberated, and Israel will suffer the
  61. same fate Palestine has been suffering for decades under their brutal
  62. and savaging regime.
  63. No matter how dark it may seem, or how alone you may
  64. be, always remember that there are endless warriors that are operating
  65. tirelessly around the clock to stand with you, to aid you, to both fight
  66. and protect you in these unjustified acts.
  67. We are anonymous.
  68. We are legion.
  69. We will never forgive.
  70. We will never forget.
  71. To Shimon, Netanyahu, and all Israeli governmental officials, you will not escape our chaos.
  72. Expect us.
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