An Unexplained Occurrence

May 23rd, 2016
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  1. >Opening your eyes, you look out across the vast expanse
  2. >Unsure of what exactly is going on, you slowly stagger to your hooves, feeling a bit disoriented
  3. >Taking a minute to gain your senses, you begin to survey the area around you
  4. >A flat plain extends into the distance, odd formations rising up into the sky that appear to be miles away
  5. >Craning your neck left and right you spot other stallions scattered about, some appearing to wake up just as you had moments ago
  6. >Earth stallions like yourself, unicorns, and the occasional pegasus appear to be all present, although many off in the distance are just barely specks, but you can tell that they’re ponies
  7. >The nearest stallions are almost a hundred meters away you figure, but you can hear them discussing in confused, slightly panicky voices
  8. >Rubbing your temple a bit you decide to head over to them
  9. >Trotting along however, you begin to notice strange things about your environment
  10. >For one thing, the ground echoes oddly when your hooves clip on it. Almost reminds you of walking on a wooden floor
  11. >And huge cracks in the earth extending as far as your eye can see appear the be almost uniform
  12. >Approaching the small group of stallions, you give them a wave as you join their discussion
  13. “You guys know what’s going on?”
  14. >”Not really. I was trotting home, and next thing I know I wake up here”
  15. >”I was out enjoying a walk and everything just kinda went blank. I have no idea where we are, but it sure aint where I started”
  16. >Trying to get your stories straight, you all eventually come to the conclusion that none of you neither know where you are or how you got there
  17. >It doesn’t take long for your group, three unicorns, two other earth ponies, and a hovering pegasus to head, out, attempting to find answers
  18. >As you all silently walk along you can spot other small groups beginning to form in the distance
  19. >From what you can tell, there’s at least a few dozen of you, that you can see at least
  20. >The pegasus zips ahead of the rest of you, as is natural. His flight will come in handy scouting out the area
  21. >As you move onwards, your flying friend eventually returns, informing the group that something lies up ahead
  22. >Continuing in the direction he came from, the object starts to come into view, appearing as some kind of berm or something
  23. >But after another minute of walking, you all pause, the curiosity lying right before you
  24. >A giant, pink rope, almost as thick as yourself lies on the ground, and with the way it coils into the distance, you estimate it to be at least half a hoofball field in length
  25. >”What is it?”
  26. >”I have no idea. Some kind of rope I guess”
  27. >You all look at it in curiosity, a couple of your couple going up and touching it
  28. >While they examine it, you do notice however that it has a sweet, fruity scent wafting up from it, almost like a perfume odor
  29. >Whatever it is, you’ve not seen anything like it
  30. >”G-guys?”
  31. >The pegasus darts back in front of the group, frantic beating of wings causing a breeze you whip your mane
  32. >”Come look at this…”
  33. >Speeding off once more someone groans, knowing that there’s no time to stand around and rest
  34. >Trotting along once more the pegasus hovers over some large structure, terrified look in his eyes
  35. >”What? What is it?”
  36. >”I-it’s a bit”
  37. >You speak up, figuring you misheard him
  38. “A what?”
  39. >”It’s a bit!”
  40. >He flies over, quickly snatching you up
  41. >You don’t have time to protest however, as your attention is quickly turned elsewhere
  42. >The object that the pegasus holds you over is a gigantic coin, unmistakable for a bit
  43. >The tiny writing, the kind that you usually have to squint to make out, is absolutely enormous, each individual letter the size of a full grown stallion
  44. >This… isn’t good
  45. >Gently lowering you to the ground the group is already nervously conversing, almost in a panic
  46. >You yourself have no idea how to react, staying in a silent stupor
  47. >”The rope back there! It must have been a mane hair!”
  48. >”O-or a tail hair”
  49. >”So you’re saying we shrunk?”
  50. >They continue to bicker, your mind well away, trying to comprehend your predicament
  51. >If a single strand of hair and coin were that big, you must quite literally be an ant
  52. >No, you’d be smaller than most ants. You’re probably barely bigger than a speck at this point
  53. >You have to warn all the other stallions!
