nuke - [Nameless] [Actias/Pepper Dust/romantic/short]

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. >Be Pepper Dust.
  2. >Sitting in the Dust Bin with Actias.
  3. >She's visiting.
  4. >You've been talking to her for a while now, sending each other letters through the Caravans.
  5. >She tries to visit as often as possible, and has even talked about moving down here after she retires.
  6. >You're just happy to see and hear from her.
  7. >She's nice, even if she struggles to show it.
  8. >You love her so much.
  9. >She's so beautiful, and talented, and sweet.
  10. >You know she loves you too, but it's hard to get her to show it.
  11. >It isn't a problem, though.
  12. >You take her hooves into yours and look into her eyes.
  13. >She smiles softly, as do you.
  14. >"Something on your mind, Peppy?"
  15. >You look down at her hooves and turn them over.
  16. "Just thinking about how lucky I am."
  17. >She blushes and looks away.
  18. >You continue to hold her hooves, never wanting to let go.
  19. "You're really pretty."
  20. >She smiles and laughs a little bit.
  21. >"And you have six legs."
  22. >You frown and stare at her.
  23. >"We're stating the obvious, aren't we?"
  24. >You look away and blush.
  25. >"Sorry, I'm... I'm sorry, Peppy."
  26. "Does it bother you?"
  27. >"No. It's... You make me feel safer when you hug me. I love you, Peppy."
  28. >She reaches for your other set of hooves and holds them.
  29. >"You're perfect."
  30. "You are."
  31. >"No. I'm arrogant and selfish. I think too highly of myself. I just... I want to be more like you. More humble, happier, just... More perfect."
  32. "I'm not perfect. Look at me."
  33. >"You're perfect to me."
  34. >She nuzzles your middle set of hooves.
  35. >"Every part of you is perfect to me."
  36. >She closes her eyes and holds your hooves to her lips.
  37. >You slowly hug her, and she starts to hum softly.
  38. "You're perfect to me, too. I love you, Butterfly."
  39. >Her cheek rests against your neck fluff as you hold her and stroke her back.
  40. >She leaves tomorrow.
  41. >Maybe you'll go with her.
  42. >Maybe she'll decide to stay.
  43. >The only thing you're sure of, is that she'll always be in your heart.
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