Fucking Hate This Staff-Team

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  1. So this kid called fucking Lars called Alery fat.
  2. so i told Alery what he said i used the term (The Manager forgot his name at the time
  3. then later said It was Lars) so now hes making stuff up about how i 'Begged'
  4. him to make a report on Spidiy the Toxic Platform-Admin and yet all i said to him
  5. was Tell Valentino what you just told me.
  6. =======================================================================
  7. Now i have lost my VIP Rank and lost Valentino as a friend clearly, He don't even talk to
  8. me now and won't listen to anything i have to say hes talking 100% Alerys side
  9. and i don't understand why he wont even talk to me so i can tell him what i said
  10. its not fair one bit.
  11. ========================================================================
  12. Its sad Alery this morning was nice and kind to me and even let me in a few screenshares
  13. ALL THE SS's i did i found Vape//Merge
  15. Today's SS:
  16. Yesterday's SS:
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