[F4M] Your Good Little Patient

Jul 16th, 2019
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  1. [Script Offer] [F4M] Your Good Little Patient [Rape] [Nymphomaniac] [Switchy] [Blowjob] [Rough Sex] [Blackmail] [Choking] [Huge Breach of Ethics] [Dirty Talk] [Mentions of Psych Ward] [Psychological Manipulation] [Mentions of Drugging] [Physical Restraints] [Forced Impreg]
  3. Feel free to modify as you see fit
  5. (notes, emotion, or tone) [Sound FX suggestions, optional obviously]
  7. This character is definitely crazy, viewing her doctor as a pseudo husband. She's got a cheery, yet dark demeanor and she is absolutely aware that even though she's the one locked up, she's holding all the cards. She "seduced" him before and now she's using their previous activities to force the doctor to do more and more depraved things. I'm going to go drink now cause this script is all sorts of weird.
  11. [Door Opening/Closing]
  13. (cheery) Hi, Honey, welcome back! I missed you!
  15. What's with the tape recorder? (teasing) Oh I'm sorry, are we playing professional right now?
  17. Are you sure you want to be making evidence of our little meetings, especially after how the last one ended? [giggle]
  19. You know, last time...when you finally gave in. You pinned me to the floor and fucked me like an animal...
  21. No, that's not the word for it. It wasn't fast and desperate... (almost sweetly) it was slow. Deliberate. The way you fuck someone you know is going to enjoy it...the way you fuck someone when you want them to remember it...[sigh]
  23. You left bruises on my back; you do you think I should explain that to the nurses?
  25. (teasing, calming) Oh, don't fret doc... I promise I won't tell anybody about what happened...I would never hurt you like that
  27. (implied threat) I just hope nobody notices anything unusual during my medical checkup in a few days...
  29. Oh, and there goes the tape recorder (laughing) are you sure you don't want to keep a record...maybe for later? [giggle] I can whisper every detail of our little therapy session...slowly...for you to enjoy at your leisure...(laughing)
  31. (short pause)
  33. Oh, you'll deny anything I say. Sweetheart, that's cute but we both know the physical evidence is a little overwhelming...
  35. (short pause)
  37. (in disbelief, laughing) What?! You'll say I over powered you?! Is that diploma in your office fake or something? I'd love to hear you explain how I got the upper hand while wearing this...[rattling] straight jacket...
  39. What will you tell them? That I crawled on my knees (suggestive) like this...till I was kneeling in front of you? That I nuzzled my cheek against that growing bulge in your pants [moan] like that...
  41. and then somehow your clothes were off and your dick was being swallowed by the 100-pound girl with a cock addiction? Real believable, Doc...
  43. (fake epiphany) Oooh, I know! Just tell them I was becoming delirious, insatiable, a danger to myself and others...I needed a dick, any dick to cure me of my cock induced mania... (fake disappointed) Oh wait, your little psych books say nymphomania isn't a real sad.
  45. I don't know, Doc, I think the walls might be closing in here. Plus, there's this ever-growing bit of self-incrimination right here [kiss]
  47. [gasp] What the hell, you pushed me!
  49. (short pause, then seductive) Do you need me on my back that badly? Maybe you want to look me in the eyes when you fuck me this time? It's OK, here, let me spread my legs...what are you waiting for? Do you want me to beg? I can do that [throat clear]
  51. Pleeeeease, doctor, I need your dick. I can't think straight; it feels like I'm burning up inside. I need you to ram that thick cock of yours into me, just one more time. Fuck me until I can't move, shove every inch down my throat. Let me swallow your medicine so I can go back to being a good girl, your good little patient...
  53. (laughing) My my, you're looking a little red there, Doc, do you need to relieve some stress? I think I know a good way to blow off some steam...
  55. (mocking) "Shut up?" Or what, you'll go running to the orderlies? "Help me, help me! My patient's a nympho, she won't stop trying to fuck me."
  57. Maybe you should, then I can tell them all about my bruises, and the way your dick feels inside me, what it's like to have your cum dribbling down my chin. I can be quite descriptive...
  59. (crying) "You don't understand...he was so cruel. He wouldn't stop no matter how much I begged him to...and then [voice breaking] he grabbed me by the hair...and he said I was going to swallow his semen or he'd change my medication to something that would make me more compliant..."
  61. (laughing) What's the matter, Doc, cat got your tongue? Oh, but that look in your eyes says everything, doesn't it?
  63. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was you on the verge of a psychotic break...should I get the nurse? We could get you a room right next to mine, maybe I could come over for some afterhours therapy sessions. What do ya say?
  65. [gasps in pain] (aroused) That's it, grab my hair. Drag me around till I'm right where you want me.
  67. (desperate) Please, unzip your pants and give me that fucking cock...In my mouth, in my cunt I don't care just shove it inside me, right now!
  69. [gasp in pain then blowjob sounds/gagging]
  71. (mouth full) yes...god yes
  73. [blowjob noises/moans]
  75. Fuck...did you get thicker since last time. I swear to god you're gonna stretch my throat at this rate...
  77. Oh no no no no no no second thoughts...not now...oh it's ok shh, let me suck your dick till you work up the nerve to take out all your twisted little fantasies on me.
  79. [sucking sounds]
  81. (happy) Mmmmmmmm you forgot I was a fucking slut before you got your hands on me, didn't you? I'm a goddamn savant when it comes to sucking cock [kissing/sucking] I can lick and suck and [several long sucks] just melt you right here in my mouth...
