Myst Speed + Afterimage feat

Aug 28th, 2020
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  1. (Frozen Summer, Chapter 5)
  3. Myst took a deep breath before she suddenly raced at the girl. Mitoshi gasped in shock, throwing a punch which ended up connecting with the air. Both brothers' eyebrows flinched in unison at the young woman's speed. Myst had leapt up high, into the treetops. From there, she began bounding around between trees, leaving long-lasting afterimages of herself all around — all of them with their eyes locked on the girl.
  5. ‘She's fast,’ Antoshi communicated with his brother. ‘Although, not as fast as Celeste.’
  7. ‘That's for sure,’ Latoshi replied.
  9. ‘Still, it's certainly enough to keep Mitoshi focused on her opponent's movements.’
  11. Mitoshi, meanwhile, swallowed hard. She kept up with Myst's hypersonic movements as best she could, but they were starting to blur and confound her. She shut her eyes and shook her head, trying to refocus her eyesight. Their battle had only just begun, yet she was starting to feel in over her head. Myst took note of that.
  13. “Moving like this is as easy as breathing for me,” Myst said, her voice echoing between the afterimages. “You should give up now. Turn back before things get worse.”
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