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Jul 14th, 2014
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  1. background no
  2. own_window yes
  3. own_window_type normal
  4. own_window_class Conky
  5. own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
  6. alignment mm
  7. gap_x 0
  8. #575
  9. gap_y 0
  10. #310
  11. use_xft yes
  12. xftfont Source Sans Pro:size=18
  13. xftalpha 0.1
  14. update_interval 15.0
  15. uppercase yes
  16. double_buffer yes
  17. own_window_argb_visual yes
  18. own_window_argb_value 0
  19. draw_shades yes
  20. default_shade_color 000000
  21. default_color ffffff
  22. color1 2d2d2d
  23. TEXT
  24. ${alignc}${color}I T ${color1}L ${color}I S ${color1}A S T I M E
  25. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 35}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 15}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 20}${color}${endif}${endif}A ${color1}C ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 15}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 20}${color}${endif}${endif}Q U A R T E R ${color1}D C
  26. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 20}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 30}${color}${endif}${endif}T W E N T Y ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 25}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 30}${color}${endif}${else}${color1}${endif}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 5}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 10}${color}${endif}${endif}F I V E ${color1}X
  27. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 30}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 35}${color}${endif}${endif}H A L F ${color1}B ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 10}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 15}${color}${endif}${endif}T E N ${color1}F T O
  28. ${alignc}${else}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 45}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 50}${color}${endif}${endif}A ${color1}C ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 45}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 50}${color}${endif}${endif}Q U A R T E R ${color1}D C
  29. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 35}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 45}${color}${endif}${endif}T W E N T Y ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 40}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 35}${color}${endif}${else}${color1}${endif}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 55}${color}${endif}F I V E ${color1}X
  30. ${alignc}H A L F B ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 50}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 55}${color}${endif}${endif}T E N ${color1}F ${color}T O${color1}
  31. ${alignc}${endif}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 35}${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} >= 5}${color}${endif}${endif}P A S T ${color1}E R U ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 35}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 9}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}N I N E
  32. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 1}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}O N E ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 6}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}S I X ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 3}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T H R E E
  33. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 4}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}F O U R ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 5}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}F I V E ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 2}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T W O
  34. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 8}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}E I G H T ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 11}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}E L E V E N
  35. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 7}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}S E V E N ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 12}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T W E L V E
  36. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 10}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T E N ${else}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 8}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}N I N E
  37. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 12}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}O N E ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 5}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}S I X ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 2}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T H R E E
  38. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 3}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}F O U R ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 4}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}F I V E ${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 1}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T W O
  39. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 7}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}E I G H T${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 10}${color}${else}${color1}${endif} E L E V E N
  40. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 6}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}S E V E N${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 11}${color}${else}${color1}${endif} T W E L V E
  41. ${alignc}${if_match ${exec date +"%I"} == 9}${color}${else}${color1}${endif}T E N ${endif}${color1}S E ${if_match ${exec date +"%M"} < 5}${color}${endif}O C L O C K
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