  83. Ah ah, not too loud Doc, we wouldn't want your peers to catch on, would we?
  85. [blowjob sounds]
  87. (teasing) Oh but I know I'm not making it easy on you. My little tongue is coaxing all those sweet sounds out of you [licking]
  89. (Potential improv here if you want to extend the blowjob scene. She's entirely psychotic so maybe just laughter and blowjob sounds or telling him to be quiet. Reminding him that he's at work and he's doing something very wrong, etc.)
  91. Oh no, don't cry baby, shhhhhh. Your career isn't over...not as long as you do what I say. You'll visit me and we can sit and talk about your day, and your desires, your fears. And then you're gonna pull yourself together and fuck me until I tell you to stop.
  93. I'll pull myself into your head and drag out every filthy desire, every shameful want, every desperate need...all the things that are eating away at you...and then we can work through them, together.
  95. [sigh] I'm getting bored of this, Doc, you need to buck up and quick or I'm gonna call an orderly in here to get you some help...we don't want that do we? Can't have everyone knowing our little secret. So where is he, hmm? That man, that fucking stud, that fucked me till I couldn't think.
  97. Do you need some help finding him? Maybe we could call up your wife and ask her if she's seen him recently?
  99. (short pause)
  101. Oh, that didn't realize I knew about her...those male nurses, they can be so chatty when they think they're assisting a sedated patient. They talk about how hot she is...about her tight little ass...should we call her and see if she can get me some good dick in here? Sounds like she's got plenty coming her way...
  103. [gasps in pain] (excited, aroused) There he is! Fucking Finally! Now what are you gonna do to shut me u-
  105. [gagging/deepthroat]
  107. (muffled) oh go-
  109. [more gagging]
  111. [blowjob continues until you're satisfied]
  113. (normal voice) Go ahead, baby, cum wherever you want. On my tits, in my mouth, in my hair...coat me in your thick it!
  115. [moans]
  117. Holy shit...I don't think there's a single dry spot left on my face...
  119. [gasps in pain]
  121. Oh, we're going to use the bed this time? Aww, that's no fun...
  123. [fabric ripping]
  125. (slightly worried) Careful, Doc, it's gonna be hard to explain why my pants are ripped
  127. [cry out in pain]
  129. Ow! Ow! Ok, ok, I'll spread my legs...just give me that hard Di-
  131. [loud moan]
  133. Yes! Fuck! Yes! That's it! Fuck me like you fuck your whore of a wife!
  135. [cry out in pain/moan]
  137. God yes! Pull my hair! Slap my face! Do whatever dark, sick fantasy comes to your mind! Do you want me to beg you to stop? Does that get you hard, the idea of raping your helpless patient?
  139. (crying) hurts...
  141. [moaning throughout] (normal) No? How about I tell you how big your dick is...that I want you to fuck my filthy mouth every night and cum in my dripping pussy any day you want. All you have to do is come to my room, bend me over, and shove your throbbing cock into me...just like you are now.
  143. [moans]
  145. You wanna cum on my face again? No, no, no, I'm not letting you get away that easy. I'm gonna wrap my legs around you and you're gonna cum deep inside me.
  147. (manic, laughing) Struggle all you want, you won't get free. I've been exercising, doing squats, toning my body to drive you wild so you'd eventually give in.
  149. [Moaning for the rest of the segment] (getting more manic and unhinged as she reveals her plan)
  151. And it worked, you dropped your guard and let me get under your skin. You fucked me and fell right into my hands. All I had to do was give you the image of looking into my eyes while you fucked me, bring your wife up so you'd be mad enough to stop thinking for just long enough...
  153. For a psychiatrist you're pretty suggestible [giggle]
  155. And now you're going to cum in my pussy and I'm gonna have your'll leave your'll fight to get me out of this psych ward. Or I'll carry your child here, in front of all your co-workers. I doubt it'll take them long to figure out what happened.
  157. What do you imagine your wife will think of you once she knows you fucked a helpless psychotic? She'll think you're a rapist...she'll never talk to you again. You'll go to jail; your whole life will fall apart around you.
  159. Or...just give in, build a new life with me. I'll fuck you every night, you can fulfill every depraved desire you've ever had. I'll be your perfect little fuck toy.
  161. Unfortunately, I think your ex-wife is gonna need to be out of the picture...can't have you pining after an old flame. Maybe I'll poison her morning coffee. (excited, fully insane) Ooooooh, we could have her committed. You could do that, right? Lock her up in a place like this and throw away the key.
  163. Whatever you think is best. You'll have a couple of months till I start to show, so you can plan it all out...but anyway, back to the subject at hand.
  165. [moaning, building to orgasm]
  167. Are you ready to be a father? Again with the tears...[sigh] Just look at me, look at you cum dripping down through my hair...I'm your little slut, your perfect cock sleeve. I'm whatever you want and more...just cum inside me...cum inside me and get me pregnant.
  169. [increased moans until orgasm]
  171. Yes! Yes! That's it! Give me your cum! Fuck a baby into me! Fuck! Oh my fucking god!
  173. [orgasm]
  175. Did you feel that? That's the feeling of our new life together...are you excited?
  177. [happy sigh] I love the feeling of your cum inside you wanna come up with some baby names? I was thinking if it's a boy we can name him after you...and if it's a girl...after your ex-wife [crazed giggle]
  179. (slightly scared) What're you
  181. [groan] Hey! Get off my chest...(struggling) you're too heavy...I can't breathe...wait, wait (choking) don't do this...please [cough] I won't...won't tell anyone just...stop choking me...please...don't...please [coughs/gasps/breathes deeply]
  183. (recovering) I thought you were really going to do it...
  185. (regaining composure) but it looks like I have some fun new bruises to explain...
  187. What should I say to the medical staff? Why don't you come back tomorrow and we can put our heads together some more...?
  189. [laughing/fade out]
  191. [end]
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