Dadonequus Discord Part 156

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  1. >You open your eyes.
  2. >You give your forehead a gentle rub. Woah, that was wild. You weren't used to waking up from a dream that was somewhat real. And knowing it was Luna visiting you right from the get go made it all the more awkward.
  3. >It's a good thing you passed that evaluation. Everything should go smoother now that you're business with the princesses were done and that Nightmare Night was over.
  4. >You get up out of bed and stretch as you yawn. Yup, today was gonna be a normal day.
  5. >You go to your floor door and open it, expecting the usual delicious and nutritious breakfast.
  6. >You look down....nothing. hrmm.
  7. >You travel down the gravity stairs and look around the living room.
  8. >Empty
  9. "Discord? around?"
  10. >No answer
  11. > fact, yeah, you really haven't seen him since you both lost the challenge.
  12. "Discord? Come on man, it's morning.....hmmnnn"
  13. >Still no answer.
  14. >You look towards the trap door leading to the basement. You would have asked Chrysalis if she's seen him. But you remembered you went to bed around the same time she did.
  15. > question. He must have taken the loss really hard.
  16. >But, what could you do about it? Unless you knew where he was, you couldn't know for sure.
  17. "Dammit Discord...come on. I hope you're not doing anything stupid"
  18. >You walk back up into your room. And grab your saddlebag. The horn was gonna be useless for the day. So even if you thought of an advanced tracking measure. You'd have no way of using it.
  19. >Maybe...hrmmm.
  20. >You walk up to the dial of your portal door and switch it to the second setting of Fluttershy's cottage.
  21. "Maybe Fluttershy has seen him..."
  23. >You open the portal door and step through.
  24. >In an instant, you found yourself in front of the cottage. But things did not sound peaceful. You could hear someone sobbing inside the cottage.
  25. >And you recognized those sobs anywhere. It was Discord. ahhh shit. Was he here the entire night? christ, how long has he been crying?
  26. >You go and knock on the door. No answer.
  27. "yeah, not like they'd be able to hear me over all that crying"
  28. >Poor guy, he really took that loss too hard. Maybe you shouldn't put too much thought into it. Considering how much he really wanted to win.
  29. >You put your hoof on the door handle. Maybe the door itself was unlocked. Maybe a little dose of Anon could cheer Discord up.
  30. >What luck, the door is unlocked!
  31. "haha! thank....oh....well..."
  32. >Your ears droop as you open the door to a wall of water.
  33. >You have enough time to gulp and raise your hooves to block your face as your hit by a tidal wave of tears and sent flying backwards.
  35. >Your words were flubbed by being underwater as you are taken several yards backwards until the water is low enough for you to slide across the ground on your back.
  36. >You lay there as a little boat carrying Angel passes you by. And as you spit up a stream of water like a park statue Fluttershy, holding onto a chair, lands right next to you.
  37. >"..oh my....maybe I should have opened the door sooner"
  38. >Fluttershy muttered, feeling nervous as she clung on to the chair, looking back at the cottage while she hears Discord's continued sobbing.
  39. "U-ugh...t-that was such a bad idea."
  40. >"Hm?"
  41. >Fluttershy turned her head, and noticed you laying on the ground.
  42. >"Anon? What are you doing out here?"
  43. >You sat up, got on all fours, and started shaking like a dog.
  44. "..ugh...going for a swim apparently. My head is spinning"
  45. >"Spinning?..Oh no..did you get hit by the water?" Fluttershy asked as she hopped off the chair and started to inspect you, looking for injuries.
  47. "Yeah...I'm ok though, just a little wet behind the ears."
  48. >Your head was still rattled from the wave. Sheesh. Well, atleast you knew where Discord was now.
  49. >"Are you sure you're not hurt? Can you see straight? do you feel any pain when you move?" Fluttershy was checking your body and even lifting your legs one at a time, inspecting for any injury whatsoever.
  50. "I-i'm fine Aunt Fluttershy. Umm, is my dad ok?"
