Fantasy Spook - Orc Edition

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  1. The Orc
  2. Everybody hates you, you suffer -2 on all reaction rolls and lower the results of reaction rolls one step just by being in the party. You have d8 hit dice.
  3. 1: Unnatural Strength: The muscles in your body are much more powerful than they should be. Treat your strength bonus as two points higher.
  4. 2: Resilience: You gain +2 to AC because of your unnaturally tough flesh.
  5. 3: Warrior: Gain access to the improved combat maneuvers of a fighter.
  6. 4: Doppelhander: You can hold two-handed weapons in one hand, taking -1 to hit as a penalty.
  7. 5: Flesh Feast: Once per session, you can spend 10 minutes eating the flesh of any non-undead slain enemy and regain 1 point of flesh. You gain additional uses of this ability each time this is rolled.
  8. 6: Ambush Predator: You roll an extra die of damage during surprise rounds. Reroll this result after getting it two times.
  9. 7: Painless: You gain another hit die of flesh. Reroll this result if you already have it.
  10. 8: Darkvision: You can see in the dark just as well as in daylight. Your eyes become red and sunken.
  11. 9: Mighty Blow: You can cause a weapon to deal maximum damage, but it has a 50% chance of being damaged, 1-in-6 if it’s well crafted, guaranteed if it’s of shoddy quality.
  12. 10: Fearsome: Enemies suffer -1 to morale in your presence.
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