MH - S01 E01

Sep 10th, 2014
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  1. <Darkling> "Settle down class. Settle down." Mrs. Herker gets up from her chair, setting the book she was reading down on her desk. The class slowly quiets as she walks to the front of the class. "Welcome to English, your homeroom, and welcome back to school!" She tries to be enthusiastic, but perhaps she's still wishing she was on summer vacation too.
  2. <Darkling> "As you can see, I've sat you in groups of five. These classmates of yours will be your partners throughout the semester, and you'll all have to get along. So why don't you take the next ten or fifteen minutes to introduce yourselves to each other!"
  3. <Avaline> "I slept late. But don't tell anyone. They might think I was..." Avaline gasps and pauses dramatically, putting on a wide eyed look. "... normal!"
  4. <Tina_> Tina smiled as she turned to the other girls in her group. She giggled at Ava. She already knew them, mostly. But, she decided to reintroduce herself anyways. "Hi guys! I'm Tina. I just know we're gonna have a really great semester."
  5. <Mr_Rage> Izumi gives Ava and Billy a familiar smile, the top-heavy Japanese girl tipped her head towards Tina's introduction, long nails tapping on the desktop idly.
  6. Billy_Blackfeather ...doesn't look terribly interested. She has her chin in her hand, staring out toward the window. Hard to mistake the swarthy girl for anyone else being only of the few if not only Native Americans in the town.
  7. <Darkling> "Hi guys." elisa waves to you all, seemign much more cheerful in comparison to Billy. "I'm suer you know me, I'm the librarian's assitant. Look forward to working with you all!"
  8. <Avaline> "I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, too. I've marked it down as a major life event."" Avaline grins widely and waves back. "Hello, Elisa. Welcome to the club."
  9. <Tina_> "Hi Elisa!" Tina said with a grin. "Nice to meet you. How was everyone's break? Mine was amazing."
  10. <Darkling> "Thanks! Mine was great. I went to a summer camp and was a volunteer counseller."
  11. <Mr_Rage> "Hnhn.~"
  12. <Avaline> The break? I lost a friend, I did some stuff I shouldn't have, I had some really neat freaky dreams... but best to keep smiling and not say a word about any of that. "Mine was great,"
  13. <@Billy_Blackfeather> I wake up naked and bloody in the woods well away from the trailer my drunk parents own. Billy offers a noncommital grunt, still more interested i the world outside the classroom window.
  14. <Avaline> "That's Billy-ese. I've got a translation guide in the works."
  15. <Tina_> The girl looked at the two who didn't really answer. Billy was always so quiet. She giggled. "Maybe you could get me a copy. I'm still trying to get the basics down."
  16. <Mr_Rage> Izumi interlocks her fingers, perching her chin on top of them, eyes flicking from girl to girl.
  17. <Avaline> "You'll get the first copy, Tina. " Avaline says with a smile.
  18. <Darkling> "Alright alright. That's probably enough, I'm sure you all know each other already anyways." She heads over to her desk and class begins.
  19. <Avaline> Avaline goes quiet, putting on a serious expression and staring at the teacher. Maybe a little too serious, since it looks like it would fit in at a funeral quite nicely.
  20. <Darkling> Most of it is introductory stuff, what you'l be doing throughout the year.
  21. <Tina_> Tina doodled in her notebook. Probably what she'd be doing all year anyways.
  22. <Mr_Rage> Izumi leaaans, having a look at what comes out of Tina's head.
  23. <Darkling> After an close to an hour your teacher breaks out a stack of books and starts passing them around. "This is a collection of works by William Shakespear, you know who that is of course."
  24. <Tina_> Most of the doodles were just artistic spirals or different animals, nothing too special. Tina got the books from the teacher and passed them around.
  25. Billy slids hers straight into her bag, skipping on the 'white man' joke.
  26. <Avaline> "Love is a smoke made from the fume of sighs." Avaline says with a dramatic sigh as she takes the book.
  27. <Darkling> "At the end of the month, I'll be asking all of your to present to me a single section of a play of your choice. Your group will have to act it out, and have memorized it."
  28. <Darkling> "I'll expect your choice by the end of the week."
  29. <Tina_> A play? That might actually be fun. If they could get Billy to talk. Tina tapped her chin and looked at the contents wondering what play they should do.
  30. Izumi griiiins.
  31. <Darkling> "There is... ten minutes left of class. So if you want to talk about it now, feel free." She goes back to her desk and sits down.