  51. >"Discord? oh...well..." Fluttershy sighed "I don't know, he woke me up this morning crying about some sort of competition. I've tried to get him to calm down so he can tell me the whole story. But he just won't stop. I thought if I let him cry it all out then everything would be ok"
  52. "How long has he been crying?"
  53. >".........three hours"
  54. >....christ.
  55. >"....Anon, do you know what's going on? I don't know what else to do. I've tried hugging him, talking to him, giving him a hoof massage, I even tried a lullaby. But he won't stop. It's very very worrying. He's doesn't usually get this upset."
  56. "Yeah, I do.."
  57. >You explain to Fluttershy the challenge Discord made to the princesses. Omitting the gory or suspect details as to not upset or frighten her.
  58. >Fluttershy pondered on that "I guess for a chaos spirit like Discord, that would be very upsetting. But, you don't seem all too upset about it. And....wait...How did I miss that?"
  59. "Miss what?"
  60. >Fluttershy noticed your cutie mark. She gave it a gentle rub. Thinking maybe it was some dirt. didn't come off. It was the real deal. "Your cutie mark Anon, I didn't know you had gotten yours yet.......what does it mean?"
  61. >Ohhhh, "what does it mean" she asks. You wondered how'd she react if you told her what it meant. You couldn't lie to her about this. Nor..did you want to.
  62. >It hit you, it would be interesting to see her reaction. it'd let you know how much she actually cares.
  63. "It's the symbol of Chaos. It means I'm kinda good at it. That's not a problem..right?"
  65. >"Oh no no no, I'm actually very proud you have your cutie mark. I just don't understand why it'd be chaos. I don't remember you doing anything chaotic."
  66. > to explain this.
  67. "Well, it's probably just the stuff I do with my horn. Like last night I..."
  69. >Discord cried out for his friend. Looks like the story would have to wait.
  70. >"Oh no....Anon, can you hold that thought and help me with your father? Maybe if he knows he has the support of the family, he'll calm down."
  71. >Fluttershy turns and starts to walk back to the cottage, you follow her,. Well, looks like the cutie mark didn't shake her opinion of you any. She was just curious as to the why.
  72. "Yeah, of course. If Dad's in trouble then of course I'll help"
  73. >That made Fluttershy smile "Oh Anon, you're so sweet and caring. I'm sure the moment your father sees the both of us, that all that badness will just disappear."
  74. >You hoped so.
  75. >You both enter the cottage. Cripes, it was a mess. Discord laid himself on the couch, tears coming form his eyes, he was in complete despair.
  76. >"Ohhh Discord, look who came to see you, he's been very worried about you" Fluttershy said in her soothing soft voice.
  77. >"Fluttershy, I don't think Mr.Bear cares for me very much at all..." Discord whined as he wiped his eyes with an ice cube.
  78. >"Discord,it's your son. Doesn't that make you happy? To know he and I care about you?"
  79. >"My son?......hmph" Discord leans up and looks at you with hate filled eyes. "...I have no son...traitor"
  80. >woah what the fuck?!
  81. "What? what are you talking about?! Dad, are you messing with me?"
  82. >"No, I would think you're messing with me. I saw you fraternizing with Celestia. Who I remind you was one of the two opponents that we lost to. Tell me Anon, did you enjoy all that cuddling?"
  83. >...yes
  84. >But come on, that was AFTER everything was done. You didn't know he'd interpret that as betrayal. It was just socializing really.
  86. "Geez Dad, come on. Don't take this out on me. I mean, what the hay! I haven't seen you since and that's how you react?"
  87. >So much for "Oh Anon, how I missed you". Seems he suddenly didn't trust you.
  88. >"Discord, is that anyway to greet your son?" Fluttershy went to your defense "He came here to try to cheer you up, not hurt you!"
  89. >"Could have fooled me, You should have seen him Fluttershy. He was nuzzling, and cuddling with her. Even gave her a gift. He didn't care about losing at all"
  90. "Dad...geez. I did feel bad for losing but it was still a friendly competition. You're not supposed to automatically hate and be angry at your opposition, that's just being a sore loser."
