The queen, the slut and the faggot (EQGtwixScitwixAnon, gfd)

Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. >"Ohhh, is my big stallion ready to blow his load?"
  2. "Y-yeah,"
  3. >You groan as you hilt inside of the bespectacled girl standing on her four in front of you
  4. >And she can only moan in response, the pair of panties stuck in between her teeth muffling any sounds coming out of her throat
  5. >"I can feel it, mmh~,"
  6. >Her warm breath against the back of your neck sends a shiver down your spine, all the way to your dick and it throbs in response, while she keeps running her hands over your chest and thighs
  7. >Her hips follow yours as you pull back, and even helps you ramming it back inside
  8. >You groan again, but not only because of the walls constricting around your shaft, but also because of the fingers of your queen wrapping themselves around your balls
  9. >"They're so full of life~,"
  10. >Her voice is like honey dripping through your ears
  11. >Another thrust, another groan, another squeeze from her fingers
  12. >"Do you want to come?"
  13. "Yes! Please,"
  14. >You beg
  15. >Whine
  16. >The way you know she loves
  17. "I love you so much,"
  18. >You blurt out
  19. >"Aw~, is my stallion going all cheesy on me?"
  20. >You don't answer
  21. >You don't know what to say
  22. >Or rather, your mind is completely overwhelmed by everything happening to you at once
  23. >"But you can't only have eyes for me, you know,"
  24. >Your eyes go wide when you realize your fuck up
  25. "No, I meant-Ngh, I meant the both of you, I love you both so fucking much,"
  26. >Your queen hums in approval
  27. >"Did you hear that, slut?"
  28. >She ends her sentence with a harsh slap on one of the cheeks in front of you
  29. >And the victim squeals around the piece of cloth
  30. >But the way her walls tightens around you tells you she loved it
  31. >"He loves you! Aren't you glad that people like us love a little slut like you?"
  32. >"Mmph!"
  33. >She nods, then cranes her head back as you hilt once again, and lets out a moan far louder than the earlier ones
  34. >Fuck
  36. "Please, my queen, I can't take it anymore,"
  37. >"Mmmh~, how about I let you come inside today?"
  38. "W-wha, no, no condom--"
  39. >"Who cares?"
  40. >A big part of you don't
  41. >A big part of you is actually screaming at you to simply let go
  42. "But, Twilight, what if--"
  43. >"You love her, right?"
  44. "Of course I do--ngh!"
  45. >"What about you, slut? Do you love him?"
  46. >She gives her cheek another slap, lighter this time
  47. >And she simply nods
  48. >"Sorry, I couldn't hear that, I asked you if you wanted to bear his children,"
  49. >Another slap
  50. >Way louder
  51. >More nods, followed by more suppressed moans
  52. >Fuck
  53. >"See? She wants you to come inside of her,"
  54. >You can feel every ounces of resistance left in you shatter more and more with every words coming out of her lips
  55. >"She wants to feel your cock spurt and throb inside of her,"
  56. >You can't take it anymore
  57. >In one last effort, you try and pull out
  58. >But she doesn't let you get far and instead forces you back in
  59. >"She wants you to make her a mom, Anon~,"
  60. >And that was too much
  61. >You can only groan and moan and throb and quake and tremble as you feel yourself erupt inside, the muffled sounds coming from her and the hands and lips and entire body of your queen making sure to coax you for your every drops
  63. >You stay that way for a moment
  64. >You don't think you could move anyway
  65. >And you surely as hell don't want to go anyway, your queen making sure to keep you exactly where you are
  66. >The feeling of her thumping heart against your back tells you how much she's enjoying herself
  67. >And the sight, as she lets out eager, appreciative hums as she kneads her double's asscheeks
  68. >"That was so hot,"
  69. >You nod, but groan as she starts pushing Scitwi away, but not enough to free your length
  70. >"Nah-hah, not yet, we gotta make sure-"
  71. >The fingers of her right hand sinks into the flesh and give it one last squeeze, before she pulls away and brings it to the base of your shaft, securing it in her grasp
  72. >"-she takes every... last... drop..."
  73. >You gasp and stifle a groan with every strokes she gives your over sensitive member, her digits following the path of your urethra all the way from the base to the tip
  74. "Fuck..."
  75. >You mutter under your breath, unable to keep it in as your hips buck in response
  76. >"Ohhh, is it too much?"