  54. >Peering around once more you spot at least three other groups around the room, a couple out in the open, and one by what you now recognize to be an inconceivably large bed
  55. >But what good you warning them do? The only chance you have would be to find the pony who’s room this is, whomever that it
  56. >The bickering of the stallions beside you is cut short, everypony’s ears perking up
  57. >It takes a few seconds, but you once again distinctively hear it, and feel it
  58. >Another tremor slightly shakes the ground
  59. >”Wh-what was that?”
  60. >Nopony answers him as another tremor shakes your world
  61. >A terrifying creaking noise hits all your ears, causing you to cover them
  62. >A thunderous boom followed by another shake soon follows
  63. >Looking upwards, your jaw drops, unable to comprehend the sight
  64. >One by one, massive gray hooves enter the room, the four of them booming in unison
  65. >After they enter, another set comes, and then another
  66. >And finally, one last set
  67. >Sixteen massive hooves shake the world, three of their owners gray, the last one pink
  68. >Well, at least you know where that hair came from
  69. >The hooves’ owners stride casually forward, their booming voices giggling over something
  70. >Following their legs upwards with your eyes you find them to all be earth pony mares, whether friends or sisters you cannot tell
  71. >Somepony in your group screams in terror, galloping away a short distance before freezing
  72. >A godlike hoof slowly arcs over you all, shadow blotting out the light for a quick second before it passes
  73. >Another earth shattering thud is all you receive as it impacts the ground far away
  74. >Curling yourself out of the fetal position, you return your gaze skywards
  75. >A pink sky greets you, its owner obviously oblivious to your presence
  76. >”Who is she…?”
  77. “I-I don’t know”
  78. >Your group silently comes to the conclusion that standing under a giant mare’s belly isn’t the best option, and quickly begins to trot out from under her
  79. >The seven of you approach her backside, walking around her planted hoof
  80. >Small flecks of dirt can be seen on it, obviously she had been trotting around before arriving here
  81. >The hoof’s natural scent mixes with the perfume smell from earlier, wafting around your tiny group as you all skirt around it, causing some eyes to water
  82. >Being the last one in line you flare your nostrils, taking one last whiff of the odd smelling air before exiting the mare’s shadow
  83. >But you find your group all staring upwards, eyes as wide as dinner plates
  84. >Following their cue, you do the same, only to have your jaw drop
  85. >The mare’s pink tail swishes back and forth in a casual manner
  86. >But with each pass, you all get a glimpse of beauty
  87. >Her slit is clearly visible, absolutely massive puckered asshole above it
  88. >A tingling feeling starts to build in your crotch, something you suspect that all your group members are already guilty of
  89. >Even at normal size you figure that this mare has quite the sizeable rump, the two pink cheeks appearing planet sized from your perspective now
  90. >Somehow finding the strength to overcome your lust, you peer around the rest of the room
  91. >The three gray mares stand idly about, one of the opening a giant drawer, one still giggling over something
  92. >All of the other groups of tiny stallions appear to have congregated around their respective mares, obviously trying to get a view at their asses
  93. >A gust of wind snaps your head back, a feather floating into view
  94. >The pegasus has cast himself upwards
  95. “Wait!”
  96. >Your cry falls upon deaf ears, as his ascent continues higher and higher
  97. >Soon he is merely a dot in the sky, rising ever closer to the giant mare’s tail
  98. >You all look on in unspoken jealously as the distant dot find its target, disappearing from view as it slips under her dock
  99. >”Luck pegasus bastard…”
  100. >A couple stallions grumble, evidently miffed that they weren’t able to be so close to her shapely behind
  101. >”What I wouldn’t give to touch that ass”
  102. >You almost nod in bewildered agreement, but all of your collective attention returns to the sky
  103. >The mare’s massive cheeks begin to lightly rock side to side, crushing up into each other, almost as if trying to scratch an itch
  104. >”What’s she doing?”
