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Apr 3rd, 2022
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  1. % pkg search -x '^min'
  2. min12xxw-0.0.9                 Print driver for the Minolta PagePro 1(2/3/4)xxW printers
  3. minder-2.0.2_1                 Small network application for automatic maintenance of peer lists
  4. minder-app-1.13.1_1            Mind-mapping application
  5. mindforger-1.52.0              Thinking notebook and markdown editor
  6. mindterm-binary-1.2.1_1        Full vt220 compatible Java SSH-1 client (not only for websites)
  7. minecraft-client-1.7.9_6       Client for the block building game
  8. mined-2015.25                  Text mode editor with Unicode support
  9. minerbold-1.4                  Remake of Bolder Dash from BK-0010 with INSTEAD engine
  10. minetest-5.4.1_2               Near-infinite-world block sandbox game
  11. minetest_game-5.4.1            The main game for the Minetest game engine
  12. minetestmapper-20200328        Generate an overview image of a minetest map
  13. ming-0.4.8                     Flash 4/5 movie output library with many languages support
  14. mingw32-bin-msvcrt-r4.0.3.1.a4.0.3.1 Headers and Libraries for Windows cross-development
  15. mingw32-binutils-2.37_2,1      GNU binary tools
  16. mingw32-directx-20020518_1     DirectX header files for use with MinGW
  17. mingw32-gcc-4.8.1_5,1          FSF gcc-4 for Windows cross-development
  18. mingw32-libffi-3.0.13_2        The libffi library cross-compiled for MinGW32
  19. mingw32-libyaml-0.1.6_2        The libyaml library cross-compiled for MinGW32
  20. mingw32-openssl-1.0.2d_2       The OpenSSL library cross-compiled for MinGW32
  21. mingw32-pdcurses-3.4_2         Curses and Panel terminal library for Windows
  22. mingw32-pthreads-2.8.0_2       POSIX threads library for Windows compiled with MinGW32
  23. mingw32-zlib-1.2.8_2           The zlib library cross-compiled for MinGW32
  24. mini_httpd-1.30_3              Small HTTP server with support for GET, HEAD, POST, CGI, SSL, IPv6
  25. mini_sendmail-1.3.9            Tiny MTA with only smart relay capability
  26. miniaudio-0.10.42              C single header audio playback and capture library
  27. minicom-2.7.1_2                MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike"
  28. minidlna-1.3.0_2,1             Media-server compatible with "Digital Life Network Alliance"
  29. minidnn-g20200330              Header-only C++ library for deep neural networks
  30. miniflux-2.0.35                Self-hosted software to read RSS/Atom/JSON feeds
  31. minify-2.9.22                  Go minifiers for web formats
  32. minikube-1.17.1                Run Kubernetes locally
  33. minilens-1.2_1                 Puzzle platformer for gravity-oblivious aliens
  34. minimalist-2.5.3               Minimalistic mailing list manager
  35. minimap2-2.24                  Pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences
  36. minimp3-g20210801,1            C++ single-header, minimalistic library for decoding MP3
  37. minimunin-0.5                  Tiny munin-node implementation written in pure bourne shell
  38. minipot-0.2.3                  Mono-server installation of pot, nomad and consul
  39. minipro-0.3_2                  CLI for MiniPRO TL866xx chip programmers
  40. minirsyslogd-1.02_1            Minimal, fast and secure syslog receiver
  41. minisapserver-0.3.8_1          SAP and SLP announcement for the VLC Media Player
  42. minisat-2.2.1_2                Minimalistic, open-source SAT solver
  43. minisatip-1.1.52               Multi-threaded SATIP server that supports DVB cards
  44. minised-1.15                   Smaller, cheaper, faster sed implementation
  45. miniserve-0.18.0_2             Ad-hoc HTTP server for file sharing
  46. minisign-0.9                   Simple tool to sign files and verify signatures
  47. minissdpd-1.5.20211105         UPnP IGD discovery speed enhancer
  48. minitube-3.9.2                 TV-like client for YouTube
  49. miniupnpc-2.2.2                UPnP IGD client lightweight library
  50. miniupnpd-2.1.20200510,1       UPnP IGD implementation which uses pf/ipf
  51. minixmlto-0.0.3                Minimalistic alternative to xmlto
  52. minizinc-2.5.5_3               Constraint modeling language
  53. minizinc-ide-2.5.5_2           IDE for MiniZinc, a constraint modeling language
  54. minizinc-solvers-20210505      Metaport for MiniZinc solvers
  55. minizip-1.2.11                 Zip library and programs from Zlib distribution
  56. mint-themes-0.0.41cf70d        Themes for the cinnamon desktop
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