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  1. Presentation English
  3. Present a new technology :  5G
  6. START
  7. My name is Vincent Callede and this is Mehdi El Hamami and today, we are going to present you different aspects of the new technology called 5G, we are going to look at the good points and the bad ones, but first we are going to explain a little bit of what 5G is and what it can do better than 4G or previous radios waves used for public telephony and enterprise purposes.
  8. WHAT IS 5G
  9. 5G is a higher speed connection, with ten times speed of 4G, than his previous competitors with very low latency and fast downloads. It uses higher frequencies than 4G or 3G and increases the reactivity of most connected devices. 5G will support 10 times more devices simultaneously. That being said, 5G will be useful in the future, welcoming billions of connected devices, like cars, watches… and many other forthcoming connected objects. Now we’d like to move on to the good points.
  11. As an example of increased reactivity, we can compare autonomous cars with 5G. They will gain a decreasing amount of distance before they stop at the encounter of an obstacle or at any situation at all. They’ll gain in their affinity to react.
  12. In the medical field, the transmission of information will be accelerate. Communications between doctors, nurses, interns or even hospitals will be smoother and faster, patients will receive faster and better medical attendance. Also, the follow-up of patients will be easier. An example of application of 5G in the medical field could be improvements in remote surgery, making it more precise and decreasing the risks of error made by this type of surgery.
  13. Even today, the data that transits around the world is pretty massive. 5G would increase this amount of data, making automation even greater for industries, enhancing interconnection between devices or systems and enable downloads of information in real time.
  15. Like any other network, it can be hacked. Considering the fact that in the future we could connect most of our devices to 5G, hackers could find their way to our home. It can be frightening to imagine a world where bad hackers can take control of your car, or big production line of big industries, or even sensible medical records. Even though security failures are lesser in the 5G technology in comparison of the previous ones, but making it a global technology, those lesser security failures would be more larger in term of number.
  16. In the health of the people using it, 5G or any radio waves could have repercussion even though studies tend to show that the radio waves we use today are below dangerous levels. European committee and Health Security Agency of each country regulate strictly the exhibition of the population to most of the waves that transit in the cities.
  18. With the new security expectations, Cybersecurity will be at his apogee. The need of this type of service will dramatically increase and new business will born of this activity alone. 5G also needs a long term security maintenance, with -the trust that 5G providers will keep their standards high enough to keep the network environment safe.
  20. To wrap this up, 5G has a big potential, it could improve our every days life, as well as parts of our industries. Nevertheless, If providers keep up a good security policy in a long term, 5G will open new possibilities and support the growing of technologies.
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