  32. <Avaline> Avaline is also visibly happy. Wait... that smile doesn't look happy so much as devious.
  33. <Tina_> "What do you guys think? Romeo and Juliet? Maybe Midsummer Night's Dream? That one sounds like it's about the summer which would be cool."
  34. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl taps her chin with those long nails, flip-flipping. "Romeo and Juliet might send wrong message.~"
  35. <Darkling> "Romeo and Juliet could be fun!" Elisa pipes up.
  36. <Darkling> Then she frowns.
  37. <Avaline> "R and J is solid. I was also thinking Much Ado About Nothing. Can you imagine the giggles every time someone says 'Benedick'?" Avaline says, lowering her tone.
  38. <Darkling> Elisa tries not to snicker.
  39. <Tina_> Tina giggled, her hand over her mouth. "You know a lot about these don't you Ava?" She asked curious.
  40. <Avaline> "Mhm. Shakespeare could churn out the one liners pretty well, once you get to understand the antiquated speech. How's this for a smooth line?" Avaline clears her throat, trying to sound manly (and probably not succeeding at it) as she looks at Tina. "I will live in thy heart, die in thy lap, and be buried in thy eyes."
  41. Billy peeks back as Avaline speaks the lines and, cheeks burning, snaps her attention back away from the group.
  42. <Mr_Rage> "Hnhn! Come on, help pick," a finger leads Billy's face back towards the group. "Don't wanna get cast as Macbeth, right?"
  43. Tina_ blushed brightly and looked down for a second at Ava's lines. "Wow. That *was* good. Which one was that from?"
  44. <Billy> "Never read any of this...stuff. Never cared. Pick whatever." Shes stuck looking at them now, cheek in hand and a tad huffy now.
  45. <Avaline> "Much Ado About Nothing." Ava looks very pleased with herself.
  46. <Darkling> "I don't know that one too well." Elisa says. "What's it about?"
  47. <Tina_> "Yeah." She said, agreeing with Elisa.
  48. <Avaline> "It's a romantic comedy. It isn't really summed up as easily as Romeo and Juliet, but it has love and funny stuff and a dance scene with masks.
  49. <Avaline> and some nice one liners!"
  50. <Mr_Rage> "Sound good. What scene?" Flip-flip-flip~
  51. <Avaline> "Maybe the wedding scene."
  52. <Tina_> "Ooh! A wedding scene?" She flipped towards that play.
  53. <Avaline> "It's right at the end."
  54. <Darkling> "A wedding sounds fun."
  55. <Darkling> Elisa starts flipping through her book.
  56. Billy folds up her arms and buries her head, participation over for the day.
  57. <Tina_> Tina flipped towards the end and started to read it a little.
  58. <Darkling> And then the bell rang. "Alright guys, I will see you all tomorrow!"
  59. <Darkling> Elisa packs up her book. "Maybe we can discuss this a bit more over lunch?"
  60. Billy is up in one smooth action, bag in hand as she's off running for the door. Those long legs sure can carry her.
  61. <Avaline> "Sure." Ava rises with a nod, taking her book with her off to the next class.
  62. <Tina_> "Sounds like fun! See you guys at lunch then, unless we have another class together!" Tina said putting her book in her backpack, picking up her bags and walking off to her next class.
  63. <Mr_Rage> "Sound good," the Asian stretches, turning to do much the same, but not before socializing plenty in the hallways. Izumi was the sort who saw 'ten minutes between classes' and processed it as 'nine minutes of chat time.'
  64. <Darkling> Next class was history, it passes by in a blur of bore. Mr. Buhls was definitely one of the most boring people to ever exist on earth. After an hour and a half of that class the bell finally rings, waking the sleeping students and signalling lunch.
  65. <Darkling> You have the dinstinct impression that Billy happened to not be in the class, but then again she could have just slipped out as quickly as she did in English.
  66. <Darkling> With lunch around the corner you have an hour to spend doing whatever. Elisa is likely already in the lunchroom saving a table and waiting for everyone.
  67. Tina_ went to lunch early as well. She took out her camera and got a shot of nearly everything in the room, including the food. When she was done she saw Elisa and waved, walking over to sit with her. "Heyy!"
  68. <Darkling> "Hey!" She was eating what the cafeteria passed off as a salad. Pretty much lettuce and watered down vinegrette.
  69. <Mr_Rage> Izumi follows, patting a young man on the head and pocketing five dollars--well, 'pocketing.' Tall heels announcing her every step, the Japanese girl settled in after buying some quick snacks. Nothing too heavy for a girlish figure! The banana was just crass, though.
