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  1.                       Welcome to the Land Of NoR (NoRSim)
  2.                      A combat &  roleplay multisim network
  3.                              Keyword search: NORSIM
  5.                       The NoRSim Covenant 5/3/08
  7. SPECIAL NOTE:  Parcels in this sim must be transferred in 4096 sqm blocks in order to be valid. Any other configurations will not be honored by NoRSim.  Subletting and leasing can be in whatever configuration until that 4096 block is sold.
  10. Please contact Luxa Budan with any questions.  The Land of NoR, all sims therein, Luxa Budan, NoR management to henceforth be collectively known as NoRSim
  12. You agree to all of the following:
  15.  A) NoRSim terms of service (included at the end of this document)
  17. What you need to know:
  19. 1) This is an open mature sim(s), based on roleplay (RP) and a combat system (cs).  This means the following:
  21. --------  (A)"Open" means no ban lines or otherwise restricted access.  However, owners can ban individuals that are a problem (ex: Griefers). Contact management with names and offenses as it may result in a sim(s) wide ban for the perpetrator(s).
  23. --------  (B)The sim is divided into 2 zones which are below 350 meters ("In Play") and above 350 meters ("Owners only")
  25. --------   (C)"In Play":  Is the zone in which roleplay and combat take place.  In this zone there can be no security devices like security orbs and the similar devices.  Structures placed in this zone must have atleast one access point for the anyone to use for all of the structure. Put simply no rooms that are completely locked down to outsiders.  "Private" areas should be taken above 350m
  27. --------  (D)"Owners Only": This zone is considered "Out of play" in terms of roleplay and combat.  The owner can elect to continue both in these zones as well as invite people into it but only for their parcel.   Aggressive security is allowed above 350 meters. In addition, anyone found in an owners area without the owners permission will be banned from the sim(s) for a period to be determined by management. Contact management with names of perpetrators and evidence.  
  31. 2) Associate Sim:  Associate sims are negotiated agreements between NoRSim and the player owner.  These sims are attached to the NoR continent and get the benefits of its staff, traffic and good will.  
  32. --- Associate sim costs are split 50/50 and the player owns one half of the sim guaranteed by NoRSim.
  33. --- The player owner gets a non-transferable right of increased ownership that allows for the cost benefit.  
  34. ---  A buyout clause exists regarding this non-transferable right should the player owner decides to leave.  This amount will be the player’s half of the upfront linden lab cost for the sim minus 1 month tier.  
  35. ---  Any buyout will result in full ownership of the parcel to go to NoRSim in full with no other obligations of or to the player owner remaining.
  36. --- This ownership right continues until the player owner is bought out or fails to pay their obligations.  Failure to pay obligations (monthly half of the tier) will trigger a forced buy out minus the unpaid tier + the 1 month tier in the buy out clause.  In addition, significant violations of the rule or the NoRSim Terms of Service will result in a forced buy out.
  37. ---  All other obligations of the player owner that do not conflict with those stated in this section still apply.
  39. 3) Parcel Ownership: Purchasing a parcel means the renter (owner) buys a possessory interest in that parcel. This entitles owner to live, build and play on the parcel as well as immerse them fully in all this themed sim(s) have to offer.  The owner becomes a part of the evolution of this living and breathing ever growing community. You can create rules for your own parcel as long as they don't conflict with the covenant or spirit of the sim.
  43. 3)  Purchasing the parcel also obligates you to pay a one time setup fee (based on a linden amount multiplied by the square meters of the parcel, contact management for details.  Ex: 5 lindens for 4096 sqm parcel =20480 lindens) as well as a monthly usage fee (rent). The monthly fee obligation remains for as long as the owner has their possessory interest.
  47. 4)  No refunds, period.  In case, this wasn't clear, NO REFUNDS.
  51. 5)  No vehicles of any kind are allowed.
  54. 6)  Owner selling of parcel: In order to recoup the 1 time setup fee owners are allowed to "sell" their parcel.  Sell being defined as selling possesory interest in the property.  All sales must be approved by management to insure that the new owner knows and accepts the nature, covenant and rules of this sim(s)
  58. 7) Urban planning: The general themes of the "in play" areas are gothic, techno, and generally dark.  (Examples: castles, industrial, underground, etc.  Contra-example: Disney).  This isn't as restrictive as it sounds. Contact management with anything you might consider questionable.  Management encourages you to delve yourself into the atmosphere for maximum enjoyment of your time here.  Above 350m your imagination and prims are your only restrictions.  You can edit the land and add what you like but remember the golden rule, respect thy neighbor with one caveat.  Lag items may be restricted by management, the guiding rule is your freedom but lag must be remedied for the benefit of all.
