Gaping Fuckhole (shitpost) F

May 25th, 2017
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  1. >you've been living in Equestria for a few years now
  2. >you somehow found a way to survive, you got a job, you got a house
  3. >you even became a person some ponies may find enjoyable
  4. >enough so that you could find her
  5. >she found you, rather, but that's not important
  6. >you never thought it would happen
  7. >but somehow... there you are. And there she is. Close to you.
  8. >Close enough to want children.
  9. >and somehow, pony magic made it happen
  10. >she's been pregnant with your child for about 7months now
  11. >you know that he's coming soon. She is.
  12. >it's a girl. your own little baby girl, growing inside the tummy of your loving wife.
  13. >you still haven't found a name for her
  14. >you want to discuss it with your wife, but everytime you bring it up, she dismisses it adding a quick 'you'll see'
  15. >then one day, you understand
  16. >you wake up, and you know her name. the name of your little girl
  17. >you turn to look at your wife, she just woke up too, at the same time as you
  18. >and her anxious look tells you that she woke up for the same reason
  19. >you can't believe it
  20. >it can't be happening
  21. >what the fuck is this shit
  22. >her hoof on your hand stops you from freaking out
  23. >'I-It'll be okay dear, I'm sure--'
  24. "What the fuck?! Our daughter's name is going to be Gaping Fuckhole?!"
  25. >then you got jailed for sending three hundred seventy-three threat letters written in blood to the princess
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