  70. <Avaline> Avaline nabs her lunch and makes her way over to the table to sit. "Hello, ladies. How do you feel about the distinct lack of mystery meat with today's lunch? Could this be a sign of budget cuts?"
  71. <Mr_Rage> "More like they couldn't catch a squirrel."
  72. <Darkling> "I'm sure it will find it's way onto the menu soon. Just give them time to catch the rats." Elisa made a face picking at a piece of lettuce."
  73. <Tina_> Tina looked at her own lunch bag with a grin, happy to have her mother's cooking instead of the school's food.
  74. <Darkling> Elisa looks around.
  75. <Avaline> "So..." Avaline noms on the sad excuse for a salid, perhaps enjoying the despair that was put into it. "Any ideas on how we can get Billy to feel more invested?"
  76. <Mr_Rage> "Mm. I think if we promise her role of groom, she be into it," Izumi nods.
  77. <Tina_> Tina shrugged taking a bite of a delicious looking sandwich. "Maybe if we could do it outside."
  78. <Darkling> "Where is she anyways?"
  79. <Avaline> "I'm stumped. Maybe she's been in the bathroom all this time?"
  80. <Tina_> She wiped her mouth before speaking. "She really hates it here doesn't she?"
  81. <Mr_Rage> "Hate us too," Izumi pouts melodramatically, fake-sobbing into Tina's shoulder.
  82. <Avaline> "She has issues."
  83. <Tina_> She giggled at Izumi but shook her head at Ava. "I don't know, she seems lonely to me. I wish we could do something to make her feel more welcome or something. How do we get her to actually start talking?"
  84. <Mr_Rage> "Hmm. Could take her along for girl-time?"
  85. <Darkling> "Might help if we found her first to do that. She probably decided to skip the rest of the day."
  86. <Avaline> "It runs a bit deeper than that, but it's not my place to talk about it. Still, I'd like it if we could get her to open up a bit."
  87. <Tina_> "Girl time would be fun." She said looking at the others. "But yeah, if she left I don't think we can find her. Does anyone even know where she lives?"
  88. <Mr_Rage> "I think I can help that."
  89. <Darkling> "You know where she would go?"
  90. <Mr_Rage> "Mhm! Or, idea at least."
  91. <Tina_> "Oh cool!"
  92. <Avaline> "Too bad I didn't bring a sewing machine with me. I could throw it if we run into any muggers or weirdos along the way and crush them beneath its weight."
  93. <Darkling> That gets an odd look from Elisa. "Are we going now then?"
  94. <Mr_Rage> Same from Izumi, but Ava's quirk doesn't seem to faze her as much. "Not against it."
  95. <Tina_> Tina shrugged, looking at Ava oddly for a second. "I think we should do it."
  96. <Avaline> "I agree completely."
  97. <Darkling> "Well, I'm not much for skipping school, so I'll take notes for you girls in case you miss any classes."
  98. <Tina_> "You're the best Elisa!" Tina said, finishing her sandwhich.
  99. <Avaline> "Thanks! I'll give you a free psychic reading sometime!"
  100. <Darkling> It took the girls some time to get out of town and into the woods. They were definitely going to be missing some class because of this. At least it was still a nice autumn day out.
  101. <Mr_Rage> "Mm~" Izumi adjusts her jacket, stretching out. Even if this turned out to be a bust, it'd be nice to squeeze out one last day of freedom.
  102. <Avaline> "It's nice out here, anyway." Ava looks about lazily. "First time I've been here during the day."
  103. <Tina_> "You should come out more often then. It's always so pretty."
  104. <Avaline> "Maybe it will be a good place to practice for the play. Or have... picnics."
  105. <Mr_Rage> "Picnic?"
  106. <Tina_> "Oh yeah! Especially when the leaves really start to change! That would be so amazing!"
  107. <Avaline> "Mhm. Find a nice, quiet spot out here some lazy afternoon, spread out a nice blanket, put on party hats, and picnic like there's no tomorrow!"
  108. <Darkling> That'd be soon of course. And in such a vast forest there were lots of places peopel could hide and have privacy. Of course that meant finding Billy might be pretty difficult if you just keep wanderering. Any idea where you want to go?
  109. <Mr_Rage> That very certain lake would be Izumi's first guess.
  110. <Darkling> After while you arrive at one of the lakes south of the town.