  105. >”Guess our friend found what he was looking for”
  106. >The display continues on, tail swishing once more as the mare uses her thighs to itch herself, darker genitals clearly visible
  107. >A new scent hits your nose
  108. >Musk
  109. >Looking around, most of the stallions seemed to have popped boners, a couple beginning to stroke them with a hoof
  110. >You’re not going to lie, you can feel the head of yours poking through it’s sheathe
  111. >Retuning your gaze to the incredible ass above you, you figure that there’s no harm in watching
  112. >The mare rubs her cheeks a few more times, unaware of the show she’s providing to her miniscule audience
  113. >But all at once the mood turns from one of uncontrollable lust, to terror
  114. >The pink cheeks begin to lower, mare squatting
  115. >Soon the land is coated in shadow
  116. >Instinctively you all begin to flee, awkwardly trotting with your boners slapping your bellies
  117. >The sound of rushing wind is comparable to a train as you dive out of the shadow, the clipping of hooves go by
  118. >Flopping over onto your back you begin to pant in exhaustion, observing the scene before you
  119. >The titanic ass cheeks approach the ground at a constant velocity
  120. >Two tiny stallions scream as the shadow overtakes them
  121. >In an instant one unicorn and earth pony disappear under the wall of pink, earthquake erupting as the ass impacts the floor, jiggling
  122. >Jolted upwards slightly you hit the ground with a grunt
  123. >Opening your eyes, all you can see into the distance from side to side are a pair of murderous cheeks, forest of a tail between them
  124. >The rest of your now smaller group looks on in horror, nopony saying a word
  125. >A booming voice calls out across the room
  126. >”You ok?”
  127. >”Yeah, just had an itch. Don’t worry though, I got it”
  128. >One of the gray mares speaks up in a monotone voice
  129. >”Well come on, let’s get this place clean before we go out”
  130. >The pink mare raises her plot up once more, getting back to her hooves
  131. >Two tiny stains on the floor are all that’s left of the stallions
  132. >You don’t even want to think about what happened to the pegasus
  133. >”Look out!”
  134. >A coupe stallions shriek, the group scattering
  135. >The mare’s enormous hind hoof takes a step back, coming down quickly
  136. >You roll onto your belly, sprinting away as quickly as possible
  137. >The ground shakes again, but you don’t look back
  138. >The rest of the stallions run off in random directions, in the distance the other groups doing the same
  139. >Soon, what can be described as nothing other than chaos begins
  140. >The four mares start to stomp around the room, picking up random objects, carrying other pieces to drawers
  141. >What any pony would do when cleaning a room
  142. >All around you stallions gallop and scream, ponies that you don’t recognize frantically running by aimlessly
  143. >You don’t even know where you’re going, your instincts telling you to run
  144. >Sprinting towards the open door, you figure it’s your only chance at survival, though it may be miles away
  145. >A couple stallions seem to have the same idea, a distance in front of you as they run
  146. >But a block sized gray hoof crushes down into the floor where they once were, no doubt smashing them
  147. >Coming to a complete stop you watch in terror as the mare goes trotting by, tossing paper into a huge waste bin
  148. >Reversing your course without thinking you sprint off in another direction
  149. >The carnage around you continues, you yourself witnessing no less than a dozen ponies get squished
  150. >Passing hooves claim most of them, an occasional falling object that a mare accidentally dropped getting one
  151. >As your frantic flight continues you watch a group of three make their way to a huge dresser, attempting to seek shelter under it
  152. >An earthquake rocks the room as a gray wall obliterates them
  153. >One of the mares innocently flopped on her belly to reach something under the dresser, furry stomach eliminating the stallions unknowingly
  154. >You’re not sure how long you fled in terror, but soon the sounds as screaming stallions are drown out one by one, hoofsteps silencing them
  155. >Covered in slick sweat you stop, panting as you attempt to catch your breath
  156. >”L-look out! Run!”
