#OpAlQeeq #OpIsrael #OpSaveGaza *Emergency Call to Action*

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  1. #OpAlQeeq #OpSaveGaza #OpIsrael #AlQeeqDying #FreeAlQeeq #Save_AlQeeq #MuhammedAlQeeq
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  7. 2/26/16
  8. 11:15 GMT 0000
  9. From Daily Sabah
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  14. Imprisoned Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq ended his 94-day hunger strike on Friday after reaching an agreement with Israel that paves the way for his release, a senior Palestinian official told Anadolu Agency.
  16. "Mohammed al-Qeeq ended his hunger strike after an agreement was reached to release him from custody on May 21," Issa Qraqe, head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)'s detainees committee, said.
  18. Qraqe said a written agreement was signed between al-Qeeq and the Israeli authorities. It stipulates that he will continue seeking treatment at al-Afula Hospital and his family will be allowed to visit him.
  20. Qraqe added that al-Qeeq will then continue his administration detention at Israel's Nafha prison and will be set free on May 21.
  22. Originally from the West Bank city of Hebron, al-Qeeq had lived in Ramallah, where he worked for al-Majd TV, a popular Arabic-language channel.
  24. The 33-year-old began his hunger strike on Nov. 24, 2015, three days after being arrested by Israel on charges of "incitement."
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  27. Operation closed 2/26/16
  29. The goal of this operation has been achieved, truly we will never know to what degree if any we had. We did see a spike in #OpIsrael activity the past week. As well as various take downs of Israeli military websites. We know our voice was heard internationally on this issue. We saw articles about this operation all across the world.
  40. We may not be able to measure our operations effectiveness on this issue. Perhaps we did nothing, perhaps it was anonymous stepping in that made Israel finally budge. But that does not matter. What matters is this objective was achieved. We fight for what is right, we will give voices to the voiceless. Where human rights are abused you can always surely #ExpectUs We have people that risk their freedom to take this stand for righteousness. We are a global human rights movement that you cannot stop. Where one fall many will rise. We are legion, we are the resistance. We will continue to monitor this situation, and we will make sure that you keep to your end of the deal. If you break it you can surely expect us again.
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  42. Original Post
  43. Target Data Removed
  45. Muhammed Al Qeeq is a Palestinian Journalist, and Correspondent & reporter at the Saudi News Agency Almajd TV Network. He has been on hunger strike for more than 85 consecutive days in protest against his being incarcerated under Israeli administrative detention (internment without trial or charge) At 2:00am on 21 November 2015, al-Qiq was arrested at his home in Ramallah. A large number of Israeli Occupation Forces raided his house, shackled him, blindfolded him and took him to Beit El settlement (considered illegal under international law) near Ramallah. He was left there for 20 hours in the open air. He was then taken to the Al Moskobiyeh (Russian Compound) interrogation center in Jerusalem and later was taken to Al Jalameh (Kishon) interrogation center.
  47. We are calling on all citizens of the world to join us in this fight to free an illegally detained man. We are organizing many on going operations in relation to this issue. These actions are certainly not limited to the ones listed in this press release. We are calling for the following actions:
  49. 1 Call your government officials and demand for them to apply pressure to Israel to release their political prisoner.
  51. 2 Twitter-Storm using the #Hashtags: #AlQeeqDying #FreeAlQeeq #Save_AlQeeq #OpAlQeeq tagging both Israeli and world political figures. Tweet list below.
  54. 3 Change your social media profile picture to a photo or artistic interpritation of Muhammed Al Qeeq.
  57. 4 Call your local Israeli embassy and voice your outrage at this illegal detainment.
  59. 5 Take to your local streets to spread awareness about this issue.
  62. Since it was the Israeli military forces that arrested and detained Muhammed Al Qeeq, then Israel military forces his blood is on your hands. We are calling on all anons and hacktivist across the world to focus fire on Israeli military forces. Included are all websites associated with the Israeli military. Dump them, load them with viruses, DDOS them, break them, what ever you can do or see fit. Security analysis is already underway on all targets. Targets are listed by priority level.
  64. If this man dies in the custody of the Israeli military, Israel you can expect hell.
  66. #OpAlQeeq #Complete
  68. We are Anonymous
  69. We are the Resistance
  70. We are Legion
  71. We do not forgive
  72. We do not forget
  73. Respect Existence
  74. or
  75. Expect Resistance
  77. [~]Operation Chat[~]
  80. hack chat does not keep logs on chats or ip addresses. This chat is for brainstorming ideas to further efforts to help this man. Please do not discuss hacking operations in a publicly broadcasted chat.
  82. #FreePalestine #LongLivePalestine #GlobalIntifada
  83. #ICC4Israel #BoycottIsrael #BoycottApartheid #BDS #BDSMovement
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