  91. >"..Discord, I agree with Anon. I thought something was really wrong. But if this is over you losing a game then you need to calm down right now. You're a father, can you imagine the example your setting right now for Anon by acting this way?"
  92. >Discord whimpered like a puppy at those words "...Fluttershy...don't say things like that. It makes it sound like you're not on my side."
  93. >"Discord, I care about you, I really really really do. But this is silly. You can't sulk on this forever. So what if you lost a silly competition? In my eyes, you're still the master of chaos and disorder.'s good you don't do that too much anymore"
  94. "Yeah Dad, come on. We only lost because they duped us with a silly trick. Had we both been awake, we would have had the win for sure"
  95. >Discord turns around and hugs his face into the couch. "...but we still lost."
  96. >"Awww Discord....come on, please?" Fluttershy would attempt one more gentle assertion to try to get him to calm down. She hovers up to him, and gives him a gentle pet along his head. "So what if you lost?'re a winner in both our eyes. Right Anon?"
  97. >you almost sigh. You didn't really want to admit that after he blamed you for no reason. But if it helped...
  99. "Yeah, without you Dad, I wouldn't be here, or have my cutie mark, or have so many friends. That makes you the bestest Dad I could ever have!"
  100. >You smile so hard you squee.
  103. >"You're both just saying that. How could you both care about me when I'm a failure?" Discord whined once again.
  104. >"Discord, you're not a failure If you wanted to, you could send all of Ponyville into a crazy vortex of chaos and craziness! The princesses can't do that." Fluttershy tries to reassure him once again.
  105. >Discord turns to her, and raises his talons, ready to snap "...Do you think I should send Ponyville into a crazy vortex? It might make me feel a little better" He gives her big puppy dog eyes.
  106. >Fluttershy panics a,d quickly yet gently puts his talons down with her hooves. "Let's....not and say we did."
  107. >You cringed hard. Sheesh, that would have been something he'd never be able to recover from when Twilight would come around to bark at him.
  108. >"Well...if not that. then what? Without chaos, there is only harmony. And that's so.....boring"
  109. >Fluttershy was doing her best to convince him "Oh Discord, Harmony isn't so bad. It's nice, and relaxing, and nothing bad happens. It's really quite nice"
  110. >Discord crosses his arms "Really quite boring you mean"
  111. >goddammit, come on. He was being a baby.
  112. "Dad, it happened in a dream. A DREAM! You know you could take them easily in the waking world. What else do you need?"
  113. >"I Don't know...unless it comes right through that door, I may be like this for a very very long time." Discord says, his voice nasally, he had to take some of Fluttershy's mane to blow his nose.
  114. >Well you doubted that was going to happen.
  115. >.....or...what it does. There's suddenly a knocking on the door.
  116. >All three of you look at the door, then you and Fluttershy look back at Discord with suspicion. You moreso than her, that seemed TOO convenient.
  117. >Discord shrugged "W-what? I didn't do that. That's just pure coincidence. "
  119. >Fluttershy hesitates, but she flies over to the door to answer it as you slip next to Discord and whisper to him.
  120. "Seriously? You seriously can't get over this?"
  121. >Discord rolled his eyes at you "I'm dead serious Anon, Being out chaos'd, even in the dreamworld, is soul crushing. Especially when I won't be getting another chance at it any time soon."
  122. "Well, I lost too you know. And you don't see me being a whiny baby."
  123. >Meanwhile
  124. >"Hello? who's out there?" Fluttershy asks
  125. >"Oh....urm, it's me Miss Fluttershy. Diamond Tiara. Can I come in?"
  126. >.......wut?
  127. >Your ears immediately perk up the moment you hear that voice.
  128. "What the...Diamond? What's she doing here? Why?"
  129. >Discord's tears began to vanish as he grinned "Well now, this could get interesting."
  130. >"Diamond Tiara? Oh, I know that name...but, can I ask why you're here?" Fluttershy asked, her voice as soft as a pillow.
  131. >" Oh! Um, I just want to drop something off for Anon. He kind of disappeared last night, so I volunteered to drop off his share of the candy....can I come in?"