  111. <Mr_Rage> Izumi lets out a sweet birdcall of a whistle, making a show of searching.
  112. <Billy> "Too noisey," comes Billy's voice from above. She's sitting on a tree branch, bow and arrow in her lap as she looked down at them.
  113. <Tina_> Tina yelped a little and looked up, startled. "Why are you up there?"
  114. <Avaline> Ava looks up at the tree, slightly dumbfounded.
  115. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl tilts her head back, grinning.
  116. <Billy> She slid off the tree branch and landed in a crouch, sighing as she stood up straight.
  117. <Avaline> "So... nice spot you've got here."
  118. Tina_ nodded looking around. "This whole place is really pretty. I can see why you came out here."
  119. <Billy> "Last time I let people know about it," she mutters, eyeing Izumi briefly. "What do you want?" She frowned as she unstrung her bow and slipped it into the quiver with her arrows.
  120. <Mr_Rage> "Make you come back to school, pretty girl." Thumbs hooking in her skirt, Izumi simply smiles off the look. "That or come spend time with us."
  121. <Billy> "I'll stay here, thanks."
  122. <Tina_> "Well then. Maybe we can stay here with you and we can all hang out?" Tina said, trying to find the best of both worlds.
  123. <Mr_Rage> "Mhm!"
  124. <Avaline> "Hope so, since we did cut class."
  125. <Billy> Another sigh. They just weren't getting it. "Do whatever." Sandles in her back pocket she starts walking.
  126. <Mr_Rage> And so Izumi follows, jogging until she's abreast of Billy. "Abloobloo~ I not let you take easy road today, pretty-girl."
  127. <Billy> "I don't come out here to hang out with people. Shouldn't you three be--" She stopped and crouched.
  128. <Avaline> "Abloobloo... wasn't that adorable?" Ava asks Tina, lagging behind a bit.
  129. <Tina_> Tina snapped a quick picture of the lake before runing to catch up with the others. She giggled as she caught up with Ava. "So cute."
  130. Izumi freezes easily, leg held aloft, watching Billy intently.
  131. Billy pulled her bow back out, stringing it easily. Was she sniffing? She was, head tilted back slightly.
  132. <Darkling> A shuffle in a bush and a rabbit darts out of it, frightened by the presence of the girls.
  133. <Avaline> Ava pauses, though not so immediately as Izumi.
  134. <Billy> The swarthy girls is up and running, stopping atop a log. She notches an arrow, draws back and fires!
  135. Tina_ cocks her head coming to a halt. Was she about to? "Aww!" She said as the girl shot the poor bunny.
  136. <Avaline> Ava is still a bit stunned by the suddenness of it all, only finding the time to reflect on how weird that would be in a Disney film.
  137. Mr_Rage> "Good kill.~" Izumi rubs her nose, shaking her head. "I know you come out to be alone. I'm telling you being alone not your choice now. Not good for you."
  138. <Billy> "That's my business." She hopped off the log and walked gingerly toward her kill. Dead, hopefully.
  139. <Darkling> Looks like the rabbit was shot through its haunches, not quite a clean kill, it struggled a bit still.
  140. <Mr_Rage> "Our business now."
  141. <Billy> "Tsk. No one look." She closed in on the rabbit, intent on making it fast.
  142. <Avaline> Avaline puts on a solemn look, having a few moments of silence for the not quite dead Thumper.
  143. Tina_ sniffed a little as Billy killed the hurt crewature. She had a soft spot for bunnies. She hoped it wouldn't go to waste. She stood next to Ava, her eyes wet.
  144. <Tina_> *Creature
  145. <Billy> Once it's done twitching she stands and pulls out a small pouch, sprinkling...tobacco?...on it. A whisper to some kind of Native American nature deities and she pulls the arrow out. "There. No go back to classes or something, I have a rabbit to clean."
  146. <Avaline> Ava puts a reassuring hand on Tina's shoulder. "I'll draw fluffy bunnies in its honor. Do you think it was a boy bunny or a girl bunny?"
  147. <Mr_Rage> "Hnhn. Not leaving without you, pretty-girl. Since we not want to waste, guess you stuck with us."
  148. <Billy> She frooowns. Guess that means she isn't going back to the trailer. "Just...behave yourselves around gramps." Off she goes, bunny in hand.
  149. <Tina_> "A girl I think." She said softly. She whispered to Ava. "I hope her gramps is nicer than she is."
  150. <Darkling> -------------------
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