LinktersHD Sucking Jagex's Cock

Feb 2nd, 2013
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  1. LinktersHD: Oh hi
  2. LinktersHD: Reported you to Jagex
  3. LinktersHD: GG
  4. rakiru: ?
  5. LinktersHD: Sorry
  6. LinktersHD: To bad your going to get banned from the game
  7. LinktersHD: Let me show screenshot proof
  8. rakiru: bad joke, or do you think either i or them care?
  9. LinktersHD: Nope
  10. LinktersHD:
  11. rakiru: that wasn't a yes/no question...
  12. rakiru: you spelt my name wrong, fucking prick
  13. LinktersHD: and
  14. rakiru: so, you told jagex i wrote a hack? that's plainly obvious in the video I FUCKING MADE OF ME HACKING
  15. rakiru: gg
  16. LinktersHD: And
  17. rakiru: yes, you alreayd said that...
  18. rakiru: already*
  19. rakiru: are you planning on following up that "and" with something...?
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