  132. >Awww that's sweet......wait
  133. >That was DT, her love for you was pretty obvious. She couldn't keep it contained. You didn't want her to get all googly eyed with Discord present.
  134. >"...oh Anon, I can see it on your face. You don't want to get all embarrassed in front of me and Fluttershy, do you?"
  135. "...come on Discord, you wouldn't fuck with me on this one would you? I'm asking for a freebie here."
  136. >"A freebie?...hrn..." Discord shrugged "Alright"
  137. >Alright?
  138. "What do you mean by "Alright?" "
  139. >"It means I won't interfere, not like I have to. The way she dotes on you is simply precious. It's the chaos of the heart. Just good enough to lift me from this dire mood."
  141. >You looked towards the window. and contemplating running. But...agh, you didn't want to just run out on Fluttershy and worry her.
  142. >Discord gives you a fist bump on the cheek "Oh buck up Anon, and take your lumps. I'm doing you a favor.Do you know how many of your kind would love this sick as it is"
  143. "That's exactly why. She's too young Discord, and it's your fault she fell in love with me!"
  144. >" If I remember correctly, I wanted to kidnap her. You stopped me with your less than favorable fighting maneuvers, therefore winning her affections"
  145. >Meanwhile
  146. >"Oh...that's sweet of you to come by. You're in for a surprise actually, Anon happens to be inside right now!" Fluttershy opens the door and greets her with a smile "So you can give him the candy yourself if you want."
  147. >"Really! he's here!" She looked so excited and happy
  148. >"Mhmm, wow, I didn't think you'd be that happy to see him. Did something happen between you two?" Fluttershy asks, confused.
  149. >" no, I umm..just returning the candy and was just happy nopony would have to hold on to it for him." Diamond Tiara said as she hid her smile. And stepped inside.
  150. > was too late to think of a plan.
  151. >"Helllooooooo Little Tiara, how are you this morning?" Discord waved happily at her.
  152. >"Mister Discord! Hello! and..oh" Diamond Tiara blushed when she saw you "Anon, I brought your candy for you. I thought you'd appreciate it."
  153. >She had a saddle bag on, and she reached into it with her mouth to tug on a little piece of rope that was wrapped around a smaller sack. And she put it down right in front of you and smiled.
  154. >"Ohhh, I bet he appreciates it greatly. Don't you Anon" Discord says as he floats off the couch and flips upside down above you, giving you a pat on the head.
  156. >.....she was admittingly cute, while she waited for the answer. But man, you could tell she only agreed to this because it gave her an opportunity to do something good for you. Why couldn't it be a few years later? Then maybe..
  157. "Yeah, I almost forgot about it actually. Thanks Diamond, but you really didn't have to you know"
  158. >"Don't have to? Then who was going to do it?" Diamond asked, actually interested in the answer. She felt she was the only one who could.
  159. >mmnnnnnn....And you could tell she was gonna get a little snobby if you mentioned anyone else.
  160. "Well, I guess I don't know. Since nopony else stepped up, I suppose you really are the only one who could do it. Thanks again"
  161. >"And you're welcome again!" Diamond Tiara goes back to having a happy grin. "You're going to be so thrilled about the candy inside, it's all the kinds you'd never get to eat if you we're poor...umm..I'm not saying you are. I'm...just saying the candy is expensive."
  162. >smooth.
  163. >Fluttershy looks upon the both of you and smiles, she couldn't help but find the moment adorable and heart warming "Anon, is she your marefriend? She's very nice"
  164. >ngh...
  165. >You grimace for a quick moment before smiling nervously, sweating a little.
  166. >"Ohhh Thank you miss Fluttershy! But I'm not Anon's marefriend"
  167. >...oh....ok she took that-
  168. >Nope, she moves up next to you and gently rubs her head at the side of yours "I'm just one of his closest friends. I care about him very very much. But.." She stops and smiles at Fluttershy, then at Discord.
  169. >"If I ever did become his marefriend, would it be ok if I married him? Just asking."
  170. >you cough...goddammit!
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