  59. --- Transportation Initiative:  In order to maintain the open access policy of NoRSim, to maintain property value and a consistent flow of the NoR continent owners are expected to maintain some roads, connecting the sims and parcels together.
  63. 8) Owners are allowed to "sublet" their property and develop it as they see fit in accordance with the urban planning model above.  Any subletters are subject to all the rules of the sim.
  67. 9) Second life tier is paid for by sim management so a premium account is not required by owners.
  71. 10)  All rentals are "at will" of management.
  75. 11)  All owners are subject to ALL the rules of the "in play" zone even in their own parcels. No exceptions are made and yes you can be banned from the sim for a period of time even though you own land there.
  79. 12) The monthly payment for possession of the parcel ("rent") is expected on the first of every month.  Failure to do so permits management to reclaim land with no notice.
  83. 13)  Management reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the monthly payment in order to terminate possession and rights to parcel (Example but not limited to: Owner is found to be in violation of the Second Life Terms of Service)
  87. 14)  NOR uses telehubs, while we recognize this can be a hassle it is outweighed by the security benefits that add to the overall quality of life here.  Owners can set their "Home" to their parcel which will bypass the telehub.
  91. 15) Management reserves the right to come to decisions on issues not addressed in this covenant as well as altering the covenant with notice to owners. These are final and without appeal.
  95. 16) The only person authorized person to make any sim decision in management is Luxa Budan
  99. Note: This is worded specifically to give management the tools to handle, within defined guidelines so there are no surprises, situations that arise in sim life and make your time here enjoyable.  The strictness of this covenant is to send a message to problematic people and scammers to quit before you start.  Management is often flexible when situations arise and always open to talk things out.
  102. General Land Rates (subject to change):
  103. 4096m    936 prims       30.00 USD equiv. in $L per month
  104. 8192m    1872 prims     60.00 USD equiv. in $L per month
  106. These are the more common sizes of parcels. If you want a variation on this or even larger contact Luxa Budan bc different rates apply (ex: Discount for larger parcel purchases 3 or more parcels, 6 or more and full sims have increasing discounting)
  108. ** The NoRSim Terms of Service
  109. NoRSim: Terms of Service (TOS)
  111. By virtue of being an owner or renter and/or entering & remaining in into the sims owned by Luxa Budan, NoRSim and affliated sims you agree to:
  113. •     Provide access to NoR staff for the purposes of rule/covenant eforcement as well as agreeing to agree in advance for staff to investigate IMs and gather evidence.  Privacy will be respected as much as possible by staff.
  114. •    That you are of legal age of consent (18 in the United States)
  115. •    The Linden Lab/Second Life terms of service are superseded by the NoRSim terms of service where the two conflict.
  116. •    To be bound by the general rules of NoRSim, Covenant, and the NoRSim TOS.
  117. •    Acknowledge that NoRSim is an adult role playing community containing mature subject matter (language, sexual acts, violence, etc) that may be offensive to some and that you are here of your own free will and with full knowledge of such.
  118. •    That the role play and all actions within NoRSim are fictional and all participants are doing so voluntarily even if the fictional action is to resist.
  119. •    That your participation in any events here is to portray a fictional character in a dynamic work of collaborative fiction.
  120. •    That NoRSim may use your character (Second Life avatar) name, repoduction, likeness, image, typed text, instant message (IM) text for purposes of but not limited to advertising, promotion, and rule/covenant/TOS enforcement without compensation or further permission.  Greatest care for privacy will be maintained.
  121. •    That NoRSim retains all rights to the collaborative story, images, and other NoRSim creations.  Any reproduction without the express authorization of the owner is prohibited.
  122. •    NoRSim owner and management revokes the open invitation to any and all that do not agree to any of the provisions in the NoRSim Terms of Service and disagreeing party is required to leave NoRSim immediately.  Remaining in NoRSim is expressly without permission of NoRSim management/Owner and considered trespassing and trespassing party agrees to release NoRSim, management and owner from any TOS or legal liabilities.
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