  77. >It's isn't so much a question as it is a playful jab, and her hips push you forward to accentuate her words, forcing a couple inches of your length back inside the warm opening
  78. >And she giggles as you tremble under her ministrations
  79. >"But it's far from over, I told you earlier that I was going to have fun tonight and this is only the beginning,"
  80. >"But first, I'll need to get you hard again, and I've got just the bitch for that~,"
  81. >She gives Sci's bun one last slap, before she pushes her away
  82. >And your wilting length finally plops free
  83. >"Come on slut, turn around, and stay in that pose,"
  84. >She obliges without even thinking, and your eyes catches hers for a second, before she switches target to look at your queen
  85. >Her mistress
  86. >You can't see it, but you know she's grinning
  87. >"Here, let me help you with that,"
  88. >Her right hand reaches out and grabs her panties before pulling them free from Sci's mouth
  89. >"T-thank you mistress,"
  90. >"Don't thank me yet,"
  92. >She throws the pair of panties away before taking hold of your pride once again
  93. >"But you can clean this and get him hard,"
  94. >Her eyes glance down, and she gulps when she notices that your length is still coated in your respective juices
  95. >But they instantly come back up, to yours, then to hers, as she nods
  96. >"Yes mistress,"
  97. >You barely have the time to open your mouth to interject that her tongue is already working its way up your length
  98. "Ah-shit, please, just five minu--ngh!"
  99. >You groan again as she swallows your half mast
  100. >"Anon, are you telling me that my stallion can't even handle this much?"
  101. >Fuck
  102. >"We'll take a break if you really need to, but..."
  103. >Sci's lips travel up your shaft and finally lets go of your crown as she raises a hand to keep your shaft pointed up as she starts lapping at your balls, making sure everything's as clean as her mistress wants it to be
  104. >"I'm afraid your queen will be really disappointed in you if you did..."
  105. >You heart nearly drops as she says that
  106. >So you cope with it, steeling yourself as you see Sci's lips slowly coming back up your shaft to engulf it once more
  107. >And you clench your fists, doing your best to stifle the groan trying to break free
  108. >"Yes, that's it, I'm so proud of you~"
  110. >For her
  111. >You know you can take it for her
  112. >But Sci isn't making this easy on you
  113. "Ahhck!"
  114. >You can't stop your right hand from shooting forward to try and push her away when she gobbles you whole once more
  115. >But you somehow do find it in yourself to stop before it's too late, and she simply gazes up to shoot you a playful glance as your hand rests on her forehead
  116. >She became really good at this, and she knows it
  117. >She wasn't at first, of course, but Twilight made sure to 'give her a hand' and tell her everything she needed to know to make you throb in just the right ways
  118. >"Look at her go~, she really loves your cock,"
  119. >Twi brings one of her hands up and places it on top of yours, before she clenches her fingers and forces you to take a fistfull of Sci's hair
  120. >"Come on, help her out,"
  121. >You know exactly what she wants, so you don't make her wait
  122. >And you pull on Sci's hair and her lips follow, all the way up your cock
  123. >You're not there yet, but you can feel that you'll be back at full mast in no time
  124. >You try and squeeze a few seconds of respite, both for your still sensitive organ and to make sure Sci's ready, but Twi has other plans
  125. >And her hand forces Sci's head all the way down
  126. >But this doesn't even perturb her, and she instantly pushes her tongue out of her mouth to lap at your balls
  127. >Shit
  128. >Yep, full mast in no time
  129. >"She seems rather eager tonight... do you think it has anything to do with the baby you pumped into her?"
  130. >Your mouth opens up and you try and say something, but nothing comes out
  131. >Did you really impregnate her?
  132. >Are you really going to be a dad?
  133. >Of course it's not 100%, but there's still a risk
  134. >A risk, or a chance
  135. >You love her but you know that having a baby now wouldn't help her in her studies
  136. >"And what does the little whore has to say about this?"
  137. >She pulls her off your cock as she says that
  138. >"Do you like that? Do you like the idea of having his baby?"
  139. >Sci's eyes move from hers to yours the second she understands the question
  141. >>30870602
  142. >And she nods, before she pulls your cock back towards her lips to give it a kiss
  143. >"Yes, mistress, I do,"
  144. >Your heart leaps and Twilight lets out a content hum as her fingers trace circles right above your thumping organs, proving she felt that
  145. "I--Are you--"
  146. >"Are you sure? You do understand what it means, right?"
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