Padomaic Ocean

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  1.     Beyond Resdayn, the vast ocean continues almost undisturbed until crashing into the coasts of Akavir, with islands and archipelagos acting as the only outposts of life between the two continents. Once a theatre for invasions between the continents, the Padomaic Ocean has since returned to its primordial role of providing bountiful catches for the hungry mouths of the eastern coast of Tamriel. Traffic on the eastbound routes has slowed down but Imperial barques still travel back and forth, delivering spices and other exotic product back to the home continent.
  2.     A much livelier trade route exists deep below the surface of the Padomaic Ocean, primarily operated by Telvanni trade companies, but also a number of Sload guilds. The great magical house of Dunmer have since times immemorial rejected accepted societal doctrines propagated by the Temple and, in the isolationalist mages’ words, sheepishly followed by Dunmer society at large; part of the doctrines is anti-Dreugh sentiment, which is based on the teachings relating to Vivec’s struggle with the Ruddy Man. Contrasting the antagonistic views of the Temple, House Telvanni not only consider the Dreugh good business partners but also folk to live and intermingle with. It has been a belief among certain scholarly circles that the Dreugh have superior qualities that have allowed them to not only form the earliest civilisation but allegedly transcend the so-called kalpic circle, therefore mixing blood with them is not only preferable but is necessary in order to create a new breed of “Dreughmer”. In what these academics consider the next leap in their race’s development, the offspring of Mer and Dreugh will inherit the world after everyone else is gone.
  3.     Telvanni coralopoles stretch across the vast oceanic ridges off the coast of Morrowind, their spires towering over the neighbouring dunes and kelp forests. Many powerful Telvanni aristocrats have found themselves masters of these realms; they rule over cities where most land dwellers could not survive even a minute. Some survive using powerful waterbreathing spells, or by casting giant bubbles of air that allow for non-Dreugh retainers to walk freely on the city streets. Many councilors and many more of their subjects, however, thrive deep under the sea through the blessing of their fathers’ unions with the Dreugh.
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