Graf kouhou shashin satsueikai [done by someone else]

Jan 10th, 2017
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  1. Graf kouhou shashin satsueikai Translation
  2. From
  4. [Preface]
  5. >[Pleased to meet you, I am Toyama Eight. To you, the readers who are holding this doujin, I give my sincerest thanks. I am in your care.]
  6. >[By the way, the cover designer is SoU(@sou_wav). Thank you for all your help until now.]
  7. >[I figured I'd show my thanks right here. It's supposedly a preface, but to be honest I'm just saying hi.]
  9. >clack (note: shutter sound.)
  10. >Graf: ...Admiral, what are you doing?
  11. >TTK: Photography.
  13. >Graf: A Poster photo?
  14. >TTK: Yep.
  15. >TTK: When you're talking posters, it's got to be photos.
  16. >Graf: ...this sound nothing like part of a base commander's job description?
  17. >TTK: Well, don't say nothing.
  18. >TTK: I,
  19. >TTK: Have always had an avid interest in photography.
  20. >Graf: What,
  21. >Graf: so in the end it's just that you want to take photos?
  22. >TTK: Yep, exactly. So I'm going to do it.
  23. >Graf: Now?
  25. >Graf: ....ehh...
  26. >Graf: Are you...taking photos of me?
  27. >TTK: DId you only just notice?!
  29. >Graf: ...why me?
  30. >Graf: These are photos for the Naval District's posters, right?
  31. >Graf: There has to be a better-suited subject...
  33. >Graf: Oy, Admiral....
  34. >Graf: From the start, you've just been taking photos there...
  35. >TTK: ....Hmmm....
  36. >TTK: Panties!
  37. >Graf: At the very least, don't be so unreserved about it! (literally: Do't be so surprising about it! It's the least you cold do!)
  38. >Graf: Really...
  39. >Graf: Could you take this more seriously? [At least in this respect]
  40. >TTK: Sorry, sorry
  41. >TTK: I got it. [just in this respect?]
  43. >[Bikini]
  44. >TTK: I was hoping you'd wear this here.
  45. >Graf: Are you serious? [I don't understand why I should wear this.]
  46. >Graf: Oy, | Admiral--
  47. >Graf: Ehhh...
  48. >TTK: I beg you, please wear it.
  49. >TTK: I bought that bikini just for this....please....
  50. >Graf: WHat?!
  51. >Graf: You were wasting money again?
  52. >TTK: It won't be a waste if you put it on!
  53. >Graf: Like hell!
  54. >TTK: Please!
  55. >[desperately]
  56. >Graf: This is really unsightly, Admiral....
  57. >TTK: Please!
  58. >TTK: Pleaaaasssee!
  59. >Graf: Do you think you'll move me by begging and crying...?!
  61. >[5 minutes later]
  62. >[fitting room]
  64. >Graf: ...It
  65. >Graf: It's on....
  66. >TTK: Ohhhhhhh
  67. >TTK: Thank you. Thank you.
  68. >Graf: s-
  69. >Graf: stop messing around (literally: don't worship me)
  70. >Graf: Speaking of which, why a swimsuit?
  71. >Graf: Could you please consider the season*?
  72. >[*note: It's winter.]
  73. >TTK: Well, I felt that summer gives people a better feeling.
  75. >TTK: I'm taking it--
  77. >TTK: Next up, this pose....
  78. >Graf: .... | are you serious...
  79. >Graf: ....Admiral,
  80. >Graf: This is a little.....
  81. >Graf: Well....
  82. >TTK: Alright, put these on next.
  83. >Graf: there's more?!
  85. >"Look here" sign
  86. >[side note: race queen attire]
  87. >[Graf: Even though this shows less skin | It's no less embarassing!!]
  89. >Graf: Why this?!
  90. >Shimakaze uniform
  91. >Graf: Isn't this the most embarassing?!
  92. >Graf: For her to wear this on a daily basis
  93. >Graf: Shimakaze sure is serious!
  94. >TTK: Shimakaze's uniform sure is something (wwwwwwwwww) (note: literally, it sure is unfortunate/bad)
  95. >Graf: No laughing!
  97. >TTK: Now--Smile~
  98. >[Graf: Ahhhhhh, really...]
  99. >Graf: Whatever, do what you like!
  100. >She gave up on herself. (note: literally, a raging capitulation)
  102. >Graf: I've been thinking, Admiral.
  103. >Graf: There's no way you could use that kind of photo for a public poster, right? [what are you up to? (note: the literal translation is "what are you levying," not 100% on this translation)]
  104. >TTK: Y- | You noticed, huh....
  105. >Not the lying type.
  107. >Graf: Well, whatever.
  108. >Graf: Honestly, I've been kind of suspicious since Admiral started talking.
  109. >Graf: But there will not be a next time.
  110. >TTK: Ehhhh
  111. >TTK: But there's so much more I want to do!!
  112. >Graf: Bottom line, dont' you dare show today's photos to anyone!
  113. >Graf: If anyone other than Admiral sees this, I'm going to die of shame!
  114. >TTK: .... | Understood, I will prepare other photos.
  116. >Later
  117. >[note: it's a recruitment poster.]
  118. >Graf: Mm.
  119. >TTK: How is it? | A very serious poster, no?
  120. >Graf: Indeed.
  121. >Graf: This is fine.
  122. >Graf: Really, if you'd been so serious from the beginning....
  123. >Graf: Hm? | What's in this folder?
  124. >TTK: AH
  126. >[on folder: Top secret]
  127. >Graf: Hm....?
  128. >TTK: Ahhh....
  129. >Graf: Eh?!
  130. >Graf: W-ww-w--w-w-w | Why is this also here?!
  131. >TTK: Eh | Ahhhh, no, that's....!
  132. >TTK: F- | for personal use...?
  134. >["You'd better not take this anywhere, Admiral!!"]
  135. >[I-I got it....]
  136. >[Poster: Come over come fast, young men!]
  137. >[Text: Come and join the war against the abyssals! Please head to the Yokosuka Naval District for details.]
  138. >[End]
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