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  1. [CENTER][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  2. [/CENTER]
  3. Hi, from 28.10.2019 until 03.11.2019 the Halloween Event will take place on Aeldra. We want to show you some details about the Halloween Event. During the whole Event the NPC Jack Pumpkin will be available at Map1 in every Kingdom. He have some new Crafting Items and some special Costumes for you in his Shop, check him out ! The Wheel of Fright is also available during the whole Event.
  5. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][CENTER][SIZE="3"]Wheel of Fright:[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]
  6. By defeating monsters you will collect Pumpkin Seeds, 10 Pumpkin Seeds [IMG][/IMG]  transform to one  Pumpkin of Fright [IMG][/IMG] . To spin the Wheel of Fright you need one   Pumpkin of Fright. The Wheel of Fright got 10 fields and one of them are always stocked with a Jackpot Item. With every Spin you get one Item, with some luck you get one of the Jackpot Items. The selection of Items varies with every new Round.
  7. [CENTER]
  8. [IMG][/IMG]
  10. [B][COLOR="Red"]You can open the Wheel of Fright at the Event Icon in the upper right corner of your client.
  11. The Items you win will be placed to your Itemshop Storage.[/COLOR][/B]
  14. Jackpot Items
  15. [SPOILER]
  16. [LIST]
  17. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Chuckys Ring
  18. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Halloween-Wand
  19. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Death Reaper Robe (3 Days)
  20. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Dark Visionary Robe (7 Days)
  21. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Bright Visionary Roby (7 Days)
  22. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Dark Visionary Hood (7 Days)
  23. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Dark Visionary Hood (7 Days)
  24. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]3x Pumpkin or Fright
  25. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Band of Fright (easy)
  26. [/LIST]
  27. [/SPOILER]
  29. Normal Items
  30. [SPOILER]
  31. [LIST]
  32. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Rhodonit
  33. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Malachit
  34. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Citrin
  35. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Justus Flower
  36. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Branch
  37. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Brittle
  38. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Soulstone+
  39. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Legendary Soulstone
  40. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Boss Role (expert)
  41. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Boss Role (heavy)
  42. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]2x Potion of Oblivion
  43. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]2x Potion of Thief
  44. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Shimmering Sky Soul
  45. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Shimmering dream soul
  46. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]3x Prunous enchanting
  47. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Passage Ticket
  48. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]5x Monster Fish
  49. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Red Dye
  50. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Blue Dye
  51. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]White Dye
  52. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]2x Gaya Coupon
  53. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Time Elixir (L)
  54. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]3x Researcher's Elixir
  55. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Night Swing Seal (7 Days) [I](5% Metins, 10% Experience)[/I]
  56. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Dark Swing Seal (7 Days) [I](5% Monster, 10% Experience)[/I]
  57. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Seal of Fire Cat (7 Days) [I](5% Monster, 5% Metins)[/I]
  58. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Seal of the Ice Cat [I](7 Days) 5% Monster, 3% Elements)[/I]
  59. [/LIST]
  62. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][CENTER][SIZE="3"]Itemshop:[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]
  63. We have also some special Halloween offers for you in our Itemshop.
  64. The Creepy Chest which is limited to 350, is available at 28.10.19 0:00 CEST, be fast to get one !
  65. During the Halloween Event you can buy special Halloween Costum Voucher in the Itemshop. You can exchange those special Vouchers only at Jack Pumkin.
  66. [COLOR="Red"][B]The NPC Jack Pumpin is placed Map1.[/B][/COLOR]
  68. [LIST]
  69. [*][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Halloween Costume Voucher
  70. [*][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Halloween Wand (to upgrade the 7 days costumes)
  71. [*][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Chuckys Ring (to upgrade Crescent Moon Ring)
  72. [*][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Pumpkin of Fright (Spin wheel of Fright)
  73. [*][URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  Creepy Chest [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"][B](limited to 350 Pieces)[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  74. [/LIST]
  76. [CENTER][TABLE=head][COLOR="White"][CENTER]Content of Creepy Chest[/CENTER][/COLOR]
  77. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Cursed Lion Seal [I](30% Metins, 25% Experience)[/I]
  78. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Skeleton-Seal [I](2000 HP, 20% Monsters, 5% Elements)[/I]
  79. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Ring of Horror [I](7 Days) (75% Experience, 40% Monsters, 15% Metins, 10% Bosses, 2000 HP)[/I]
  80. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Nickname Roll (Mount) (10% Metins for your Mount, for 7 Days)
  81. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Nickname Roll (Pet) (10% Monsters for your Pet, for 7 Days)
  82. [/TABLE] [/CENTER]
  84. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][CENTER][SIZE="3"]Halloween Costume Shop:[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]
  85. During the Halloween Event there will be a new Costum Shop ingame with special Halloween Costumes.
  86. You can exchange them at Jack Pumpkin for one Halloween Costume Voucher.
  88. [CENTER][B]Costume Shop Items[/B]
  89. [SPOILER]
  90. [LIST]
  91. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Demonic Smoking
  92. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Demonic Witch dress
  93. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Demonic Pumpkin Head
  94. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Demon Witch Hat
  95. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Sword
  96. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Saber
  97. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Blade
  98. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Bow
  99. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Dagger
  100. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Bell
  101. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Pumpkin Fan
  102. [*][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Band of Fright (easy)
  103. [/LIST]
  104. [/SPOILER][/CENTER]
  106. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][SIZE="3"][CENTER]Halloween Upgrades:[/CENTER][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  107. During the Halloween Event, you can exchange the following Costumes (7 Days) to permanent Costumes! For the exchange you need the 7 Days Version and a Halloween-Wand to get a permanend one. You can get the Halloween-Wand from:
  108. [LIST]
  109. [*]Gaya-Shop
  110. [*]Wheel of Fright
  111. [*]Itemshop
  112. [/LIST]
  114. [CENTER][table="head"]Item to upgrade|Upgrade Item|Final Item
  115. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Crescent Moon Ring [COLOR="Red"](Need Full Time!)[/COLOR]|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Chuckys Ring|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Ring of Horror
  116. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Dark Visionary Robe (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Dark Visionary Robe
  117. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]Bright Visionary Robe (7Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Bright Visonary Robe
  118. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Dark Visionary Hood (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Dark Visionary Robe
  119. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Bright Visionary Hood (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Bright Visionary Hood
  120. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Night Wing Seal (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Night Wing Seal [I](20% Monster, 25% Experience)[/I]
  121. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Dark Swing Seal (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Dark Swing Seal [I](30%  Metins, 25% Experience)[/I]
  122. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Seal of the Fire Cat (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Seal of the Fire Cat (2000 HP, 20% Monster, 15% Metins)
  123. [IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Seal of the Ice Cat (7 Days)|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Halloween Wand|[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG] Seal of the Ice Cat [I](2000 HP, 20% Monster, 5% Elements)[/I]
  124. [/table] [/CENTER]
  126. Sincerely your
  127. Aeldra -Team
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