  157. >You tiredly look over, the last stallion in sight sprinting by
  158. >The unicorn heaves as he runs, obviously as exhausted as you
  159. >Looking up, an inconceivably large, gray ass lowers towards the ground
  160. >All you can do is whimper at its merciless descent, no longer finding the energy to flee
  161. >Soon the cheeks of the plot make contact with the ground, burying the unicorn a short distance away
  162. >But somehow, you remain unflattened
  163. >But it soon becomes obvious why
  164. >A gigantic tail flicks over you, cheeks surrounding your tiny body
  165. >You’ve ended up in her crack
  166. >Closing your eyes, you accept your fate, the first strands of pubic tuft passing by, tickling you
  167. >A fraction of a second later, a crushing weight pins you to the floor, your back pressed against the hard wood
  168. >As you lay there, a musty scent begins to overtake you, eyes beginning to water
  169. >You’d gag if your muzzle wasn’t squished directly into wrinkly, warm flesh
  170. >You continue to lay there, the mare adjusting her butt slightly
  171. >A faint pop can be heard under her left cheek, signifying the end of the unicorn
  172. >Your more durable earth pony physic must have been your savior
  173. >Continuing to lay there, you feel like you’re about to go mad
  174. >The combination of her heavy scent and the crushing pressure cause you to squirm to no avail
  175. >You’re hopelessly trapped
  176. >As you lay there, the overbearing scent that overtakes your nostrils seems to trigger something
  177. >Without warning your crotch tingles once more
  178. >With a muffled moan, your cocks slides out of its sheathe, poking into the warm flesh as it becomes painfully erect in seconds
  179. >At first you just lay there, unsure of what to do
  180. >But instinct swiftly takes over, your hips beginning to slowly pump
  181. >Although you can barely move under the crushing weight, you’re quickly humping away like a mad stallion, unable to control yourself
  182. >Balls swaying, your thrusts increase in speed, all thoughts leaving your mind
  183. >With one final thrust you feel the tip of your cock spurt
  184. >Unfazed you get in a few more good humps, white rope coating the flesh above you
  185. >Rubbing your blown load around with your tip a bit you finally collapse, huffing heavily, although you remain smothered
  186. >Panting, you merely lay there, cock still twitching as is deflates
  187. >Your thoughts of ecstasy instantly turn to fear as you’re grinded harder into the floor, body aching
  188. >Just as you think it’s the end however, your stomach lurches, body feeling like its being lifted
  189. >Although it takes a bit of effort you finally pull your muzzle out of the slightly sweaty flesh
  190. >Fresh air quickly returns, which you greedily breathe
  191. >As soon as it started, the rising feeling subsides
  192. >Looking to your left and right all you can make out are monolithic gray ass cheeks to either side of you
  193. >Thinking for a moment, you begin to tremble, knowing exactly where you are
  194. >Your body remains stuck right to her gigantic anus, the sweat sticking you to it
  195. >Struggle as you might, you can do nothing more than pull your muzzle slightly out of the wrinkled flesh, the musky smelling hole encompassing your entire vision
  196. >You are essentially nothing more than a speck smushed in the center of her puckered ring
  197. >”Come on, we’re doing to be late”
  198. >You can hear the crashing of hooves in the distance, clipping as they exit the room
  199. >An emotionless voice replies, somewhat muffled due to your position
  200. >”I’ll be there, just have to put on my frock”
  201. >Your body feels as though it raises and drops in altitude again as the mare positions herself
  202. >You can hear her fur rubbing against something that she begins to pull up over her body
  203. >You’re not sure how it’s possible, but your world becomes darker
  204. >Looking up, a sheet of dark fabric slips right over her massive dock above you
  205. >A second later, you’re squished tightly back into her warm plothole, musty scent soon all that you can breath
  206. >With a final snap the fabric holds you firmly in place, making movement impossible
  207. >”Alright, I’m coming”
  208. >You can feel her body turn around, massive hooves thundering as she does so
  209. >Trying in vain to struggle against the oppressive anus, you eventually relax as the door behind her closes
  210. >Conceding, you lay there, pinned in place, unsure of your fate
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