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Jan 23rd, 2019
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  1. >You bought your girl one of those 'kig-er-oomies' she had been wanting
  2. >It was just cutesy sheep pajamas, but it made her really happy
  3. >You leave for work as she fawns over how soft it is, smiling as she calls out after you with profuse thanks
  4. >Get home late at night
  5. >Something's off
  6. >You don't smell instant noodles, hear anime openings or the manic typing of a keyboard
  7. >None of the telltale signs of your girlfriend being home
  8. >You look around for a moment, worried
  9. >Before a wool-clad figure stumbled out of her room towards you
  10. >At first you think it's a costume
  11. >But it's far too real
  12. >The figure slumps into you, wrapping you in a tight hug before cooing and moaning your name, intense warmth making itself known even through your thick winter jacket
  13. >You look down at the face of your mysterious hugger
  14. >Sheepy, yes. But those oversized glasses, those tired eyes, all the features that make up the face of your beloved nerd are still present in this strange, animal-like face.
  15. >You state her name as a question, stunned.
  16. >"Ooh yes" she slurs out, hoofed fingers now struggling with your belt buckle
  17. >"And you’re my big, tough ram"
  18. >"Don't you mean man?"
  19. >"Nnnooo..." she giggles, goofy smile spread from floppy ear to floppy ear
  20. >"You're my RAM" she asserts.
  21. >She finally undoes your belt buckle, and with surprising speed has your pants down and her muzzle under your balls
  22. >Her hands (hooves?) kneading and groping any part of you they can reach, even as she's doing her best to huff and lick every inch of your groin
  23. >In Between needy huffs of your crotch, she's murmuring something
  24. >"You provide...and...and buy me things and cook food and-and listen to me..."
  25. >All the while she lined your rapidly stiffening cock with kisses and licks
  26. >She then fixes you in those adorable tired eyes of hers
  27. >"This is the least I can do"
  28. >And without a moment of hesitation, she>Her muzzle is warm and soft, and her now much broader tongue expertly spoils your every inch, every vein and curve on your prick
  29. >Her tongue is wide enough to wrap itself around your dick like a perverse burrito
  30. >You laugh at the thought, and at the absurdity of all of this
  31. >Your revelry is suddenly cut off as she forced the head of your prick into her throat, and swallows.
  32. >In a perverse rhythm she forces your cockhead into the tight confines of her throat before swallowing deeply, massaging your most sensitive parts with the walls of her throat even as her tongue does its best to treat the base of your dick
  33. >You can’t think
  34. >In fact you don't want too
  35. >All you want is to fuck her mouth and feel good
  36. >Your hips begin to meet her mouth as it descends as you begin to fuck in earnest
  37. >Your fingers run through her luxurious, soft wool, as your rhythm starts to break down
  38. >She doesn't even need you to alert her
  39. >She simply knows, throwing her arms around your hips and pushing you as deep as you can as she deepthroats your every inch like an expert cocksucker
  40. >You explode, shaking like a leaf on a tree as your mind stutters under the sensations she forces into your system
  41. >Shot after shot of thick cum doesn't even touch her tongue, you're too deep to do anything that isn't pump cum straight into her stomach
  42. >You lose track of time
  43. >You lose track of everything
  44. >Hours later, you come too with the ringing of the doorbell.
  45. >You answer it sheepishly, a towel the only thing giving your lower body any modesty
  46. >But you don't find anyone
  47. >Just a package
  48. >A package marked 'Cozy wool Kigurumis'
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